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Fossil Casual Watch Analog Display For Men-FS5251SET
Fossil Casual Watch Analog Display For Men-FS5251SET
Fossil Casual Watch Analog Display For Men-FS5251SET Brand:Fossil Display type:Analog Band materi...


Coffret Make Up Touche Éclat
Coffret Make Up Touche Éclat
Gift Wildly. Gift YSL. For Holiday Season, YSL Beauty’s iconics dress up in a festive baby leopar...
Y Eau De Parfum Gift Set
Y Eau De Parfum Gift Set
WHAT IT IS: This luxurious satin-finish gift box dressed in the iconic YSL colors, is composed of...
Touche Eclat Gift Set
Touche Eclat Gift Set
WHAT IT IS: This luxurious satin-finish gift set dressed in the iconic YSL colors of fuchsia and ...
Coffret Mon Paris Eau De Parfum Prestige
Coffret Mon Paris Eau De Parfum Prestige
Gold attraction. All about magnetism. Let the party started with the perfect YSL gift for Holiday...
Coffret Black Opium Eau De Parfum
Coffret Black Opium Eau De Parfum
Unwrap your love for the one you care about. On this very special day, untie the ribbons to revea...
Coffret L'Homme Eau De Toilette
Coffret L'Homme Eau De Toilette
Father's Day is the best occasion to offer him a special gift and to surprise him in YSL! It's th...
Ralph Lauren Kids knitted anchor motif jumper - NEUTRALS
Ralph Lauren Kids knitted anchor motif jumper - NEUTRALS
Cream white and red cotton knitted anchor motif jumper from Ralph Lauren Kids featuring an intars...
Lapin House stripe print babygrow - Blue
Lapin House stripe print babygrow - Blue
Blue and white cotton stripe print babygrow from LAPIN HOUSE featuring a round neck, a front embo...
Emporio Armani Kids My First two-piece babygrow set - Blue
Emporio Armani Kids My First two-piece babygrow set - Blue
Navy blue and white cotton My First two-piece babygrow set from Emporio Armani Kids featuring a w...

About Gift sets

Being thrilled about wedding invitations, birthday parties, or even baby showers is natural. Well, what’s equally natural is the difficulty of finding a suitable gift. Agree or not, we all are gift doubters!! It’s just that you have been giving gifts for decades, and now you must have run out of ideas. No worries, the below guide will decode most of your confusion. So read on. 

Selecting gift sets for our loved ones is one of the toughest jobs we have done and would continue doing. Whether it’s your mom’s birthday, friend’s anniversary or dad’s retirement, a great gift helps you a lot in reflecting your emotions and happiness. But, it is something that both giver and receiver should like. This is the reason why you bury under piles of thoughts. Even if you successfully purchase it and wrap it beautifully, you remain thinking that you could have done it better. So, to save you from that last-minute hesitation, we are unveiling everything you need to know about gifts to find the best gift sets to buy.

All about choosing the best gift sets for different occasions

While selecting a gift, you keep juggling between what to give and what not to gift. Be it any occasion, birthday, wedding, baby shower, or inauguration, there is a wide assortment of gift sets to choose from. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are expensive, and you can even find decent and cheap gift sets! Some people prefer to go for essential items, whereas others like décor stuff. A gift is a precious opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. It is not just a thing but your love and emotions towards the receiver. So, let us choose it with our whole heart, putting in the real effort! 

Perfume gift sets

Perfume is one of the most popular gift sets for men and women of all ages. It may suit small occasions like birthdays, dates, wedding anniversaries and even valentine’s day. You can choose from Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne that have different concentrations of fragrance. Moreover, different scents to choose from, like oriental, citrus, aromatic, floral, and Chypre. A perfume is not just a versatile item for wearing or freshening up laundry but also makes a heartfelt gift. Whenever we use a gifted perfume, the fragrance reminds us of the person who gave it. 

Chocolate gift sets 

Chocolates have the power to switch our moods quickly. So, why not consider a magic pack for your loved ones on their special day? Chocolates are palatable, rich, velvety, and sweet. A beautifully packed box of dark, bitter-sweet or milk chocolates tastes delicious and looks classy. Moreover, there is a huge variety to choose from. From caramel, dark chocolate, and apple pie fillings to brandy flavoured chocolates, you have so many! If you are considering one for gifting purposes, make sure it has high quality and rich taste. Good chocolates are rich in cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter or lecithin, whereas cheap ones might have ingredients like vegetable oil, non-cocoa butter fats, milk substitutes and artificial sweeteners. You can find a variety of chocolate gift sets for sale in the market. 

