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In the tech-based life of this date, getting out of charge is not acceptable. Everyone from school to business uses technological devices for both personal and professional needs. With technology and communication being the core of everything, living without connectivity and communication is difficult. And to support endless and uninterrupted communication, there are many devices that can help keep your communication devices powered around the clock. The battery packs are among the most demanded items on the list.

A battery pack is a set of any number of identical batteries. Or it contains individual battery cells to deliver power to different types of electronic devices. These packs are configured in parallel, series or a mixture of both with the only intention to deliver desired voltage, power density or capacity. At times the term battery pack is referred to radio-controlled hobby toys and battery-powered electric vehicles. Basic components of a battery pack include individual batteries; cells; and interconnectors that provide electrical conductivity between the two. A rechargeable battery pack additionally contains a temperature sensor to detect the end of charging.

Everything you have to know before buying a portable battery pack

Battery packs come with unlimited benefits that mainly start with the ease of swapping in and out of different devices to power them in case of an emergency. These packs allow delivery of extended runtime and free up the device from continuous use while charging the removed packs separately. Another benefit is the flexibility of their design with convenient implementation. It also allows the use of cheaper high production cells or batteries to combine with the pack of almost any application. However, when it comes to external battery packs, everything is about the capacity of the pack. Here are some other aspects that hold importance.

Portability and capacity of the pack

The core spec of these portable devices is the capacity. This capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour), just like the battery in your device (mobile or laptop etc.). So we can say that if your phone has a 2000mAh battery, you will need a 2,000mAh pack to recharge it fully. However, at times, there can be power loss due to voltage conversion and circuit resistance. This is mainly due to the low-quality cable to the battery pack itself. But if you get a pack with higher capacity, it will be able to cope with such issues while charging more than one device at a time – multiple times.

Compatibility with your devices

The secret of the usable battery pack is that it is compatible with the devices you wish to charge. Here you need to pick a battery pack that has the output current same as the input current of your mobile or laptop device. Luckily today, you can find packs designed specifically for your mobile or laptop devices. Most smartphone battery packs output at most 1A over the USB port. It can work fine for most people, but at times, it may take a longer time to charge the phone battery as compared to a wall charger. This is common when the phone is able to accept the higher current. At the same time, most tablets need 1A to charge, while some draw up to 2.5A. So it is important to look for a battery pack according to the device.  

The wire and number of ports

The number of ports in your portable battery pack is also important. Most modern battery packs come with built-in USB cables that auto wrap inside the case. It will keep you away from the stress of missing the cable, damage to the line, tangled wires in the bag packs etc. Some models also come with built-in lightning cables. However, each of these features adds up a certain amount to the price of the battery packs. It is also better to pick a pack that comes with more than one USB charging port. It can depend on how many devices you carry and will need to charge at once. This is better to find the total output of the battery pack when you need to use it on multiple devices.  

Price vs quality

Batteries can explode, and the only way we can avoid such a problem is to buy from trusted brands only. To help the users, most brands and vendors share details about the origin of the batteries. So it is good to be wise while choosing your battery packs. A ten-dollar pack deal might look amusing as compared to the three times costly branded item, but it is still not worth investing. These cheaper devices will usually end up causing a short circuit, delivering excessive current that damages your mobile device, or an unreliable temperature protection system. Either way or another, you will actually have more loss than profit.  

Tips on how to buy Battery Pack online in the UAE 

It is easy to persuade yourself to buy a multipurpose bigger battery pack. But this is not a good choice for you, always. When it comes to electronics, compatibility is the key to smart shopping. You need to know the devices you already own, evaluate your needs and buy supporting gadgets according to your current device and needs. Besides, there are many other important aspects that you will need to consider. Today we are here to share some words on how you can make a smart buying decision when it comes to owning the best travel battery pack.

  • Capacity matters – When it comes to buying a battery pack for iPhone or any android device, capacity is the key. To find an answer to a question like what are you going to charge with the pack? How many things will you need to charge? Or what is the battery power of the devices you wish to charge? Buy a pack that is compatible with the power of your device, which is written on the inside with the unit mAh.
  • Look at the existing charger – When you head to buy a battery pack replacement, it’s better to look at the existing charger. It will offer you an idea of the power source as well as the capacity of the battery pack you should own.  If the description of the best portable battery pack does not explain the power voltage, compare the specs with the existing charger.
  • Ports and plugs – If you are looking for a high capacity battery pack or you want one that can charge multiple devices, make sure the device contains enough USB ports. It is also ideal to have at least one spare port on the device. So if you have three devices to charge at the time, look for a battery pack with four to five USB ports.
  • Size and weight – With capacity or ports, the size and weight of the device also increase. However, if you are often travelling, you should pick a pack with minimum weight. While buying online, you can explore different brands to check possible options in portable cheap phone battery packs for sale online in the UAE.
  • Power output – The power output defines how fast the pack can charge any device (be it a smartphone or a laptop device). Technically a standard USB port on a battery pack can fit any USB cable. But the amount of power it supplies varies from one model to another. So you need to read the product description section to know the power output and input capacity.

In the end, you can also keep an eye on the bonus features. You can look for a lightweight one to handle and carry the body of the battery pack. Or, you can choose the colour and shape as per your taste. Most users also prefer having a battery pack with a bulletin cable. It helps to keep all the needed wires handy and safe you from a lot of stress. You can also look for battery packs with multiple output ports with varying currents or battery level indicators. At the same time, others come with charging cables, flashlights, a hand warmer and so on.

Question & Answer

Which battery pack is the best to buy?

There are many models and options available online. Each comes with its unique pros and cons. Some of the bestselling items that you can find online include: Anker Power Core 20100 power bank; MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank; RAVPower Luster portable charger; and the iMuto 20,000mAh power bank.  At times users also recommend products like RAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger; RAVPower 20,000mAh power bank; Mophie Powerstation plus XL; or the Anker PowerCore II 10,000mAh power bank.

How to recharge the battery pack?

There is no battery pack that can charge on its own. You will need to attach it to a power source to charge the battery. To charge these packs, you need to plug the supplied cable into the input port on the battery pack. Now attach the other end of the port, which is usually a standard USB port, to the wall charger or any other available power source. Most modern-day battery packs have LED indicators that will tell you how much power the battery pack has left. Remove the cable from the power source and the input port once the light indicates a complete battery charge.

How much is a battery pack?

Generally, they cost something from 85 to 1000 dollars. However, the price significantly varies based on the model of the pack. This price fluctuation also depends on the brand, size; capacity; number and types of ports it has; the overall outlook of the device; and additional features like a flashlight, weight, or if it has a hand warmer etc. or not. So if you have a limited budget, look for basic features and search for different brands before making a purchase online.

Where to buy a battery pack online in the UAE?

To find cheap reliable, and advanced options in battery packs, you should explore more than one store or brand. Therefore it is better to look at a retail search engine online. This is where you can find bestselling products from top brands. For instance, at our product search engine,, you can find products from top brands like Mophie, Apple, Duracell, Samsung, Energizer, Dewalt, or Milwaukee. Also, do not forget to explore other multimedia products here. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price and buy cheap products easily.

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