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About Pancake Pans

Why should you need a pancake pan if it is possible to cook pancakes using a frying pan? Well, having a dedicated pan makes making pancakes so much easier. Just liking any other chore, there is a difference between using the right tools for the right purpose.

Pancake pans have handy features like thin construction, flat base, right surface area, and lips that make it a joy to cook pancakes. The thinness of the pan means it gets heated up pretty fast and in no time, you are ready to spread the batter over it. Also, pancake pans are good at evenly distributing heat. This aids in cooking pancakes with an even golden finish. If you want to flip the pancakes in the air, the pans should be lightweight as well. So, the reasons for getting a specialist pan is obvious. But before you start shopping for them, read this article to get a better understanding of these pans.

Four best pancake pans to make delightful pancakes

Pancake pans have evolved greatly over the years. With an ancient special technique to bake, today you can find special utensils to make these delicious breakfast items. Newer pans use modern technology to make pans that are better than traditional ones. Even then, the traditional do have some benefits over the newer ones. So, which one should you buy? Or is it better to buy both? This article will give you a basic understanding of different pans. Here is a list of the four best pancake pans that you can choose from. Even if you are not buying the exact pans in this list, you can use it to compare against other pans.

Tefal non-stick pancake pan

If you are making pancakes for your kids, you might as well make them more interesting than regular pancakes. With Tefal’s range of kids pancake pans, you can craft pancakes in the shape of unicorns, flamingos, owls, and more. To spread the batter along the lines, you will need something easier to handle than a spoon. The squeezy bottle you get with the pan set will make spreading the batter a lot easier. With these ‘pan-mal’ ranges of pans, cooking gets more creative than ever. The quality of the non-stick coating on these pans is also remarkable. It will make tossing the pancakes into a breeze.

Chasseur cast iron pancake pan

A traditional cast iron pan is the perfect pancake pan to make golden pancakes every time you cook. Because it is a cast iron pan, the right way to spread the batter is using a wooden spreader. These pans are also large, i.e., larger than regular non-stick pans. You can make pancakes that measure thirty centimetres across on them. But as there is no non-stick coating on the cooking surface, you should apply a swipe of butter before spreading the batter every time. That doesn’t make the cooking any hard though. Heat spreads across the cooking surfaces uniformly, and it is great for getting pancakes with an even finish.

Le Creuset toughened pancake pans

If you want a non-stick pan with a sleek finish, here is what you are looking for. Not only is the pan good looking with a stylish chrome handle, thanks to the slim design, it is also lightweight and easy to handle. The best part is that it is a blend of both traditional and modern. Despite the sleek and slim look of the pan, it is as big as a large traditional pan. That means you get all the good parts of a traditional pan with some handy features like a non-stick surface, ergonomic handles, and lightweight construction. And just like a traditional pan, this will also give you pancakes with an even finish.

Ceramic pancake pans

We all know that ceramic is a strong and durable material. But that is not the best part about ceramic pans. Ceramic is naturally non-stick. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the Teflon non-stick coating withering away as it does on other pancake pans. So, you can use metal batter spreaders on this without the fear of damaging the pan. One downside is that it is a bit heavier than stainless steel pans. And when you compare the cost of the two, these might be a little pricier than the rest. But the price you pay is worth it because a ceramic pan will probably last for many years.

Tips on how to buy a good pancake pan

To make delicious pancakes, you need a perfect recipe, the finest ingredients, and a good pancake pan. With any one of them lacking, the chances of your pancake turning out good are very few. But here we are focusing on the last item — the pan. Choosing a good pan is easy if you know what to look for in it. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for a pancake pan.

  • The material of the pan – You will find pancakes pans in half a dozen different materials including, stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, anodised aluminium, etc. Each type of material has its own benefits and downsides. While stainless steel pans are lightweight, cast iron pans are good at giving an even distribution of heat across the pan.
  • Pan shape – Traditional pancakes pans have flat bottoms, short sidewalls, and long handles. They are also large. But these days pans come in other varieties as well. Some of them are deeper like saute pans and others have angled sidewalls that make it easier to flip the pancakes.
  • The non-stick coating – Pans did not have the non-stick coating in the old days. To keep the pancake from sticking to the pan, you will have to swipe some butter over the surface every time you spread the batter. Having a non-stick coating will make the cooking a whole lot faster and easier. But you should keep in mind that this coating will start peeling off after a few years.
  • Check the handle – Manufacturers use different materials for handle construction, like wood, steel, hard plastics, etc. Regardless of the material you prefer, the handle should be comfortable to hold and easy to clean. Also, it should not get too hot when you are cooking.

Buying a pancake pan is a good investment since you can also use them as a general-purpose fryer apart from making tasty pancakes. They will let you do the frying without using a lot of oil. If you have been trying to eat healthily and clean up the unhealthy fat from the food, that’s a bonus. You can also use these pans for other recipes similar to pancakes like omelettes, as well. Also, don’t forget to check out other products from Home & Living .

Question & Answer

Are pancakes a healthy breakfast dish?

There is a reason why breakfast is the favourite meal of the day for most people. That’s because there is no harm if it has a little too many calories or fat. In fact, breakfast should have enough calories to get you going till lunch. Also, it is possible to make breakfast out of healthy whole grain wheat flour. This will add more fibre content to your diet. Another way is to add toppings that are rich in vitamins to the pancakes. If you are stricter about cutting down sugar consumption, you can try using honey instead of refined sugar.

What size is a pancake pan?

Pancake pans come in lots of different sizes. Traditionally, the pancakes pans used to be large and would measure around thirty centimetres. They are generally on the heavier side. Unless you have strong arms, you might find it a bit tiring to handle the pan. But there are smaller pans as well. You will find lightweight non-stick pans that are only sixteen centimetres wide. They are lightweight and will also heat up faster than a large cast-iron pan. The size of the pan will restrict the size of your pancake. If you want to make some super-thin crepes, a wider pan is better.

Do you need a non-stick pan for pancakes?

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing that your pancake is ruined because it stuck to the pan. And no, there is no magic pancake recipe that does not stick. But there are other ways that you can solve this sticky problem. One way to eliminate this is by using non-stick pans. The Teflon coating on these pans prevents the food particles from sticking to the pan. For home use, they are great. With enough care and proper storage, they can last a couple of years before you have to get new ones. But if you will be using the pan heavily every day, the longevity of non-stick pans goes down considerably. In that case, it is better to use a regular pan.

Where to buy pancakes pans online?

Pancakes are a healthy and easy breakfast recipe. So, if you are looking to buy pancake pans online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from the best pan for pancakes to cheap steel pancake pans to buy here on All you have to do is to look for them using our product search engine . This will also let you compare the prices and features of different models and choose the best one among them.

There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them on These include some of the popular brands like Gourmia, Nordic Ware, Norpro, EJOYWAY, Raj and SKEPPSHULT.

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