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Cooking fresh fish at home is both delicious and healthy. But, the entire process can go terribly wrong if you do not have the right fishpans. The thing about fish is that it’s very delicate, soft, and juicy. But once you cook them they’re flaky, soft, and easily breakable. Therefore, you need a pan that’ll accommodate this properly. This is where we come in. In this guide, we shall look at some of the trending models of fish pans and a few smart hacks to easily pick them. So read on!

We all know that eating fish regularly can lower your risk of a number of health conditions, including heart diseases, depression and stroke. However, the way you cook it plays a vital role in changing its nutritional composition. Some cooking methods might be healthier when compared to others. So is pan-frying a healthy method to adopt to cook your fish? In general, pan-frying is far better than deep-frying your fish. That’s because of the high temperature during the frying damages the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Steaming too is a perfect option to prepare your fish in a healthy way. But, as mentioned earlier, all this is possible only when you have the right fish pans. Let’s have a look at a few trending models in our next section.

The trending fish pans for all your ‘fishy’ needs

Thanks to the advanced technology, just like any other kitchen utensils, you can find several options of fish pans out there. They’re available in different materials like stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, and metal. You can also find them in different styles like oval, round, square, and more. This means you’ve numerous options to choose from. Even though it’s a boon, on one hand, it’s also a bane. That’s because their sheer variety might quite often put you in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the perfect one. However, you could always consider a few trending models to buy first. We’ve compiled a few below for your ease.

The fish steamer pan

Steaming foods involves cooking them with the steam produced when the item is enclosed in a heated container. Cod is a firm, white fish that holds up well to steaming and pairs well with many flavours. An electric steamer takes the guesswork out of steaming cod, allowing you to prepare a healthy meal in a short amount of time with a cooking method that helps retain the nutrients found in the fish. Electric steamers are available at most home supply stores and range in size and price. If you cook large meals, choose a steamer that accommodates more than one cod fillet, which allows you to complete several servings at one time.

The Cuisinart’s classic oval frying panfish

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic skillet fries fish beautifully thanks to the encapsulated aluminium core that heats and spreads heat exceptionally well and the Quantanium nonstick interior. It is also oven-safe and can endure extremely high temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. The wide 12-inch cooking surface is wide enough for searing and frying a whole fish, large fillets or a couple of fillets at the same time. The two loop-style handles with a cool grip and the drip-free pouring design make handling the pan easy. Cleanup is hand wash only but the non-stick interior makes it an easy task. It also features hard-anodized aluminium construction and a tough non-stick coating reinforced with titanium.

The T-Fal non-stick fish fry pan

With a heavy, anti-warp base and a non-stick cooking surface, the T-fal hard anodized frying pan-fries fish without it sticking or falling apart even when using little oil making it the ultimate best frying pan for fish. It is also oven-safe and the silicone handle can withstand temperatures up to 400°F and the lid up to 350°F. Made of hard-anodized aluminium, the T-fal E76507 heats evenly and maintains the heat exceptionally well. An outstanding feature is the Thermo-Spot heat indicator with a ring that turns solid red when the pan reaches the right temperature for searing eliminating guesswork. Its wide and flat bottom is perfect for searing and flipping medium to large fish.

The cast iron lodge fish fry pan

Nothing beats cast iron when it comes to searing fish on high heat and this Lodge cast iron grill pan is the best of the best-cast iron pans. It is the best pan for searing fish like salmon, tuna, and swordfish. It comes pre-seasoned and ready-to-use right out of the box. All you have to do to create a non-stick surface for cooking fish is spray or coat it with cooking oil.  The end result will look fantastic thanks to the grill marks. With their exceptional ability to distribute and retain heat, cast-iron pans are among the best pans for cooking fish. This is a versatile fish cooking pan that you can use on all kinds of cooking surfaces from stovetops to induction cooking units to grills.

