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Krypton Fly and Insect Killer, (KNBK5112)
Krypton Fly and Insect Killer, (KNBK5112)
Technical Details Brand Krypton Model Number KNBK5112 Color Silver Package Dimensions 69.2 x 25.6...
Krypton 6W Bug Killer, Fly & Insect Killer, Black, (KNBK5111)
Krypton 6W Bug Killer, Fly & Insect Killer, Black, (KNBK5111)
Technical Details Brand Krypton Model Number KNBK5111 Color black Product Dimensions 12.5 x 27.6 ...
Olsenmark 30W Fly & Insect Killer - White, (OMBK1512)
Olsenmark 30W Fly & Insect Killer - White, (OMBK1512)
Technical Details Brand Olsenmark Model Number OMBK1512 Color White Product Dimensions 10 x 10 x ...



About Pest Control

If you are a gardener by profession or hobby, dreaming of healthy, vibrant plants in your garden is still a dream! The flying or crawling insects in your garden can be a threat to your plants. And that’s how pest control comes to your rescue! Know all about its functions and tips to purchase suitable pesticides for your backyard in this article. 

Pest is a body that disrupts the plant’s normal growth or reduces the plant’s yield. And examples of pests are weeds, insects, and human activities. However, weed and human activities as pests can be easily controlled and managed. On the other hand, insects as pests are more toxic and perverse to attack. Thus, pest control comes as a saviour! It is a regulation of a species that is the most productive strategy for controlling and managing pests by combining methods. And this approach is known as integrated pest management which works for pest damage while minimizing the risks. Therefore, there are various solutions to safeguard your backyard or garden. And they are mouse control, mole control, rat control, etc. You may also need bird repellers. So, if you seek to buy pest control products online in UAE, it is best to have a deep insight about the same before buying.   

Know all kinds of pest solutions for your garden or backyard

Choosing the best pest solutions is tricky! However, pests are unwanted plants, insects, germs, or other organisms which interfere with the human venture. Besides, they can bite, damage properties, destroy food crops, and makes our life more arduous. But it’s impossible & not necessary to entirely remove pests from your environment. However, there are times when you might need the best pest intervention for your garden to save your plants, fruits, or flowers from damage. Thus, there are two kinds of pest control available, and they are biological & chemical. So, learn more about its different types before seeking the best pest control in the UAE. Checkout!

Biological pest control

It is an innovative method to control and remove pests from living organisms. And they are predators, parasites, and pathogens. Besides, it uses them as natural enemies of the pest. And it biologically interferes with the ability to breed. However, this natural method comes with benefits as it doesn’t use toxic chemicals like pesticides. Thus, it doesn’t cause any harm to humans, pets, or the environment. On the other hand, some of these solutions are used for small pest interventions like insect control or plants. And it takes lots of time to put into action. However, you can choose to browse the best shopping site for top-rated pest control near me.

Cockroach pest control

Cockroaches are the most common household pests that you can find everywhere around the world. But few people know that these pests can get attracted to your home for different reasons. However, it is essential to know the type of roaches you are dealing with. So it helps you in seeking a proper solution to it, accordingly. For example, the German roach is a common insect found indoors, and it is attracted to water. Thus, reducing the water sources or daily cleaning can reduce the infection. Or you can also look for pest control for sale online in the UAE to apply at home. However, these solutions are non-toxic to humans and the environment. And you can get it in any online shop!

Termite control

Termites are a notorious threat to the structural integrity of your home. However, it mostly fed on wood and wood products and cause damage to your home. Besides, there are some common signs of termites for you to look for treatment. And it includes discolouring drywall, peeling paint, hollow-sounding wood, and lots more. Thus, many people look for pre-treatments of termites before building a home. These treatments are effective & affordable to apply! And you can put them in individual rooms, cellars, sheds, and decks. However, if you are looking for cheap pest control in Dubai, you can check out the popular brands’ products. And they are Pest Out, Rentokil, Pif Paf, Raid, Bayer, and lots more.

