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A camcorder is an excellent tool for explorers and just anyone that would like to capture quality moments. However, these cameras are powered by a battery with a limited time within which one can use the charge. Therefore, it is important to pick a reliable camcorder battery so that you have enough power to capture each moment.

There are different camcorder brands in the market today. Unfortunately, there is no standard camcorder battery that you can use for each of the brands. To add to the problem, you will find tens of generic battery companies for each camcorder brand in the market. This makes purchasing the right camcorder battery a challenge for most users. For this reason, we will look at some of the most salient features to check when purchasing a camcorder battery and tricks to use to land the best battery in the market. Please read the information we provide in this article before purchasing the ideal batteries at so that you make an informed choice.

Pointers you should keep in mind while searching for a battery.

First of all, keep in mind that all batteries are not equal. Just because it is written Sony Handycam battery on the side does not mean that it will work like the original manufacturer battery shipped with the device. Therefore, you must check the specifics, such as the capacity and the camcorder battery’s physical site, before you may make your purchase decision. On our Dubai search engine , we have several camcorder battery brands for any device out there. We take time to ensure that all the relevant details are added to the captions section to determine what is best for you. There are also detailed customer reviews on each brand to help you know what others think of the item.

Check the camcorder battery technology

There are two significant types of battery technologies: The lithium-ion battery and the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery. The lithium type is light and holds over 40% more power than the nickel-metal type. Most customers go for it as it can meet camera power demands effectively. However, these camcorder batteries are quite expensive. On the other hand, nickel-metal hydride batteries are good for people on a tight budget. However, they are heavier than their lithium-ion counterparts and may make handling camcorders difficult for some users. For shorter power plugs when you have drained your battery, you can always use disposable batteries.

Don’t be draining batteries regularly

Draining batteries below 5% regularly is likely to shorten the lifespan of your camcorder battery. This applies across the board, whether looking at your Hitachi or Panasonic camcorders battery. If possible, purchase an extra pair or two, especially if you spend hours at a time without recharging. This ensures that your battery does not get dry every other time, thereby enhancing its lifespan. Besides, having an extra battery can be a lifesaver, especially where you need to take footage and images of certain important moments to you or other subjects. Just ensure that your batteries are always charged before you leave for your next assignment.

Consider buying a battery charger too

A Samsung video camera charger will charge you an extra battery when working with the other one. This comes in handy when you have to take footage of a moment for a long period with breaks to charge your batteries. One battery will always be charging and ready to use when the other one runs dry. At Dubai search engine, you can buy quality camcorder battery chargers from leading brands. Fortunately, most of the chargers will work with standard batteries from any brand in the market. However, we recommend that you check the battery’s size that a charger can hold before you make your choice. This saves you from having to return the product for not fitting your needs.

Learn to increase the lifespan of your battery

You can do several things to ensure that your battery runs for a longer period when you are out there in the field. First, consider turning the camcorder on a standby mode (if it has the setting) once you are done taking particular footage. Shutting it and putting it on consumes lots of power. Besides, you can turn down the brightness level on your LCD screen to consume less power when you are taking footage. You may also stop reviewing footage between your shoots (if you are not taking continuous footage). This prevents you from using extra power and conserves it for a later time. Finally, if the camcorder has a stripped-down model that allows you to pick features that you need, activate it to lower the power use.

Tips on how to buy Camcorder Batteries Online in the UAE

There you have a few insights on purchasing the right camcorder battery and how to use it effectively. However, we have realized that whatever battery you pick, whether a cannon fs100 battery or a Sharp camcorder battery, the dynamics of making a purchase decision are the same. Therefore, if presented with hundreds of options, you may be at a loss on what to purchase. We have experienced this on our platform since there are hundreds of sellers for any one brand. For that reason, we would like to offer a list of tips that you can use to make your purchase decision. We have researched the information from buyers and experts in the camera industry.

  • Prefer buying high-quality products – You have to choose whether to pick the very best or go with a value camcorder battery for your device. The best brands have qualities such as higher capacity, OEM like abilities and quality materials.
  • The type of battery – Do you go for a nickel-metal battery or stick to the lithium-ion battery? The choice of either of the battery types is dependent on your preferences and your budget. Read the information on the characteristics of each in the section above.
  • Customer reviews – What are other buyers saying about the Hitachi camcorder battery? The customer remarks are vital to determining if the camcorder battery performs as required. We have included these on each product.
  • Check price last – The higher price tag does n not mean that it is the best in the market. You will find several good quality cheap camcorder battery brands in the market. Check other features and price be the last.
  • Size and capacity – Ensure that you do not exceed the capacity that is allowed by your camcorder. Your canon Legria battery may have a higher capacity than your JVC video camera battery. Therefore, check the right device before making a purchase.

There you have them! These are some of the most important features that you should check w the next time you visit the Dubai shopping platform. We believe that these tricks and the insights that we have added above will have an easy way the next time you go to purchase a camcorder battery. Our platform also sells other camcorder accessories that include memory cards, chargers, removable lenses, carrying pouches, and USB cables, among others. Also, we have various electronics that may complement your camcorder, including laptops, monitors, and external hard drives, among others. If you want a camcorder for business o or personal use, we have everything you need in one place.

Question & Answer

How long does the camcorder battery last longer?

A camcorder battery lasts for about two to six hours. However, this depends on the camcorder brand and the capacity of the battery. Camcorders with smaller batteries of below 5000mAh will not last past three hours. On the other hand, those with high capacities may work for more than six hours. It is important to check the allowed capacity with the device’s user manual before making a purchase. Then, visit Shops. and pick the brand with the highest capacity so that your battery lasts for a long time. Check the section above for things you can do to increase the battery life of your camera. If you use the camcorder for long periods, consider buying more than one battery.

How to choose the right camcorder battery?

The right camcorder battery for sale online in UAE results from the right capacity and compatibility to your brands of the device. Always pick a labelled as compatible with your device if you are not buying from the manufacturer. This saves you from returning the battery to the seller or damaging your camcorder with a battery that it cannot handle. We recommend that you go through the tips that we have shared in the section above so that you can pick the right camcorder battery for your use. Take time to explore our product offering on the site and see if there are types that can meet your camcorder needs.

Where do you buy a camcorder battery online in the UAE?

You can buy quality camcorder battery brands from The platform sells batteries for every brand in the market, including Sony, Sharp, Canon, Hitachi, and JVC. Visit the site to explore the camcorder battery brands available for your model. Also, our platform sells other camcorder accessories that include memory cards, chargers, removable lenses, carrying pouches, and USB cables, among others. Also, we have various electronics that may complement your camcorder, including laptops, monitors, and external hard drives, among others. If you want a camcorder for business or personal use, we have everything you need in one place.

We believe that this article provides things to check when buying a camcorder battery. Browse the multimedia section at to explore camcorder battery types from over 500 brands and shops.

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