Interdesign Plastic Fridge Binz Egg Holder, Clear (ID70730ES)
Interdesign Plastic Fridge Binz Egg Holder, Clear (ID70730ES)
Interdesign Plastic Fridge Binz Egg Holder, Clear (ID70730ES)__ Keep eggs protected and organized with the InterDesign Egg Holder. Made of sturdy plastic, this unique item holds up to 14 eggs and features a lid and built-in handle.__ *Holds up to 14 eggs - clear for easy visibility. *Includes storage lid with built-in handle *Hand wash with mild detergent and water. Do not clean in dishwasher. *Made of durable BPA free plastic
Interdesign ID70938ES Plastic Fridge Binz Soda Holder Plus, Clear
Interdesign ID70938ES Plastic Fridge Binz Soda Holder Plus, Clear
The INTERDESIGN bins are your solution to keeping your favorite beverages cold and convenient to store. Made of strong and sturdy Polyethylene terephthalate. This organizer helps you add space to anywhere you need extra storage. This can be hand washed by mild detergent and water. Do not use__ __ BrandINTERDESIGN__  __ Package weight in KGs1 Kg__  __ MaterialPlastic__  __ Number of Pieces1__  __ TypeKitchen Storage and Organizers__  __ PatternSolid__  __ Item EAN2724342488491

About Cooling & Freezing

When we hear of cooling and freezing machines, we are talking about home appliances or household gadgets.  

These appliances are a major demand of any modern home or commercial setting dealing with edibles, pharmaceutical and many other industries. These devices offer a special and controlled temperature that helps in food preservation. Some are everyday items like freezers and refrigerators, while others are optional based on your needs and demands of your lifestyle like wine refrigerators. However, all types of cooling appliances, including air coolers, are meant to maintain a specific temperature in a setting. 

Types of cooling and freezing appliances

Fridges and deep freezers are a relatively new invention and were widespread just after WW II. However, today it is tough to image a home or a workspace without at least one freezer. Now they have become the most common way to preserve meat, dairy, and other foods. Freezing food not only keep it fresh for long but also protect it from bacteria, rot or mold. They are also playing an important role in easing the life of a busy person of this date. As many prefer to shop less frequently, they buy larger quantities to save time and money. These bulk purchases are stored in the freezer or fridge and used gradually over the week or month. Here are some common cooling machines used around the globe.  


They are the primary and most essential item in any kitchen. If you do not have a refrigerator, it will be quite difficult for you to keep food at home without spoiling. This invention completely changes how people live in many ways. Unlike in the past, now people can store food for a more extended period. As a result, there are more culinary possibilities. A high-quality refrigerator will also make the home look nicer and rich. Based on the size and style, you can store a decent amount of food within. Therefore, your refrigerator must be according to your needs and the size of the family. However, while buying, you should make sure that the selected item holds enough capacity to store items as per your needs.  


A small freezer generally goes hand in hand with the refrigerator. There is a wide range of refrigerators that come with a small freezer as a part of the unit. But it is not always the case that you will both the cooling devices as one unit. Therefore, people will sometime have to go out and buy standalone freezers that they can use in the office or home. At times even if you have a small freezer with the refrigerator, it will be beneficial to consider buying a standalone freezer. This is because the large chest style is convenient and allow to store larger amounts of food at a time. With increased capacity, it will also lead you to take a few trips to the grocery store and more food in stock.  

Air conditioning devices 

Besides food and beverages, your home also needs a well-maintained temperature to keep your body at ease and mind at peace and harmony. Therefore, an air conditioning system is also a must-have in any modern home. An air conditioner is the best prevalent home appliance over the last few decades. It helps to enjoy a temperature that can keep you comfortable inside the home even if it is smouldering outside. To satisfy the varying needs of users there is a wide range of air conditioners available in the market now. You can pick an item for your individual room cooling needs or can go for a central air conditioner.  


It is the modern magic air cooler you can find in many homes today. These devices work an entire opposite of humidifiers. Sometimes the homes get far too damp (mostly because of climate conditions). Such damp problems can lead to many troubling situations in the home, top on the list is increased chances of mold. So, if you want to avoid the problem, look for a dehumidifier. It will absorb and remove all the excess moisture from your home. They are ideal for use in the basement that is often dank and common to deal with mold problems.  

Tips on how to buy Cooling Appliances online in the UAE

When you head to buy best cooling appliances online in UAE, different people have different preferences. Considering the varying needs there is a wide range of cooling appliances varying in feature, sizes, and shapes of a freezer available in the market. With so many options, many people get confused while choosing cooling appliances for the home or commercial setups. Besides the look of these appliances, there is much more than that you need to check on. Here is what you need to consider while buying a fridge freezer online in Dubai.   

  • Evaluate your needs – For refrigerator or freezer, you need to decide how much capacity you will require. Likewise, for other devices you need to check space, the device will be performing its services. You should know the appropriate size and capacity of the machine before searching online. 
  • Look for flexible storage options – When it comes to fridge and freezer, with a flexible storage option, you can store food the way you wish for. It gives you access to moveable racks so that you can stack and store food the way easier for you. 
  • Check the warranty – It is important to buy a device with at least a one-year warranty. You can read the product description section to see what duration of the warranty you will be entertained with. It will save you from a lot of after installation damage costs.

  • Look for brand and price – These mechanical items are a bit costly, but they are not something where you should compromise on the quality to save some money. But with you can find cheap branded items from top brands known and trusted for quality.  

To make your shopping easier and quicker, you should look for a reliable seller and brand online. The best way is to choose brands that have at least 3 out of five-star reviews. These brands are ranked higher for their quality products. The same applies to the products, higher the ranking of a product better the performance and reliable the make will be. As you will not be investing in these basic appliances again and again, so look for a trusted item for a lifelong investment. 

Question & Answer

Where to buy cooling appliances online in the UAE? 

As there is a massive variety of fridge and freezers available in the market, it is always better to do some market search before buying any product. For an easy and detailed examination, customers prefer buying freezers from a retail search engine. This is where you can find products from top global brands like Nikai, Westpoint, Aftron, or Samsung. You can find all these brands at Here you can use the price compression too to find economical options from trusted suppliers.   

Which cooling appliance brand is the best? 

Luckily, dozens of brands and manufacturers keep coming up with unique mechanical advances to deal with the modern-day household matters. These brands are not only supporting our homes clean and neat but are also helping us to maintain a perfect temperature with their advance devices. You can also find a wide range of freezing equipment to keep your food secure and in perfectly edible condition for long. Some of the brand that you can trust and buy online include Honeywell, Dyson, Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier, LG or Beko.  

Are two-door freezers better than a single door? 

Both double and single door freezers have their pros and cons. For instance, the single door items consume lesser power but the double door work in frost-free mode and use fans to circulate air. Meanwhile, the single door takes lesser space whereas a double door comes in lager sizes hence consume more space in your home. But when it comes to inner space and capacity, the double doors are always better for larger families and commercial use.  

Can I turn my refrigerator into the freezer? 

Yes, with some minor changes, you can turn a refrigerator into a freezer. In the core, you will need to change the thermostat with the one that allows a drop in temperature on your appliance. You will also need to examine the output of the appliance to know if you can convert and use it as a freezer. If you are not sure about the mechanical capabilities of the device, consult an expert for the changes. Otherwise, you might end up in loss.  

You can use the fantastic search tools at to find economical products from brands like Frigidaire, Haier, Hotpoint, Voltas, Beko, Whirlpool, Bosch, LG, and Kenwood. Meanwhile, you can also search, compare, and buy products from top stores like Menakart, Jumbo, and more.