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About Button Cells

In today’s age, multimedia devices are all about making our life easier and more entertaining. Batteries in them are their lifeline, without which your device would be dead. So, you need to be equally careful while buying batteries as you do with the device. Button cells or batteries are miniature ones, specialised for portable or high-end devices. If you are finding one, make sure you spend ample time exploring the right match.

Button cell, also termed as coin cell battery, is a single-cell lithium battery. These small products can power lower-power devices like wristwatches, computer clock systems, etc. They possess no concern for safety as their manufacturing material is highly secure with long shelf life. Also, these cells can be both rechargeable and non-rechargeable but have extraordinary internal resistance. Once they are pulsed, they offer advanced current. The rechargeable button cell is highly economical and conductive. These rechargeable button cells have features that can successfully avoid unexpected short circuits and seepages. The button cell is durable, and its performance is not affected by changes in climate.

Button cell battery types

You might ignore the existence of these cells or might have never seen them unless your device stops functioning. You will see these batteries are wider and thinner, like a coin with a narrow diameter. Technically, the variants differ in terms of chemical composition, shape, and size. Let’s first talk about chemical compositions. The variants can be carbon, alkaline, lithium carbon, zinc-oxide, manganese, nickel-rechargeable, and others. According to size, they have the following models, namely F22 (6V), 120 H7 (8.4V), 10A (9V), etc. You have to pick the product that is compatible with your device. Other than size and compositions, there are other factors you will get to know in the rest of this page.

Rechargeable coin cells

Not all coin cells are rechargeable. You need to be specific about this feature while buying. But then, there are two top features you need to check while buying rechargeable button cells online in UAE. These are charge cycles and charge capacity. Some products can only charge up to 1000 times, while some can up to 500 times. In the same way, charge capacity differs from 2000mah or higher. One more application of coin batteries is a backup battery function. So, it comes into operation in the case of power failure.

Energizer 357

First thing first, the Energizer brand is one of the premium brands known for its supreme products. Their manufacturing even guarantees that there will be no leakage and other sorts of damage during the usage. But a lot depends on usage, battery care, and type of device. Coming to 357 batteries, they have been made for medical devices like glucose monitors. Some other devices they can serve are watches and calculators. The nominal voltage of this kind is 1.55V and weighs 2.3grams. And the chemical system is silver oxide. Likewise, you can also explore other products of the same brand or different on our retail search engine.

Button cell price

Usually, button cells are pocket-friendly. You can get them from AED3 to AED30. There are some high-end ones for AED160 or more. You can expect to find all the variants in the online marketplace. Some of the factors that affect the price include size, voltage, chemical composition, and performance. Let’s not ignore the brand ethics due to which the manufacturing process is different throughout. However, you should never imply that cheap button cells are low in grade as it all depends on the devices’ requirements. For instance, a device wanting high voltage would have button cell prices more than the device wanting low voltage.

Tips on how to buy Button Cells

Button cells are energy storage units of numerous devices like wristwatches, car keys, remote control, etc. As every product has its specifications, you need to understand the various forms, sizes, and make-up. Thus, the selection guides would help you pick the most appropriate product. So if you have been struggling to get the right battery, then following the below fine points can possibly make yours an informed decision.

  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable – Before buying any battery, it’s important to consider whether you need a chargeable or non-chargeable product. For instance, button cells for watches are usually non-rechargeable as they have a long shelf life and are ideal for any device. You can as well buy a rechargeable button cell online UAE for devices like laptops, etc.
  • Consider the space – The availability of space is an important factor to consider because button cells come in various sizes. Each can only be compatible with the device when there is a matching space. So, you can easily predict the right product by reading the specifications of the product.
  • Operating voltage – The degree of battery voltage is directly proportional to its chemical composition. For instance, zinc oxide delivers a voltage of 1.2 to 2V. In contrast, lithium cells deliver 3.2 to 4V. It will be a disaster if you insert the wrong voltage cell in your product. So, check out the right voltage for your device and make it long-lasting.
  • The button cells chemistry – Before opting for a battery, you need to consider the chemistry involved. Some battery cells are lead acid-based, while some are lithium ion-based. Likewise, there are other configurations you need to check. It would help if you understand your device first and know what suit you the best.
  • Button cell shelf life – The shelf life is another factor to consider. It determines how long your battery remains active, even when unused. For instance, the button cell for the siren system can remain idle for years until they are triggered. So it’s vital to check their shelf life.

Since many day-to-day devices use battery cells, we need the best button cells to provide the utmost service. If you are hunting for the best button size in the market, make sure that you list your preferences before grabbing any product. You see, every device is unique and may or may not alter the list. It is indeed a good time to start exploring these cells on our shopping search engine. You can check out some button cells for sale online in UAE and see if something interesting pops up.

Question & Answer

What are button cells used for?

Button cells have the same function as batteries. They both have the same function of making your device work by providing them with enough energy. Although the devices for batteries and button cells will vary, you will get to read that in the product’s specifications list. Most of the devices for cells are portable ones, such as wristwatches and pocket calculators. They are also functional in products like hearing devices, children’s toys, remote control, and many others. It is solely upon the manufacturer whether he makes the device apt for big batteries or small button cells. As we have seen, these cells have longer durability and shelf life than your torch big batteries. We hope this answers your questions about button cells operation and functioning.

How to recharge button cells?

First of all, not all battery cells are rechargeable. If yours is one, then you do not have to pluck them out to recharge. As they are tiny and sensitive, it is more logical to plug the charger into the device to recharge. Besides, you should only rely on the manual you have got with the device. It must have written the recharging guidelines to make the process convenient. For example, Lithium-based button cells have precise chargers that are commercially accessible. Any unintentional overcharging can lead to a threat of explosion. So, you should restrain them from charging spontaneously. Likewise, you should be up-to-date with the type of cells you own.

How long does button cells last?

Button cells have more life than large batteries. For example, a silver oxide coin cell can last up to three years. Similarly, other cells even have their expiry date of up to ten years. More depends upon the usage and care as well. One important thing to consider is that the shelf life of the product is different. So, the life years may or may not be different when your device is active and inactive. The major reason these cells lasts up to years is that they require low power as compared to flashlights with large batteries. You see, there is no specific durability of these cells as each product has different features. You can check that out in the specifications list.

Where to buy button cells online in UAE?

You can check out brands like Energizer, Maxell, Duracell, Varta, and much more available at our shopping platform – With the Energizer brand, you will find all kinds of products. When they included coin cells, they make sure that the packaging is child-resistant. If you are not aware, then there are massive reports of children swallowing these coin cells. Another brand Maxell has got plenty of rechargeable options, non-rechargeable, high-output capacity buttons, and many more. You can pick what suits your device the most. Likewise, you can explore other brands on our shopping platform.

If you are buying a cell for your wristwatch, you can check out the alphanumeric coding system. Usually, the manufacturers have their coding system despite using the universal. With the code’s help, you can inquire about the code, chemical composition, and other factors. So, you can easily pick a suitable coin cell without much worry. Likewise, any device, be it a watch or calculator, will help you find the right product the first time. Just hop on to, and you will find all sorts of batteries you are currently in need of.