Tips on how to buy Pest Control

Do you think picking a pest control solution for your garden or home is easy? Certainly not! There are a lot of things which you need to take care of quality, value, kinds, and price. Moreover, you need to be careful with the usage of the solution as it might damage your health and the environment. However, there is some pest infestation that might be pretty huge or hard to resist. On the other hand, some particular pest is hard to control and might need the pest control company’s services. But if the requirement of the pest solution for your backyard is minimal, then you can go with proper sanitation and cleaning. However, if you face ants’ issues, you can hover for the best pest control for ants in Dubai. So, study the tips for purchasing the right pest solution for your garden in the below section. Check out!

  • Look for types – Before you move to buy the best pest solutions for your backyard, it is suggested to know their kinds. However, there are three forms of control solutions that help stop insects and plant-based diseases. Pesticides are used to control & kill insects, snails, slugs, and weeds. On the other hand, herbicides are used to kill unwanted plants like weeds.
  • Know the purpose – If you are the house owner of a big lawn or garden, you should know the pest types harming your garden. However, there are times when bed bugs wouldn’t let you enjoy gardening peacefully. Thus, you need to look for bed bug treatment that is non-toxic to human health and the environment.
  • Check on the lasting duration – It is another crucial factor to consider while purchasing biological pest control online. There are many pest solutions available in the market which set into action in a short time. On the other hand, there are some solutions that take a long time to put into action. And reliefs you from the harmful pests in your backyard.
  • Compare the price – Nowadays, many online platforms allow you to compare the product’s price before investing in any cockroach pest control for your lawn. Thus, you need to look for such an online shopping platform to compare prices between top-notch brands and shops. And some of the brilliant brands like Godrej, Pest Guard, Bayer, and many more.

Thus, it’s suggested to carefully choose the pest solutions after a proper survey of your garden. If you face headaches due to a termite attack on your garden, search for termite treatment costs online. However, you can choose! And you explore an exciting array of products from popular brands. Besides, you enjoy surprising offers to add more fun to your shopping journey. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!

Question & Answer

What pest control is used for roaches?

Nothing is more frustrating than roach infestation! These pests can make their home in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other living spaces. However, the more disturbing thing, they get multiple faster and make your life exhausting. If you are tired of sharing your space with these roaches, you need to look for reliable yet robust pest intervention brands. Raid is one of the reputed brands in the domain of pest control. So, whether it’s ants, common flies or roaches, its products don’t allow them inside your home. However, it launched in 1956, till now it’s ruling the market with its products. Besides, you get options on its type -barrier spray, bombs, baits, aerosol, or automatic. You can choose according to your convenience. However, you can choose other popular brands’ products. And they are Godrej, Pest Guard, Rentokil, Pif Paf, and many more.

Which pest control product is safe for pets?

If you are a pet owner and a garden enthusiast, you need to be careful while applying pest solutions around your yard. However, pets are curious like a little child! They keep on investigating and get into anything if you leave them alone. Thus, you need to choose pet-friendly pest control, which you can get easily in the market. Besides, they are a non-toxic pesticide that is safe for pets and children when used as directed. This product uses a blend of essential oil to prevent and remove household flies or insects. Some pet-friendly products smell like rosemary and kill and fights harmful pests. And it contains no harsh chemicals.

Where to buy pest control products online in the UAE?

Today, you have a lot of gadgets options to shop for your favourite product. And online shopping plays a pivotal role in your shopping experiences. Not only you can shop at your convenience, but you also enjoy excellent offers. Besides, you no longer have to roam one shop to another to get the product of your choice. Instead, you can scroll through a mind-boggling collection of products from reputed brands. Is it exciting? But you need to be careful with the online platform and choose a reputed & reliable one. is one such reliable online platform. It is the best Dubai product finder with more than 500 brands and shops allied with it. Thus, you explore an amazing collection of products with the best price tag in the market.

Why is pest control important?

Pest control is essential for your day-to-day life. And the reason is pests like rodents & insects carry diseases. Thus, it can infect your bedroom, kitchen, garden bit you or your pets. So, removing them from your home, garden, or garage keeps you safe and healthy. For example- rodents like rats cause serious damage to your property as well as spread long-term diseases. However, keeping them away inside and outside is not an easy task. Thus, a proper exterminator will help you to prevent or capture the rodents from spreading diseases. On the other hand, termites consume wood & wood products like plyboard and paper. So, once they are burrowed into the wood components at your home, it is vulnerable to break and structure weak. They can eat beams, floorings, and walls from inside. Therefore, termite infestation helps to keep them in check and prevents them from damaging.