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When a baby is about to come, not just parents but the whole family and friends get excited. The shower is one event where future grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, and close friends meet parents and shower them with blessings, love, and gifts. So, are you on the edge of your seat to browse some incredible ideas for maternity & shower gifts? Read on!

The baby shower seems to be a new and modern event, but that does not mean showering blessings and gifts to would-be parents wasn’t done earlier. It has a rich past where ancient Egyptians and Greeks would celebrate the new baby and mother and shower gifts to gods and goddesses. Later, the baby’s baptism used to be the occasion when new parents would receive gifts. Renaissance recorded mothers receiving lavish things on the birth of a baby. Then in the Victorian era, baby showers were something like they look today, except for the title. They were popular as Stork parties back then. The baby shower came into existence after the late 1940s, and now, it is a big fat event. So, let us explore some cool maternity & shower gifts ideas if you have an event upcoming.

All about choosing shower and maternity gift items

When baby showers became a widespread concept in the US and other big countries, it provided an opportunity for families and close ones to help to-be parents after hardships caused by world wars financially. So, the items used to be useful. Well, things are more or less similar. It’s not about financials but yes, giving something useful is still conventional. So, you can fetch tip number one from that. Common gifts for baby showers include rocking chairs, cribs, toys or shower baskets comprising diapers, burp cloths, baby wipes, rattles, bodysuits and stuff like that. Read on to explore the popular ones in detail.

Maternity gift baskets

This is one of the easiest and most popular choices among the masses. When you cannot decide on one, pick up small-small essentials and club them into one basket. Maternity gift baskets are small embellished or decorated baskets that include daily essentials for a baby like diapers, diaper rash cream, diaper pail, baby cream, shower gel, burp cloth, wipes and a lot more. You can even include maternity guides or books in there to help mothers get through the last months and delivery effortlessly. Also, it’s not a costly affair. You can even find cheap maternity gift baskets if you want a budget pick.

Maternity clothes gifts

Another essential thing for to-be mothers is easy-peasy clothes. When a lady crosses over four months, the regular clothes are hard to fit. That is when they need clothes that are loose, comfortable and good-looking. However, while she is one or two months near the due date, it’s hard to go out shopping. So, hey!! Could you catch the idea? There is an array of maternity clothes that can make an excellent gift for a to-be mother. The best maternity clothes gifts are maternity T-shirts, gowns, maternity jeans, lingerie, stretchable legging, and maxi dresses.  

Comfy baby shower gifts like maternity robes & pyjamas

She has many late nights and tiring days coming up, so why not give her something cosy and comfy. Well, what’s better than pyjamas and a chic robe. Choose soft clothing and ones that can be machine washed easily. Comfort is all a to-be or new mother needs while physically and mentally healing. A maternity robe and pyjamas are perfect for the hospital bag of mom-to-be hospital bag for better covering and extra warmth.

Tips on how to buy Maternity & Shower Gifts in Dubai

Purchasing maternity gifts can be a bit tough, especially if you are not a mom yet. The maternity wear market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. You will see a vast number of brands and sellers dealing with maternity wear and other required stuff. So, when you head on to the market, it will be an overwhelming and time-consuming process for you to select the perfect gift sets. So, here are the tips that would help you buy maternity gifts online in the UAE.

  • Popular choices– Baby shower gifts can be for the upcoming baby, just mom or sometimes the whole family. For the baby, you can consider things like a crib, changing pads, burp cloths, rocking chair, nightlight and the entire shower basket containing diaper, diaper rash cream, baby bath products, wipes and rattles. For moms, the popular gifts are robes, nursing pyjamas, charms, pendants, blankets, maternity guides and books. When it comes to the whole family, a professional photoshoot, babysitting services, grocery delivery, and fruits are common gifts.
  • Parent’s needs– While purchasing gifts for the baby shower, you may consider what parents already have and what they might need. For example, if they have already purchased a crib, a new crib can be a waste. The same goes with strollers, walkers, and big things like that. So, keep the parent’s needs into consideration.
  • Brands– Pregnant ladies and newborn babies, both are delicate. So, make sure the gift items are friendly to them. If you are unsure where to find the best stuff, you can leave to popular brands selling maternity and baby products. Baby Be Mine, Bump Boxes, Earth Mama, Emporio Armani, Moncler, Dolce & Gabbana, Tartine et Chocolat, Chloé, MSGM, and Moschino are some of the brands known for their best products.
  • Season– Consider the season in which the baby takes birth while buying any gift. Winter babies would need snuggly and warm stuff, whereas, for summers, you can find light things.

Now that you know about shower gifts, you must want to buy them quickly. Well, the best part is that you do not have to go anywhere else. Right here on, you can find plenty of gifts for baby shower events. Pick from a wide assortment of gifts offered by over 500 trusted stores. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find amazing maternity & shower gifts for sale here.

Question & Answer

What is a maternity gift?

It is any gift that you give to an expecting mother. Expecting moms are on both an exciting and stressful journey. So, if you have anyone travelling during this phase, you can surprise her with a range of incredible gifts. Some of the great gifts include a robe, nursing pyjamas, charms, pendants, blanket, maternity guides, books, belly support leggings, foot massager, body pillow, and nursing dresses. If you cannot decide on one, pick up small-small essentials and club them into one basket.

Where to buy maternity gifts online?

You can find maternity gifts at any online store that specializes in maternity and kids products. Since there are too many stores out there, it can be an overwhelming experience for you to find the right one. So, here on, we have brought together hundreds of trusted and best reviewed online stores selling expectant mother and baby products. So, log on to our product search engine to find exciting products for any upcoming baby shower function.

Which maternity & shower gifts to buy?

Maternity & shower gifts come in a wide assortment. They can be for the upcoming baby, just mom or even for the whole family. For moms, the popular gifts are comfy robes, nursing pyjamas, jewellery like charms, pendants, maternity guides, books and skincare products. If you want to buy something for your baby, the most popular gifts include a crib, changing pads, burp cloths, rocking chair, nightlight and shower basket containing diaper, diaper rash cream, baby bath products, wipes, etc. rattles. For the family, you can consider a professional photoshoot, babysitting services, grocery delivery and fruits.

What is the best maternity gift?

The best maternity gift can be anything beneficial for to-be moms. Some of the best and most popular choices include maternity dresses, nursing robes and pyjamas, video baby monitors, tummy moisturizer, pregnancy journals, stretchable leggings, foot massager, baby bump headphones, and body pillows, compression socks, scented candles, maternity T-shirts, and scratch off the calendar. If you are looking for the best quality options, you have landed in the right place. You can easily find many options here.

Maternity & shower gifts seem to be an easy pick, but it can be overwhelming if you have so many options in front. However, the above guide would definitely steer you towards the right purchase. If you go through a hard time deciding where to find the best gifts, come to us at On our shopping search engine, you can get a wide assortment of maternity & shower gifts offered by popular brands in the industry. You can browse through it effortlessly. If you think that’s time-consuming, you can narrow down options with the help of filters or direct searching. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices to find the best gifts under your budget. Now that you know about them go ahead! Have an amazing shopping and grab the best gifts & gadgets while stock lasts.

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