Tips on how to buy Fishpans online

We now know that a frying pan or a fish pan is a staple in any commercial as well as the residential kitchen. But, you should also know that not just any frying pan will cook it well. It’s very important to use the correct pan. An ideal fish pan must spread the heat evenly, provide a non-stick cooking surface, and provide you with an easy clean-up. Apart from these, there are a few more factors to consider that’ll come in handy when you set out to buy fish pans online in UAE. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed them below.

  • Consider your way of cooking – What’s your favourite way of cooking your fish? Understanding the answer to this question is very important. That’s because your way of cooking the fish governs what kind of fish pans you choose. For instance, if you prefer to have crispy, crusty fish, then you might need to sear it on a frying pan. You might also need oven-safe fish pans that withstand high heat.
  • Explore the different types – Once you’re aware of your style of cooking the fish, you can then head out to explore the model that’ll fulfil your needs. As aforementioned, you can find several different types of fish pans out there. They come in different shapes, materials, and designs. For instance, there are aluminium pans that create excellent heat, carbon steel that’s induction ready, and many more.
  • Look out for the pan’s thickness – Beyond the material, it’s always important to check out the thickness of any fish pans. But, how do you know how thick your product is when you’re buying them online? Well, it’s simple, typically you measure the thickness of the pan in either mills or gauge. But, the way you read them is very important. This means, the higher the mill the thicker the material.
  • Check out the handle types – You’ll find pans with different types of handles. Consider the fish pans with stainless steel handles. That’s because these do not conduct heat. Similarly, the aluminium handles too are a good option as they remain cooler than the pan. You could also go for any other metal handle. But, just make sure that they’re hollowed in some way for a cooling effect.
  • Check out the inner coating material – Make sure to go through the merits and demerits of both non-stick and natural frying fish pans. Both of them provide a variety of cooking possibilities in your kitchen apart from frying the fish. Depending on your needs, a natural finish fish pan might be sufficient to prepare a crispy-crusted fish.

Fish is a delicate tricky food to cook. There are several ways to prepare it.  But, the good news is that you can cook, fry or steam them very easily if you have the right fish pan. That’s precisely why you need to be very careful when you’re purchasing them. We hope the above hacks will guide you in the right direction and will make your buying process a breeze.

Question & Answer

How do you fry fish without sticking to the pan?

One of the best options is to opt for the non-stick fish pan. Several brands offer you top-quality collections of non-stick pans. But, if we hate the idea of using the non-stick pans, fret not, there are ways to make sure that your fish doesn’t stick to the pan while frying. First, make sure to heat a heavy pan to high heat. Then dredge lightly with a bit of flour and shake of any excess. Put in your fish when the oil is hot, then jiggle the pan around a lot for the first 10 seconds so the fish doesn’t stick.

What should you look for when buying a cast iron pan?

Ideal there are several factors that you need to look into while buying the cast iron pan. The first and foremost thing to look out for is the handle. Make sure that the panhandles of cast iron do not conduct heat. Apart from that, check out the thickness, manoeuvrability, ease of use and maintenance. Above all, ensure that it best suits your cooking style and requirements.

What is the best pan to cook fish in?

Typically, best-frying fish pans are something that suits your cooking style. However, that alone doesn’t determine whether a model is good or not. Generally, professional chef’s advise that stainless steel pans are best for frying the fish. But, you have to use them correctly. Above all, you must pick a model that’s from known brands. Some popular brands that offer the best pan for fish to fry include Staub, Essence, cooking, All-Clad, Norpro, and Nordic Ware.

Where can you buy a cast iron pan?

Be it the vintage cast iron fish fryer or the non-stick fish pans, you’ll find them all here on What’s more, you get to explore several cheap fish pans to buy and purchase fish fry pans for sale from several popular brands and online stores. Above all, you could also check out several other pans and home & living products from over 500+ online stores on this product search engine .

So are you ready to prepare your fish in the most stylish way possible? If yes, then get started now to explore the various fish pan options here!

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