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Do you feel some issue with your eyesight? If so, you might need glasses. But do you have any idea about how many options are available in the market today? Today, choosing the best eyeglass, frame or lens is an overwhelming process for most of us. Do we have to find answers to several questions like Should you go for lenses with the coating? Or You must pick photochromic lenses. Then comes the aesthetics of what size, shape, colour and material of frame you should use. 

Remember, these lenses that you choose for your eyeglass are important, more than the frame. It also determines how happy you are with eyewear. This is why buying an eyeglass lens is not an easy task. With many choices of coating and lenses, it is quite easier to get confused about what’s worth investing in. But today we are here to clear the fog and share a beginner’s guide with you to cut the hype about different types of eyeglasses. We believe that by the end of this discussion, you will be able to choose the best option for you that serve ideal features and value for your needs.

Eyeglasses and Lenses – material, features and benefits 

At first, you must understand and accept the importance of choosing the right eyeglass for your eyesight, comfort and appearance. Generally, an eyeglass influences four factors of your personality, namely comfort, appearance, safety, and vision. Hence important is to consult an expert before you head to buy glasses for you. Also avoid making the mistake of not spending enough time considering your choices in lens material, coating or design. And during the process, you might need to take tips from your knowledge on certain aspects of eyewear. Here we will discuss these important features to develop your familiarity with this eyewear before you head to buy one.

The glasses lenses

In the beginning, all the glasses lenses were made of a standard type of glass. Hence there was nothing to think or worry about. The glasses lenses are responsible for offering exceptional optics. But they are heavy and can easily break. as a result, they can cause potential damage to the eye if they break while you are wearing them. There were times when such incidents resulted in the permanent loss of an eye. We believe this is one of the reasons why these standard optic glasses are not a preferable choice for doctors and wearers. As a result, many alternative options are secure, economical, and long-lasting. Plus they do not cause any risk or damage to the eye.

Plastic lenses for eyeglasses 

It was 1947 when the Armorlite Lens Company from California introduced relatively lightweight plastic eyeglass lenses. These lenses were made of a plastic polymer commonly known as CR-39 (this is an abbreviation for Columbia Resin 39). This lens type is the 39th formulation of a thermal cured plastic developed by PPG Industries in early 1940. these lenses are considered ideal for their properties like lightweight (the weight of plastic lenses is almost half of the weight of glass) and incredibly low cost. Apart from such features these lenses also offer excellent optical qualities. Hence, making the CR-39 a popular option for eyeglasses lenses even on this date.  

The high index plastic lenses for eyewear 

for almost 20 years, the demand for thinner, delicate-looking yet durable eyewear has increased. To address the needs and demands of such users, brands invested themselves in creating lighter eyeglasses resulting in producing high-index plastic lenses. These are a special type of plastic lenses that are thinner and lighter than the CR-39 plastic lenses. It is because they have a comparatively higher index of reflection. And in some cases, they do have lower specific gravity. These features can help you use a thinner glass even for a higher sight issue. For such reason, this type of eyeglass is popular among people who have a higher number for sight correction.

The polycarbonate lenses

These lenses came forth in the 1970s. It was the Gentex Corporation that introduced the very first polycarbonate lenses for safety glasses. Later in the 1980s, these polycarbonate lenses become massively famous and are still among the top priorities of the users. These lenses were initially developed for helmet visors for the air force. Later they became part of bulletproof glass for banks and many other safety applications. The polycarbonate is ideally lightweight and has a significant impact resistance than the CR 39 plastic. Such properties make the polycarbonate lenses an ideal option for younger kids (who cannot take care of themselves) sports eyewear and safety glasses for work.

Tips on how to buy Glasses online in the UAE

Are you looking forward to cheap eyeglasses to buy online or need special anti-radiation eyeglasses? Fromm has dozens of styling options like eyeglass for oval face, any online retail search engine can be the best to search. These platforms are where you can find most of the available variety in style, colour, shape and else for all your asthenic and eye care needs. However, with such a wide variety of options, most buyers feel overwhelmed. This is why we are here to help the users with tips on how to smoothly process the online buying process and make the best of their shopping venture. But, before we start, it is important to define your needs and consult the expert for an eye check before you book eyeglass frames online.

  • Consult experts – When buying glasses for vision, start by consulting an eye specialist. It is always good to know if your vision is perfect or needs correction. The expert will advise you on the number and type of glass perfect for you in both cases. Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Know your face shape – There are different shapes and cuts of the human face. An ideal eyeglass for an oval face might not look good on a triangular face. Likewise, eyeglass frames for women are different from those for men. Leaning the difference will shorten the window and hence facilitate your online search.
  • Decide the right shape and size – For every face type and size, there are dozens of options available online. Hence, you need to consider your personal preferences and decide if you need a cheetah style glass frame or you would like to keep things simple with a black or silver frame for work.
  • Type of glass – We have already discussed the most common types and pros and cons of different types of eyewear glass available in the market. The choices must be made with care and proper attention. You can consult the professionals while deciding the type of glass that will serve you the best.
  • Brand and price – Not all branded products have the same price tags. A product that is cheaper at Ray-Ban could be expensive at other stores. Setting a price limit for your eyewear and making your search preferences accordingly is important. It will help you save money and shop wisely. hence saving more on your eyewear buying venture

Here at, we have over 500 top global brands selling high-quality eyewear accessories, including eyeglass and frames. However, before you proceed to the online search process, homework is essential. Knowing your needs beforehand makes it easier for you to get what you need. Plus, it saves a lot of time and energy that you may spend juggling product to product in the hunt for an ideal option. You stand among satisfied and intelligent buyers with a shortlist of your necessities and what could suit you most.

Question & Answer

Can eyeglass lenses be repaired?

Yes, in many cases they can be repaired. The eyewear lenses are prone to cuts, scratches stains etc. This could happen even with the most cautious eyeglass wearer. However, there are times when the scratched begin to interfere with the vision. If this is the case with your glass, it can’t be repaired. Even if you do some tricks, it will not be helping your vision correction. Hence in any such case, recommended is to change the glass as soon as possible.

Where to buy eyeglass?

When it comes to buying online, a comprehensive retail search engine like is the only reliable option. This is where you can find all sorts of daily to extended wear lenses, glasses, eyewear glasses, and all accessories online. Hence if you wish to buy branded eyewear from top brands here is where you can find them all. Plus you can also be lucky to find the best deal on your ideal eyewear to spark charisma in your personality in just a snap.

Which eyeglasses are best?

An ideal eyeglass varies from the needs and personal preferences of one person to another. However, some of the bestselling options available in the market include The Roosevelt in Clear,  Keen Eyeglasses in Clear, Killa Eyeglasses in Crystal Clear, and Sorellinna Eyeglasses in Icy Pink. Else you can choose the Bell Thick Rimmed Glasses or Sorellinna in Pale Gold for Her, and Passegiata in Transparent Grey for him. Luckily gives you access to all these trending frames in just one click.

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