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Apparently, most of you to focus more on paint colours, furniture, interiors and other artworks when decorating or re-designing our homes. But little did you know that even the smaller décor elements like cushions, curtains and mats play a quintessential role in reviving the entire look of a space. Every home has cushions, and only a few people know how to use them to the maximum effect. No matter, what size your cushion is, only the right cushion covers complete the look of any room.

Of course, the covers are by far the most preferred home décor accessories, no matter what the theme of the house is. But, did you know that these covers are more than just décor pieces? The cushion covers safeguards your couch cushions and pillows from becoming dirty. Besides, they also provide a fresh look to your home décor . Today, you can find a wide variety of cushion covers to choose from. They come in numerous shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. With such a wide choice out there, things might get a little complicated when you have to choose the best one among the lot. However, with the right knowledge and a few tips, you can achieve the best buy. Fortunately for you, this is precisely what we’re going to discuss next. So read on!

Spruce up your space with these various types of cushion covers

Love your couches, but not your cushions? Do they look a little too loved and worn out? Of course, you can get them replaced altogether. Or? Yes, you could just change the covers! Because there are a plethora of cushion covers to choose from. Cushion covers these days come in beautiful patterns such as abstract, checkered, damask, embroidered, floral, animal, geometric, graphic, paisley, argyle, cartoon, polka, striped and many other patterns. Similarly, you’ll also find them in different materials like cotton, silk, bamboo, brocade, canvas, chenille, dupion silk, faux silk, jacquard, jute, nylon, poly-cotton, polyester, and many other different materials. Let’s have a detailed look at few of these types below.

The couch cotton cushion covers

Apart from the colour and pattern, the fabrics of the covers play a pivotal role in determining the longevity and durability of your cushions. If you want your covers to be easy care and durable product, then go for the cotton materials. The cotton covers soak up the dye and wash thoroughly. Besides, it’s also a hardwearing material. Plus, since it’s a natural fibre, it suits all kinds of sensitive skin. Apart from that, the cotton covers also make sure to sop up the natural oil and bacteria from your face and hair. This gives you an aesthetically beautiful and highly functional cover.

The cushion covers for outdoor furniture

The cushions outdoors are nothing like the ones you place indoors. It has a different make and also can withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions. This means you also need to pick a cover that matches the outdoor cushion make. In short, the cushion covers for outdoor furniture come in materials that can withstand the outdoor climatic conditions. Apart from that, most of the covers have colour-fast dyes that do not quickly fade away. Today, you can find several best cushion covers for outdoor furniture online.

The cushion covers for dining chairs

Dining chairs usually take the brunt of our daily activities. Which means, the cushions tend to lose their credibility if you do not cover them adequately. This calls of the best covers for the dining chair’s cushions. Today, you’ll find several types of covers for dining chair cushion. Make sure you pick the ones that are highly durable and waterproof. Also, check out different patterns and designs. Go for the ones that ideally match your dining table style. Furthermore, make sure that you can easily replace them when they become dirty.

The large cushion covers

We all know that cushion covers play a pivotal role in enhancing any home space. And the good news is that you can find several sorts of covers out there. What’s more, you can find them in different sizes to suit your cushion sizes. However one of the best all this is the large size covers. These covers not only suit all kinds of cushions but also make sure to completely protect the cushions no matter where you use them. They eliminate the problem of your cushion edged peeking out. In short, the large size ensures easy handling as well has high-protection to your cushions.

