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Is there anybody that doesn’t enjoy a tasty bowl of pasta? Not many. But the struggle of cooking pasta is also real. Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this. With a good set of pasta pans, preparing pasta doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

Have you ever tried to list the troubles of cooking pasta at your home? Well, first you have to find a cooking pot of the right size. It is going to be a disaster if the pot is too small or if the material of the pot is not right. If you get that right, next, you need a good strainer. You better don’t get that wrong because nobody wants to eat a soggy recipie. But you could avoid all these troubles if only you had a good set of pasta pots. But before you start shopping for them, read this article to get a better understanding of them.

Four best pasta pans that you can buy

Not all pasta sets are the same. They vary in the type of material, design, size and many other factors. Some can be really amazing that you might want to keep them just to add aesthetic value to your home. But some of them are clearly better than others when it comes to performance. Therefore, it is essential to decide what type of set you want to buy and how much money it will cost before you start shopping. Here is a list of sets that is worth investing your money in. even if you are not going to buy the same exact models in this list, knowing about them will help you compare the features of other sets.

Calphalon hard anodised pasta pots

Calphalon is definitely not a newcomer to the scene of baking pans. In fact, they have been making all kinds of kitchen utensils for four or five decades. So, if you are looking for a really good pasta pan, you should be looking at the ones that are made by Calphalon. You can tell the quality of pans by looking at the gauge of the aluminium. And when it comes to these hard anodised pots, the quality is evident when you hold them in your hands. It might be a bit on the heavier side, but the great non-stick surface that is free of PFOA and heavy gauge aluminium will last for a really long time.

Excelsteel stainless steel pasta cooker

If a cooking vessel is completely made from stainless steel, then you should know that it is built to last. The Excelsteel pasta pan set consists of three pots of varied sizes. All of them are stainless steel pots with heat resistant glass lids. Of the three pots, one of them is a large pot, which is actually the main cooker pot. The smaller one is the steamer basket and the smallest is the basket. The capacity of the main ]cooker pot is a little more than eleven litres. Well, this is more than enough to cook pasta for ten people or more. But if you want to cook for a larger group, you can simply take out the batches of pasta using the strainer without refilling the water for every batch.

Cook N Home stainless steel pasta pan

This one does not look any different from other brands of stainless-steel cookers out there in the market. But this one is probably the best for home users who are looking for an easy to use this pan with no complications. The main pot in this set is actually a bit smaller than the main cooker pot in the Excelsteel stainless steel set. But it will be more than enough for most people who are cooking for themselves or their family. A major attraction in this pasta set for home users is the fact that these pots are dishwasher safe. So, once you finish cooking, you can simply throw them inside a dishwasher.

Bialetti pasta pot with strainer lid

This pot stands out from all the others when it comes to features and design. In almost all other pots, the strainer is actually separate from the pot even though it fits inside the pot perfectly. But in the case of this pot, the lid becomes the strainer. This feature brings with it a lot of benefits and a few disadvantages. When you are cooking pasta in this pot, you can strain the content without transferring the content into a different container. Also, the absence of a separate strainer means you have one less thing to clean. Therefore, if you are looking for a small pot that is incredibly easy to use, here is your answer. However, this pot is not dishwasher safe.

Tips on how to buy Pasta Pots Online

Selecting a pasta pan set is not rocket science. That doesn’t mean you should buy any pot that comes in the search results when you are shopping online, either. But if you know what criteria to look for in a pan, it should be fairly easy to find a set that meets all your requirements. However, to do that, you should know what the criteria are before you start shopping. Here is a list of tips that you can follow when you are shopping online for pans.

  • Capacity of the pot – One thing that you should consider while buying any type of cooking pot is the capacity. But not everyone needs a large pot, do they? A pot that is sufficient for a large family will be too big for a single person. Therefore, you will have to consider your lifestyle as well when you are looking for the pot.
  • Storage space – There is no doubt that it is great to have a large pot. But people who are living in small spaces might have yet another challenge. Large pots, not surprisingly, take up a lot of space in the kitchen. So, if your kitchen is not large enough or if there is not enough storage space for a large pan, you will be better off buying a smaller one.
  • Cooktop compatibility – Not all pans are compatible with all kinds of cooktops. Some do not work on electric induction stoves while others are not suitable for ovens. So, always check if the set you are looking to buy will work with induction cooktops or ovens if that is necessary for you.
  • Material and design – Besides all other things, the major determining factor for most people is the price and durability of these pans. As the material and design of the pots are what determines its price to a great extent, you should consider it as well. The most popular materials for these pans are stainless steel, aluminium, and anodised aluminium.

Apart from these, you can look for other handy features as well. It will be great if you can clean the pots using a dishwasher instead of washing them using your hands. But it will be a bit of a hassle to find a dishwasher friendly pasta pan set as most of them are not. And like any other cookware set, check what and all are included in this set. Finally, don’t forget to check other amazing products from the Home & Living category.

Question & Answer

Are pasta pans worth it?

If you cook pasta often, then it is definitely worth your money to get a special pot. The main advantage of pasta pots is that they make it much easier to cook and drain content than if you were to use a regular pot. Everybody will agree that the riskiest part of cooking is draining the water from the pot. It is not uncommon for people to get burns whilst trying to drain the water. But the strainer lid that comes with a pasta pot makes it so much easier. Moreover, newer pots use better materials that spread the heat evenly and will help you make the tastier recipes.

Can you use pasta pans for cooking other dishes?

Nothing stops you from whipping up a spaghetti or rice meal using this pan. In fact, you can use these pans for cooking foods that need to be boiled and drained. This includes dishes like quince, rice, and meat. If you have this pan with a steaming basket, you can use it to steam vegetables as well. If there is a dish that you cook in a stockpot and later drain using a colander, then the rule of thumb is that you can prepare that dish way easier and faster using this pan.

What is the right way to use a pasta pan?

To be honest, this pan is not necessary. The benefit of such a pan is that it makes it so much more convenient to cook and that without burning your hands or without making a mess. But to do that well, you should know how to use a pan set. Such a pot consists of two parts: the main cooker and the strainer. When you are cooking, the strainer should be placed inside the main pot. After boiling the content, hold the handles of the strainers and carefully pull them out of the main pot. This will help you separate the content from the water. Now all you have to do is to mix it with the flavours of your liking and serve it.

If you are looking to buy pasta pots online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from the best induction pots to the best stainless-steel pans here on All you have to do is to find them using the shopping search engine . There are more than 500 shops and brands offering pans on

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