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Merlin Immersive 3D Without Game Pad
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About 3D Glasses

Why settle for just 2D when you’re watching movies or playing video games? If you want an exhilarating entertainment experience, then 3D technology is the way to go. But, in order for that experience to be truly immersive, you need the right pair of 3D glasses. To get quick know-how of 3D glasses, the way they work, and what makes one better suited for your needs than the other, keep reading. On the other hand, if you already understand how the 3D model glassworks and need a new pair of top-selling versions, then consider the products we’ve highlighted in this guide.

Many think the way 3D technology works is a result of magic. But really, it only involves isolating the image that each of our eyes sees and allowing the brain to layer those images together to add depth. That said, the most vital thing to remember is that 3D glasses are specific to the system you’re using to display the 3D image. Besides, there are a few types that you ought to know about if you want to buy 3d glasses online in UAE. Keeping this in mind we’ve compiled the significant types of these glasses that you can consider. Besides, we’ve also enlisted a few trending models along with them, to make your online shopping much simpler.

The various types of 3D glass models to invest in

Of course, we know that there are several types of stylish 3D glass models. However, you generally categorise them into a few major one’s that we shall discuss below. But, before that there’s an interesting fact you must know – and it’s about the ‘cybersickness’. Ever heard of it? We bet you haven’t heard, but must’ve felt it while watching a 3D movie in theatres. Yes, it’s a real thing – a nausea feeling that kicks in when you’re watching or playing in 3D. It is actually a sensory mismatch. Fret not, it’s nothing serious, as you can overcome it by adopting a few steps. You can limit your exposure to 3D images or videos, look away for a while, chewing gum, or focus on the foreground. Now, that you know how to fully enjoy the 3D experience, then let’s check out the glass types.

The polarised 3D glasses

The polarised versions of 3D glasses are the most common ones used in cinemas today. They come with special lenses that filter the intended frame to the correct eye. For this, they use differences in light polarisation, or ‘direction’. That said, you must have a compatible projector or display to use these glasses. The display should polarise the light differently on each eye. One of the primary benefits of using these glasses is certainly the fact that they provide a very good 3D effect. Besides, they’re also one of the cheapest options when compared to other versions.

The Chromadepth glasses

Chromadepth is an effective, versatile, and inexpensive 3D process for all media including the TV, theatres, and web. In fact, it’s the only 3D image display method ever created that you can easily apply in a colour medium. In addition, the Chromadepth process enables the creation of “normal” looking colour images that you can view as 2D images alone. However, you can jump into 3D when you view them with the revolutionary and inexpensive Chromadepth 3D Glasses. The glasses use high-tech micro-optics to transform colour images into true stereo 3D. 

The stereoscopic 3D glasses

Yes, you can view the 3D images with the help of stereoscopic glasses. With today’s advancements in technology, stereoscopic glasses come in many forms. Additionally, you’ll find the red and cyan cardboard pair that enables you to watch 3D shows on television. And then there is also LCD shutter stereoscopic glasses that are packaged with 3D gaming and home entertainment. The technology used in stereoscopic glasses basically tries to replicate our natural eyes. Wherein each eye, which are about 2 inches apart, sees the same thing from a slightly different perspective. Our brain then matches the images and calculates the distance. This finally allows us to properly view our 3-dimensional world.

The prescription 3D glasses

Wearing the 3D glasses over your own glasses can be a spoilsport while watching a 3D movie in theatres. Besides, they’re pretty uncomfortable too. Now, this is when the prescription 3D specs come to the rescue. This means, you only need to wear one single pair of comfortable glasses when watching 3D films. They enhance the 3D viewing experience. And thanks, to their lightweight frame structure, you can add them to your current lenses. Also, the glasses aren’t multi-coloured or dark tinted.  They’re just slightly tinted for a great viewing 3D viewing experience.

Tips on how to buy 3D Glasses online

Now you know that not all glasses are the same. Moreover, they come in several types and styles too. This means, shopping for the right 3D glass might become a little tricky. However, things can become easy as a breeze if you know what exactly to look for. Fortunately, for you, we shall discuss a few quick tips and some key considerations for buying the best glasses for projector, cinemas, TV, and for every other requirement.

