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Contact lenses, also known as contacts, are thin lenses placed directly on eye surface. These contact lenses are ocular prosthetic devices used by more than 150 million people across the globe. People use them to correct vision, therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. These lenses are delicate and demand special care during and after use. To keep lenses safe, there are exceptional contact lens cases available to store the contacts. 

With millions of lens wearers worldwide, almost all types of lens wear modalities demand contact lens holders for overnight storage and disinfection. However, at times the contact lens storage case itself can be contaminated by certain pathogenic microorganisms. Contact lens storage case contamination is common in lens users. It is responsible for causing 30% to 85% of the eye infections. Unfortunately, most of the lens users do not know how to take care of their lenses and cases to ensure eyes safety.  

Mistakes you are making with your contact lens holders 

When the contact lens merges and is a part of your eye with time, the contact lens case is another important part of the operation. However, it is also the most overlooked matter. The carelessness includes everything from using the expired case to not cleaning it properly before and after each wash. If you are a contact user, you should know that proper use of everything related to your lenses – including the lens holder – is important for good eye health. Elongated use of lens already put you at the risk of issues like dry eyes, pain, or burning and more. But when it comes to lens holder, there are mistakes that you can avoid and ensure the safety of your eyes. 

Not washing your hands 

The most common mistake is that the user does not wash their hands before touching the lens case.  It is important to keep everything clean in direct or indirect contact with your eyes and lens. It starts with washing your hands with soap and water before handling the contact lens case. With dirty hands, you can deposit many microorganisms from hands onto the lens holder. It will make it easier for the pathogens to get in your eyes and cause infection or irritation. Dirty hands can also lead to allergic inflammations, redness, gritty sensation, tearing, itching, or a certain type of discharge from eyes.  

Not washing the case 

Whether you are handling the contact lens travel case or dealing with the one you use at home, cleaning the case is important. However, most of the users do not wash the case after each use, or at all. As you leave the case on your dressing, it will gather a considerable amount of unidentifiable gunk, lint, etc. With that, the bacteria can quickly get in there and grow. If you are not cleaning your case regularly, you can reintroduce the bacteria back into your contact when you put them in the case at night. You can avoid this mistake by washing the case before and after each use. 

Using expired cases 

Not only the lens, but the case or lens holder will also expire in a few months. So, it would help if you changed the case every three months or as often as possible. This replacement is essential even if the current one looks perfectly fine and clean. With time the bacteria and other microorganisms can produce biofilm substances in the edges and inside the case. They will help the bacteria hide from the disinfectant in the contact lens solution. This can be bad news for your eyes. But you can avoid the problem by replacing the case every three months. Meanwhile, during these three months, you should take proper care and follow cleaning instructions carefully before and after each session.  

Topping off old solution 

It is common for most lens users to top off the old solution instead of squirting in new liquid during each use. When it is full of liquid, the case will get warm and make an environment for bacteria, fungus, and many other microorganisms to thrive. And by adding more solution, you will push them deep down. They will later gloom onto the contact lenses. Instead of creating such an environment, you should get rid of all the old solutions. Always empty the case, wash it properly and add a new solution to store the lenses.

Tips on how to buy Contact Lens Case online in the UAE 

Contact lenses are becoming more of a necessity for people across the globe. Some love to enjoy varying colours in eyes while others prefer them to get rid of specs. For one reason, the lenses come with a basic demand to own the best leak-proof contact lens case. There is an additional need of best travel contact lens case to ensure the lenses are secure in the bag as you move around for an often traveller. For any lens care, online market offers a wide range of cheap contact lens cases in bulk or retail to meet consumers’ varying needs. If you are looking forward to making such a purchase, consider the following pointers during the process.  

  • Evaluate the usage – First of all; you need to consider how often you will be using the case. Also, if you are expecting to travel with your lenses, look for a traveller’s case. It will be highly leak-proof and can help you avoid any mess in the baggage.
  • Consider branded items – Eyes are sensitive, and slight damage can go a long way. So, you should avoid using cheaper or local made items. It would help if you look for high quality, reliable products from top trusted global brands only for cases.
  • Buy in bulk – If you are a regular lens user, look for products in bulk. It will save you a lot of money while keeping you prepared and handy in case of any emergency. Even for lens containers, you should look for packaging with sets to keep some cases spare.
  • Read product details – Every time you head to make a purchase online, look deep into the product. From material to preferable use of an item like lens container, you can find all the details in the product description section. Always read these details carefully before placing order.
  • Check reviews – It is always a good idea to read comments and reviews of previous buyers before placing an order. It will give you an idea about the performance and suitability of the product. And will help you find better and more relevant products as per your needs.  

While buying online, a rule of thumb is to look for top rates of brands and products. Here you can refer to the customer reviews, comments and five-star rating on any product or brand. By doing so, you will be able to find a reliable and lasting product easier. Otherwise, you can refer to your friend, or peer suggestions or opt for your favourite lens manufacturer brands and make a purchase online in just a few clicks.

Question & Answer

How to disinfect contact lens case? 

After you put in your contacts, empty all the solution from the case. It would help if you never reuse the solution. Now rinse the case with clean contact lens solution and rub the inside with your clean fingers. Now allow the case to air dry upside down without the caps on until you are ready to store the lenses again. You can also keep the cases in the dishwasher to disinfect it. Alternatively, you can place it in boiling water for five minutes to sterilize it. 

When to change contact lens case?

Just like lenses, the contact lens container also has a limited lifeline. It would help if you did not use the case to keep your lenses after that time. Even if you are using a high-quality branded case, you should replace it with a new airtight contains every three months.  Also, make sure that you are cleaning the contact lens storage case after every use and keep it open and dry between cleanings.

What to clean contact lens case with? 

Unlike lenses themselves, where you cannot use anything else than the cleaning solution, you can use regular tap water for cleaning the case. For cleaning, you need to remove the lens from the case and use tap water to thoroughly clean it. However, you should not use any soap or other washing chemicals on the case. Also, avoid using any scrub if the threads left stuck in the case can reach and damage your eyes via lenses.

Where to buy contact lens case online in the UAE? 

The global health and beauty market is massive. There are hundreds of competing brands to offer the best possible yet the most economical products. On a retail search engine, you can find most of these products. At you can find products like contact lens cases from more than 500 brands. Some to name are Clear Care, Beyond Optics, Renu, Daiso, and Kikker land. Such a wide range of products and brands can make it easier for you to compare and buy better products.

Moreover, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the products based on the price and make a wise, budget-friendly decision.

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