Newborn baby gift set

The arrival of a baby is an occasion full of joy and excitement. So, if someone from your family, friend or relatives has just welcomed a little bundle of joy, you must be looking for the best gift ideas to cherish the moment. You can consider clothes, baby bath products, jewellery, rattles, musical toys, room décor, and a baby gym. However, one thing you must look for in a baby’s gift is safety aspects. Whichever gift you purchase, it should be skin-friendly and not harm babies anyway. 

Tips on how to buy Gift Sets in Dubai

Gift sets come in a wide assortment depending upon the age, gender and preferences of the recipient. Moreover, you have to keep the type of occasion in mind. Some want their gift to be precious, whereas others want it to appear classy at the same time. So, if you are having a hard time deciding what to buy and what to avoid, here are some tips to help you buy gift sets online in the UAE.

  • Thinking from the receiver’s perspective – This should be the first and foremost consideration while picking any gift item. Think about what the receiver might need or like receiving. For example, for a makeup lover, you can consider a pack of lipsticks, liner, concealer and stuff like that, whereas, for a sports enthusiast, you can pick a ticket to a game, a throwback jersey of your favourite stars, or maybe a monogrammed duffel bag.
  • Choose an event – The next important consideration is the type of event. There are various occasions for which you plan gifts like birthdays, weddings, Christmas, work anniversaries, etc. For small events like birthdays and anniversaries, you may consider more creative, decent priced and small gifts like chocolates, watches, wallets, makeup gift sets, skincare sets etc. On the other hand, popular wedding gifts include dinnerware, furniture, luggage etc. So, keep the occasion type in mind while choosing the gift.
  • Quality matters – A gift is something that we give to others to show our love and excitement towards their happiness. So, choose a high quality and well-made gift that will stay with them for a long. Even if it is not meant to last long, it should have a decent quality.
  • Consider cultural differences – There are different types of people and cultures that make the world around us. Each section has a different set of beliefs. Black clothes, handkerchiefs, anything sharp, clocks, and umbrellas are a small portion of things that some people might not consider good receiving as gifts. So, if you are already aware of their beliefs, you can avoid such items.

Now that you are much aware of gifting basics, you must be eager to get one. The best part is that you are in the right place. Here on, you can find a vast collection of gift sets ranging from perfume sets to fruit baskets, maternity and shower gifts, tooth boxes, wellness gift sets, and more. You can even narrow the options using various filters. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and embark on your online shopping journey.

Question & Answer

What is a gift set?

A gift set is an item given to someone without expecting any payment in return. It is generally given to show love, respect or excitement towards some special occasion in a family, friend or any known person’s life. You can consider various gift items depending upon the type of occasion and the recipient’s preferences. It can be anything like a pack of chocolate, a watch, wallet, perfume, dinnerware or even big things like furniture and jewellery.

What should be in a gift set for her?

If you are planning a gift set for your lady love, you have many things to choose from like fashion accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, a pack of chocolates, dresses, watches, makeup kits, styling gadgets, perfume sets and more. You can find a wide range of gift sets for your wife, mother, daughter, or friends. However, your selection depends on the choice of the receiver. You can also find gift packages in some online stores. They also have an option for customization.

Are gift sets expensive?

No, not all the gift sets are expensive. The cost of a gift set depends on what you are buying, what quality it has, and which brand you prefer. For example, precious items like Diamond, Gold or Platinum jewellery, gadgets, furniture and home décor may cost huge. Still, gifts like a pack of handmade chocolates, cards and fruit baskets come low to decent cost. You can get a gift set at any budget, be it $10 or several thousand dollars. Here, you can compare prices to find affordable ones. There are over 500+ sellers present here offering the best products at reasonable prices.

Where to buy the gift set online in UAE?

You can buy gift sets from any online gift store or a marketplace, depending on what you plan to buy. You can even switch between various online stores with a few clicks if you do not like a particular collection. An easier way is to log into where we have brought together over 500 trusted online stores. You can find the best brands here. You can rest assured of the quality of the products. So, go ahead and shop the best while stock lasts.

The above guide would steer you towards the right purchase for your loved one. However, confusions are a part of purchasing. So, if you feel overwhelmed with the options out there, you can come to us on Here, you will get gift sets offered by popular brands of the industry, including Emporio Armani, Aesop, Tom Ford, Maped, Grace Cole, Benefit, Cote Noire, Sisley, Moncler, and Lancome. You can effortlessly browse through the whole collection with a few clicks. Moreover, you can compare prices offered by different sellers to find one under your budget. So, go ahead and find the best gifts & gadgets on our product search engine.