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About Cocottes

Cocottes are thick and heavy cookware that offers slow but ideal cooking. Whether you are preparing chicken or lamb, you will get a tender and flavoured dish at the end. So, let us explore this fantastic equipment in detail.

A cocotte is constructed to store heat for a long time and release it slowly for perfect cooking. Its lid is usually heavy to fit on the top of the container well and seat it. This way, the aroma of food and moisture level inside the container remains constant. Some cooks also use tinfoil over the cocotte before putting the lid for perfect sealing. The science behind cocotte is as simple as any other everyday cookware. This cooking method comprises three processes of heat transfer- conduction, convection and radiation. Through conduction, heat penetrates food from the surface of the container. Through convection, the food takes heat from moist air, whereas through radiation, the surface of the food gets heated. Read on to explore more and find out how to buy cocotte online in the UAE.

Popular varieties of mini cocottes to choose from

Cocottes come in a wide assortment based on construction material, shape, brands, colours and more factors. You will mostly find these pans in materials like cast iron, ceramic and porcelain. They are heavy and thick to ensure sealed, slow and ideal cooking. Whether you want to prepare fried eggs with macaroni and herbs, tomato gazpacho, or any such dish, a cocotte is a must-have utensil. However, if you are new to its world, the varieties out there might confuse you a lot. You will find a wide array of mini cast iron cocotte for sale in the market. But, it is essential to pick an appropriate one as per your requirement. So, here is a detailed guide on various cocotte and some tips on choosing the best.

Le Creuset mini cocotte for flavoured dishes

Le Creuset varieties stand second to none if you are looking for a durable and best-performing cocotte. It is one of the popular French cookware manufacturers we know for its cast-iron and colourfully enamelled cocotte. These mini vessels maintain an even temperature and moisture throughout cooking. It is best at resisting scorching and blocking moisture absorption. The best is that most of the model is safe for microwave, freezer, broiler and oven. If you have decided to bring one for your kitchen, you can enjoy lots of recipes. Besides, you can also get Le Creuset “Mini-Cocotte” cookbook comprising of many delicious recipes. Moreover, whether you are looking for cheap patisserie cocotte or the best dishes for soups and stews, you can find everything right here.

Staub cocotte for rice and other dishes

Staub cookware is popular for offering gentle and natural cooking. The special lid that comes with this vessel ensures that the food retains its authentic aroma and flavour. It encloses the moisture and distributes the heat evenly through the food items that you cook. It works well for rice, eggs, white chocolate mousse, and many such recipes. You will find Staub vessels in two shapes, typically that are round and oval. Not just an ideal cookware, these cocottes also make an excellent serving pot as they come in vibrant colours and enamelled surfaces. You can use most of the models on all the prominent cookers.

Mini cast iron cocotte by Tramontina

Tramontina is a Brazilian cookware company known for its sturdy cookware and other home appliances. Cocottes offered by this brand come in the finest materials like cast iron, great designs and artistry. It is a popular choice among cooks for its excellent heat retention capabilities. You can find it in vibrant colours and an unmatched enamel finish that makes both great cooking as well as a serving vessel. This cookware is apt for dishes such as appetizers, fruit pies, soups, fruit crisps etc. Most of the models would be compatible with any cooktop. However, you need to check it while purchasing one.

Tips on how to buy Cocottes

All the cocotte looks the same, but you will realize that each bears different features and qualities when you get into technicalities. It can be overwhelming for you if you want to select one out of those. However, keeping certain factors in mind will smoothen this shopping ride for you. So, go through the below tips that will help you choose the best and most appropriate model.

  • Size & shape – They come in round and oval shapes, usually out of which you can pick any as per your preferences. The size or volume may range from 8 ounces to 9 quarts and even more. The large it gets, the more serious cooking becomes.
  • Material – Cocottes are generally made up of cast iron, but it also comes in other materials such as stainless steel and copper. These materials are not as expensive as cast iron, but you might not get a great and ideal cooking experience.
  • Colours – These vessels come in beautiful colours ranging from stain black to volcanic orange, almond cream and chiffon pink. You can choose the colours that coordinate with the other accessories you have in your kitchen. If you are also serving through this cocotte, then select the ones that complement your table too.
  • Price – A genuine cocotte might cost you a bit on the higher side, but if you prefer trusted brands, the quality and durability of the vessels will pack back well. Along with the vessels, some brands even come up with cookbooks containing exciting recipes that would not make you regret this decision. However, if you have budget constraints, you can go for smaller or other materials like copper or stainless steel.
  • Oven-safe – When you get any vessel in your kitchen, you want it to be versatile. Right? So, look for a cocotte that is not only compatible with your stovetops but also oven, induction and other heat sources.
  • Brands – Cocotte is unusual cookware that should be purchased, keeping all necessary considerations in mind. If you understand all the factors well but do not have too much time to select one, you can leave it on popular brands. Brands like Le Creuset, STAUB, KooK, Tramontina, Madeira, and Nordic Ware offer the best cocotte. The best part is that you can find all of them right here.

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Question & Answer

What are cocotte used for?

Cocotte is excellent French cookware that you can use to prepare a variety of dishes. For example, deep-dish pizza, meat, blackberry fruit clafoutis etc. The property that differentiates a cocotte from other cooking utensils retains the moisture level throughout cooking. It offers a tender meal along with retaining the real flavour of food items. You will often find it in materials like stove resistant ceramic or cast iron with a heavy lid. So, go for them and have one in your kitchen.

Where to buy cocotte online in the UAE?

If you search for high quality, branded and durable cocotte, then you are in the right place. On our product search engine, i.e., we boast a huge collection of cocottes offered by popular industry brands. Here, you can find all the varieties you must be searching for in your kitchen. Moreover, you can set the price, brand, sellers, and more factors to filter down the results. Since there are all good brands here, you will get a quality one in your hand.

Which cocottes to buy for a party?

If you are looking for a set of cocottes for an upcoming party, you must consider a few styles. The first one we love is the Le Creuset stoneware 4-piece mini cocotte set. It is a versatile choice for baking, serving and storing. The next one is STAUB TALL COCOTTE, 5 QT. It would be versatile items for you to work on lamb shank, sear steaks, brown meat, pasta or any other dish for the party. You can also consider a set of mini Cocotte, casserole dishes, Dutch oven and ceramic made by KooK. Apart from that, you can also find products offered by other popular brands here.

Can cocotte go into the oven?

Some cocotte can be kept in the oven, but some might not be suitable for your oven. It depends upon the brand and material you have chosen. Hence, while purchasing one, you should look at the label or product specifications to be sure if it suits your requirements or not. Cocottes come in a wide assortment based on construction material, shape, brands, colours and more factors. It is not necessary that all of them are oven-safe. So, look for it while purchasing.

So, we hope that by now, you must have understood the concept and varieties of cocotte. Are you wondering where to find the best ones? Well, you are very near to your destination or consider that you have already arrived. Right here on, we boast an extensive collection of cocottes offered by over 500 trusted stores. Whichever type, brand, or material you must be looking for, you will find most varieties here. So, look no further and grab the best one at running deals.