Tips on how to buy Cushion Covers online

Most of us are indeed touting ways to breathe in new life into our rooms by merely switching out the various cushion covers. Indeed, a group of new shades and fabrics can give your space a totally different feel. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that you can cull through all of the thousand cover options to find the four or five that’ll work for your space. Let’s warn you, there’s an overwhelming collection out there, which makes the buying process a bit difficult. Well, we plan to make things easier for you. Consider the below tips to buy cushion covers online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Look around you for inspiration – Remember, your home is your best guide. Just take a glance at the various shades and tones of your home before you start searching for the covers. Understanding the tone and accents of your space will help you to pick a cover that complements or matches your furniture. Besides, the curtains and wall colour schemes also inspire you.
  • Search for ideas – Several online portals like Pinterest and Instagram are bursting with fantastic home décor ideas. You could always take some inspiration from those ideas. By the way, a flick through a few interior décor magazines will also give you ample motivation in selecting the perfect covers for your cushions.
  • Decide on what look you’re aiming for – In case you didn’t know, minimalism is an enduringly popular style these days. The gorgeous colours and the bold patterns are having a bit of a moment. If you’re not brave enough to press up against this idea, then try scattering a few decorative covers. They’ll make sure to bring up your interiors without being too overpowering.
  • Think about how you want to use your cushions – Are you going to purely use them for decoration? Or do you want to rest your head on them while taking a nap? Perhaps you want to sit on them? Make sure that you have a clear picture of how you’re going to use the cushions. Only then you’ll be able to select the right covers for them.
  • Pick an ideal fabric – Fabrics play a vital role in the longevity and durability of the cushions. Therefore, make sure to pick a fabric that not only enhances your home décor but also protects your cushions. Typically, a washable, durable, and easy-care covers are best if you plan to use the cushions regularly. However, try and reserve the expensive or synthetic materials if your cushions are meant just for decorative purposes.
  • Look out for the size – Just like the fabric, pattern and colour, you’ll find the covers in different sizes too. It’s best to keep your cushion measurements handy when you’re browsing for the ideal covers. Also, note the shape of your cushions before you buy the covers for them. Quite often you’ll find them in different shapes too. Pick your covers accordingly.
  • Choose an affordable version – You’ll cheap cushion covers, as well as expensive ones. That’s why it’s best to set aside a budget before you start shopping online. Indeed, you’ll want to buy a cover that’s comfortably within your budget. If you’re on the miser side, then go for the covers on sale. This way, you can secure what you want while spending less.
  • Feel free to play with colours – If you just can’t make your mind on which colours to choose, then mix it up. Do not just choose one colour. An assortment of different cushions can look amazing. However, make sure to keep a continuity in the colour palette or fabric. This’ll ensure that the covers do not look too jumbled.
Nothing’s better than the cushion covers to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your living room sofa or even your bedrooms. But, remember, to achieve an enticing look, you should choose the perfect model. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best among the vast lot out there on the market.

Question & Answer

Can you wash the cushion covers?

Yes, you can certainly wash your cushion covers. However, the method of washing relies on the type of colour or fabric used for the construction of the covers. Usually, the best way to wash your couch cushion covers is in the washing machine. You can wash them on a cold, delicate cycle with a dye-free detergent or pod. Make sure you zip-up the cushion covers before you toss them into your machines. This ensures that they do not get tangled or damaged during the washing process. Also, its best to avoid machine drying. Stick to hang or line dry.

How to make cushion covers with piping and a zip?

A cushion with piping and zip is studiers and unique than others. Of course, you can get them in-store or even several online stores. However, there’s much more fun in making one yourself, particularly if you’re a DIY fanatic. Moreover, it’s easy to make a cushion cover with piping and a zip. The first step is to cut two panels of your fabric that’ll ideally fit your cushions. The next step is to make the piping. You could use the same fabric and wrap it around your piping for extra luxury. Finally, stitch your piping to your cushion front. Later on, make the zip opening and stitch your zip to the covers.

How can you decorate a cushion cover?

There are several ways in which you can decorate the covers for couch cushions. One of the easiest ways is to paint. You can personalise any covers, by brushing your favourite art onto the fabric. For those of you who love stitching, go for embroidery. You can stitch a pattern that you like on the covers. And yes, you can also decorate the covers by putting together different fabric pieces too. Also, you can try creating ruffles, add beads, and attach several other accessories.

What are the best cushion covers?

The best cushion covers are those that readily go with your home aesthetics and prove to be the best home décor. Apart from that, the covers much come in quality materials and must also be durable. One of the easiest ways to secure the best covers for cushions is to pick then from popular brands. Phantoscope, Top Finel, ACCENT HOME, Kevin Textile, ProlineMax, and Classic Accessories are a few to name.

Where to buy cushion covers online?

With online shopping becoming a growing trend, we can confidently state that you can find an excellent collection of covers for couch cushions on several online stores. However, if you wish to experience a hassle-free online shopping, then turn to From custom cushion covers to several other types, our product search engine brings you an extensive collection of cushion covers from world-renowned brands. What’s more, you can get then on famous online stores like Newchic , Brands for Less , Sprii , Lifestyle Shops , and many more as such. Remember, cushion covers aren’t just there for style. They also protect your cushions and increase their lifespan. All this indicated only one thing, and that’s to get yourselves the best possible covers. We hope the above guide has given you ample information on what you need to do ahead. So, begin your journey here, and explore some of the best covers online. By the way, do not miss to check out our collection of several other home & living product right here on!

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