  • Sort out your needs – You should figure out your needs even before you start your search online. You must what you’re looking for, what types you need and for what you’re purchasing the glasses. Sorting out your needs before your search always makes things easier for you, as you can easily segregate your options.
  • Do a bit of research – Once you know what you need, the next step is to dig a little deeper into the product you intend to buy. Know their types, top manufacturers, sellers, and an ideal place from where you can buy the product. The more you know about the product the better it is to buy them online.
  • Explore your options – These glasses come in four major types – polarised, stereoscopic, chroma depth and prescription. Understanding these types plays a crucial role in your buying process. It’s best to check out the detailed descriptions, specifications, and features listed next to the product you’re about to buy online. It gives you a clear picture of the product parts.
  • Look out for compatibility – Do you want to buy 3D glasses for cinema? Or do you wish to get the best 3D glasses for Samsung TV? Note, each display requires a different technology of 3D glass model. Therefore, it’s essential to check out the compatibility of the glass with the display you’re planning to use.
  • Keep an eye on the size – These glasses aren’t one-size-fits-all. It’s best to go for glasses that offer both adult and child sizes. The apt size makes a difference in terms of comfort and the size of the lenses. If you can see the edges of your lenses while looking through them, then you might not have the best 3D experience. So go for the ones that sit right.
  • Pick a clip-on version – Some models, usually the passive 3D glass versions will be available to you as clip-on. You could try investing in these if you already wear prescription glasses. These clip-on are not only lightweight but are also easy to carry around. Besides, their lightweight nature doesn’t put pressure on your nose-bridge even if you wear them for longer hours.
  • Go for battery-powered – Several options, like the active version, requires a power source to be operated. The battery tends to be rechargeable. However, you need to make sure that the battery isn’t of sub-standard quality. Ideally, you’ll want a battery that can charge in just hours but can last for months on standby.
  • Look out for quality – There’s nothing as important as the quality of the glasses. A poor quality glass not only damages your vision but also spoils the whole 3D experience. Hence, make sure that you pick a premium-quality model. One way to make sure that you have good quality glass is to buy them from popular brands. Some well-known names to consider are the ones like Shinecon, Imax, Miniso, Reald, Chromadepth, Xpand, and Blitzwolf.

Experiencing a new technology is always fun and it seems like every day there’s a new technological marvel to look forward to. However, whatever it is you need to do it right. In this case, we hope the above tips will help you get the perfect 3D glasses from the wide range of options out there on the market. Remember, in the end, it all boils down to your personal preference, and you ought to be careful while making your final decision.

Question & Answer

What are 3D glasses made of?

The modern 3D glass models use circularly polarised light. It doesn’t require the viewer to keep his head still while watching a 3D display. Apart from that, the specs also utilise some amount of plastic for its frame, and in some cases metal too. However, this depends on the style and design of the glasses. By the way, you can make the glasses at home too, provided you have all the essential materials to make one.

How to use Samsung 3D glasses?

To use the Samsung 3D glasses, all you need to do is to follow a few steps. Firstly, you need to remove the battery’s insulation sheet. Next, turn on the TV and hold the glasses within 50cm of the TV. Further, press and hold the button/indicator on the glasses for 2 seconds. Once you finish doing these steps, you can put on the active 3D glasses. Apart from following these steps, it’s best to check out the official website of Samsung for a more precise description.

How much are 3D glasses?

The price brackets of the glasses fall pretty much in line with the types, with the active shutter models costing you the most. However, if you wish to go for cheap cinema 3D glasses then go ahead and pick the anaglyph versions. Further, the polarised models fall somewhere between the two. This makes it clear that you’ll find the glasses in several price ranges. You can find expensive active shutters, whereas cheap VR 3D glasses. Therefore, set aside a budget to curb overspending. You could also buy 3D glasses for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.

Can I use IMAX 3D glasses at home?

This is probably the question that each of us have asked ourselves while watching a 3D movie in movie theatres. Theatres typically, use RealD 3D specs. Well, these are passive models that’ll absolutely work with your home 3D system. However, it must also support passive 3D technology. While active 3D technology is the most common type, the glasses used in theatres will work even if you have a passive system. It’s that simple! However, it’s best to invest in the right kind of technology.

Where to buy 3D glasses online in UAE?

Several online stores offer you, various models of 3D glasses, online. However, if you wish to experience the quick, reliable and affordable online shopping, then go ahead check out the options on Our product search engine brings you some of the coolest collections of 3D glasses from world-renowned brands. What’s more, you get to purchase them from your favourite online stores. And the best part, it’s all under one single roof!

By now you must’ve gathered that today’s 3D glasses aren’t simply glasses that you receive in theatres. They’re much more. They give you an exhilarating experience while playing 3D video games, watching 3D movies on TV and in theatres. This means it’s great to have them in possession. So what are you waiting for, get started and pick your favourite model on And while you’re here do check out the other multimedia product options right here!