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Grill Pans

About Grill Pans

Do you want to show off some professional stripes like restaurants on your meat or vegetables? Well, grill pans are there for you to sear and sizzle your meals just like the way you want. So, let us explore how to select and use them the right way for the best results. 

A grill pan is a particular type of frying pan that has raised or shallow ridges on it. It comes in stovetop pans or even standalone machines like grilled sandwich makers, barbeque, bachelor and flattop grillers. Further, the ridges of grill pans leave grill marks on the food you cook. They work well for various food items like cheeseburgers, steaks, hacks, bacon, pancakes, sandwiches, and many vegetables. These pans require lesser oil to cook food so that you consume low fats. So, let us explore some of the popular varieties of grillers you can get your hands on. 

All about popular types of grill frying pans

All the grill frying pans have ridges to leave professional marks on food and ensure quick cooking. However, they come in a wide assortment based on their construction, material, shapes, surface and other properties. Some have a nonstick surface, whereas others are known for their even heat distribution. Some can be square in shape, whereas others have a circular shape. If you have a hard time deciding which works the best, here is a detailed guide that would help you get through it effortlessly. 

Grill pans for electric stove

Stovetop pan griller is the most common type of griller you find in many kitchens. They look like a regular fry pan but have ridges on them for grilling. You can keep them on any electric stove. However, you have to be sure of its material. Do not prefer to keep cast iron pots or grills on your electric stove. They are heavy and can harm the surface of the stove. Also, they offer slow cooking. Heavy-gauge hard-anodized or nonstick aluminium pans like ridged grill pans can be a safer option for electric stoves. 

Double grill pan

You can consider a double grill pan as an extension of regular stovetop grillers. Double-sided pans come with a locking mechanism to create pressure while cooking. The sealing of the pan prevents odour and smoke from escaping. The oil does not splatter out, and hence cooking becomes cleaner and easier. Some models come with a drip tray which makes sure that excess oil and water flow out. The ergonomic handle design of such pans ensures safe handling while cooking.

Electric grill pan

 If you do not want to rely on stovetop pans, you can go for electric options like barbeque and bachelor grillers. Bachelor grill is like a small oven used for grilling, baking, roasting and broiling. It has one or more heating elements, hotplate and control knobs for a good grilling process. With a barbeque style, you have to plug it in, do grilling effortlessly and enjoy crispy and delicious food anytime. With electric grillers, you do not have to bear the smoke of charcoal and even flare-ups. Cooking becomes just a press away from the button. 

Tips on how to buy Grill Pans

Grill pan comes in a wide variety ranging from bachelor to barbeque, flat top and stovetop pan grillers. They may vary based on the handle, coating, ridges, shape, exterior and many more factors. As a result, you will have so many options at the front. It is natural to feel overwhelmed at this point. But, do not let this overwhelmingness ruin your selection. Here are some guiding tips that would help you make the right selection in no time.

  • Type of griller  The most basic griller is stovetop pan griller, followed by the grilled sandwich maker, barbeque, bachelor and flattop griller. Each has different construction and properties. A stovetop comes in the form of a simple pan with raised ridges to grill food. It is an effective and cheap indoor grill pan option. On the other hand, bachelor variety is a little oven in itself. Speaking of barbeque grillers, they come in two varieties- Gas and charcoal grill. They grill food from the bottom. A grilled sandwich maker is a fold-up heater that you can use to make grilled sandwiches. So, your choice depends upon your personal preferences and the convenience you are expecting.
  • Bare or enamelled  You would not obviously want it to stick to the surface when you cook something. When it comes to grillers, you can find two varieties in this regard- Bare and enamelled. The food sticks on bare one but with regular seasoning, you can eliminate the chances. Speaking of enamel, it has a coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface. However, it requires maintenance too.
  • Type of ridges  Ridges are a part of a grill pan. They can be shallow or raised. Raised ridges are better than shallow ones as they allow food to cook slowly. The food items do not stick to the pan this way, and also, there is less oil consumption. On the other hand, with shallow ridges, there are more chances of sticking.
  • Shape  While looking for a grill pan, you should always select a square shape. Square shape pans offer more surface area for cooking than circular ones. Also, the corners offer more heat to ensure quick cooking.
  • Construction material Your grill pan can be cast aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic and many other materials. Each material has different properties to offer. Cast aluminium or hard-anodized aluminium offers even heat distribution and can also bear high temperatures. On the other hand, polished stainless steel ensures rapid heating. They have more life than any other prevalent type of grill machine. Speaking of enamelled cast iron, it offers a nonstick surface for effortless cooking, and ceramic has a high heat retentive power.

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Question & Answer

Can grill pans be used on electric stoves?

It depends upon the material of the pan. You should not prefer to keep cast iron pots or grills on an electric stove with a smooth surface. These pans are heavy. They do harm not only the surface of the stove but also offer prolonged cooking. Heavy-gauge hard-anodized or nonstick aluminium pans like ridged grill pans can be a safer option for electric stoves. So, if you are looking for pans that can be used on electric stoves, look for specific models.

How do you use a grill pan?

Grill pans come in a wide variety, and each has a separate usage procedure. The most basic style is stovetop pan griller. To use it, allow the pan to pre-heat for up to five minutes. Now, place your food gently on the griller using tongs or grilling equipment. Cover it with a lid, and after about a minute or two, move or flip food. After you think the food is properly cooked, take its temperature. One hundred forty-five degrees Fahrenheit is fine for shellfish, and 145 degrees Fahrenheit works well for poultry, whereas pork, beef, and lamb can be cooked up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the difference between a grill pan and a frying pan?

The main difference between a grill and a frying pan is the surface. A frying pan has a flat surface, whereas grills come with raised or shallow ridges. The ridges on the surface offer a grill mark on the food and also ensure quick cooking. These are a bit different. So, if you are looking for a specific style, then you should look for that. This is because both cannot be used interchangeably. You can find both these varieties right here on our website. Put filter to refine your search.

Where to buy a grill pan online?

You can buy a grill pan from any kitchenware store or marketplace. One such store is Shops. We have brought together hundreds of trusted online stores that provide the best grilling pans. You can find various styles ranging from grilled sandwich maker to barbeque, bachelor and flattop griller. If you feel confused with the options, you can set your preferences using filters for price, seller, brands etc. Moreover, compare prices to find the best products under your budget.

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