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About Orange Juices

It’s already known that fruit and vegetable juices are good for health, and one should include them in their daily intake. While doing so, it is better that you restrain prioritising your personal favourites and instead think more of health benefits in regards to your body needs. Orange juice is loaded with potent antioxidants, including flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C. Beneficial phytochemicals like folate is also present. All of these can fight against cancer and heart disease. There are ample reports proving this theory, and there is indeed more to the facts.

The first thing you want to know while buying a bottle of orange juice is its nutritional composition. And you probably see different nutrition figures on different packaging. Does that mean one is better than the others? Or less nutritional value products means unauthentic products. No, not necessarily! There are many factors concerning the composition. Sometimes the bottle doesn’t contain 100percent orange juice and is diluted or contain added sugar. The process from which the juice is obtained can be through a centrifugal juicer or cold press juicer. The variety of orange can be different too. All of these factors singlehandedly or combined can alter the nutritional composition. And of course, brand authenticity matters too. You can pick top-rated orange juices and contemplate your choices, or you can try different products and see what suits your taste better.

Health benefits of drinking orange juice

Oranges come in the category of citrus fruits. They help lower the risk of several health hazards. First of all, orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C that combat forming cancer-causing free radicals. Please keep in mind the benefits do not state any cure and are only a prevention technique from various health risks. Another benefit of orange juices is reducing the risk of high blood pressure by maintaining sodium intake. Your heart health can also improve as oranges are a good source of fibre and potassium. Skin strength by producing collagen through vitamin C is a benefit everyone desires, which is possible by including orange juice in your diet. You can buy orange juice online in the UAE while considering these benefits. However, daily intake capacity must be according to your body’s needs.

Choosing the best orange juice

You often get confused contemplating your choices among various brand labels. And because orange juice is the most popular and most consumed juice worldwide, there are high chances of adulteration. However, you can avoid buying such products altogether by purchasing from authentic platforms and brands. Our product search engine is one you must remember in regards to that. Besides, always keep in mind that information you gain from different sources can make you believe and follow unfitting recommendations. If you read online and try to change your diet plan, make sure the source is authentic and back up their facts with valid research documents. Otherwise, take an expert’s recommendation. Buying an orange juice by an average healthy person may not require much research. But if you are trying to combat any health risk, you should be more careful.

Fresh orange juice versus concentrate

The concentrate is a dry powder made by squeezing out all the water from the juice and sent to the bottling companies, who then add preservatives, vitamins, sugars, and colours to the product. On the other hand, many packaged products brands are not made from concentrate. You can find them labelled as “never from concentrate”. These are freshly squeezed and bottled up, but preservatives are still added to increase the shelf life. Pasteurisation is another term you must have heard. It is a process of heating the juice to a certain degree to kill germs and increase shelf life. The reason for processing citrus fruits drink is when they come in contact with oxygen, they become acidic. You can now make an informed decision, especially if you are looking to buy orange juice in bulk.

Organic orange juice

Organic and inorganic produce – the former is without artificial flavours, chemicals, and pesticides. Anything made from organic fruit, whether it’s a juice or fruit salad, will be nutrition-packed. Inorganic fruits on the other hand also contain enough health benefits, but metaphorically, it is like eating supplements. Their production also involves injecting chemicals to fasten the production rate to cater to the increasing demands. Even non-seasonal fruits are also produced this way. Overall, if you have an option to buy products made from organic fruits, you may better go with it. We hope you understand the difference. You can get more clear if you thoroughly read the product’s nutritional value and consciously choose the brand.

Tips on how to buy Orange Juices

Buying orange juice is indeed smooth sailing. However, considering potential health benefits and personal preferences, finding the one can be a bit tricky. Not every drink can be suitable for your taste buds. And no matter how healthy you want to plan your diet, you will quit if the meals and drinks do not taste good. Instead of lowering your preferences with regards to health and taste, explore more products, and you will definitely find the one. A few points below may help you choose the right product.

  • Your taste buds – Low pulp, more pulp, reduced sugar, extra calcium, and there can be other taste preferences you might have. There is an orange juice product to suit every taste. You just have to find it! Even if you are not sure what to buy, you can buy tetra packs or small bottles to experiment with. You can buy in bulk later!
  • Understand the lingo – You should get aware of certain jargon. For example, pasteurised, freshly squeezed, not from concentrate are some phrases you may read when buying orange juices. Understanding these phrases do not require much time. You just have to google it. Else contact the brands’ customer care if you have queries.
  • Orange type – There are different kinds of juices based on their origin. Depending on that, you can experience a different taste altogether. Some are more citrus, while some can be sweeter in taste. Navel oranges, mandarin oranges, tangerines, blood oranges are a few you can try.
  • Think of storage – Do not forget to check their shelf life and expiry date. Some packaged products can stay in your refrigerator for at least a week, while some can only stay for three days. Usually, pasteurised drinks have more shelf life. Even if the pack is due shelf date and it tastes sour, you should not take any risk by consuming it. Change in colour and taste are two indications of your drink gone bad.

You don’t go a day without food & beverages. So, you must put continuous efforts into buying them and upgrading the quality if possible. For that, you can keep an eye on new brands and products and their constitution to see if they can be more beneficial than what you are buying currently. The same goes for orange juices! Our shopping platform, can let you explore various brands and products to buy. Check out now and buy the best products possible!

Question & Answer

Which orange juice is the best?

You can trust many brands for the best buy. A few include Tropicana, Minute maid, Juicy Juice, Nantucket Nectars, Florida’s natural growers, Sunkist, Five Alive, and Sprite. You may have to choose the brand that best suits your needs. You can choose the product based on your dietary needs. Taste is another dominant factor in selecting the product. You can also choose different products in tetra packs or small bottles and then repeat only those you like. To accomplish this goal, you should explore enough so you don’t miss out on good products. Our shopping platform is an excellent platform to explore, compare, and buy.

Which orange juice is good during pregnancy?

Fluid intake for pregnant women is undoubtedly more than those not expecting. Especially during the summer, it is beneficial to add fruit juices to your diet plan. When it comes to orange juice, make sure the drink is pasteurised and fortified with calcium. It becomes more imperative to drink orange juice if you have high blood pressure or are at risk of preeclampsia. However, you must avoid freshly squeezed juice during pregnancy to avoid bacterial infections. It may lead also lead to food poisoning. Also, the quantity of drinks, whether you are drinking juice, tea, or coffee, must be moderate.

Why does orange juice go bad?

Orange juice goes bad because of the oxidisation process. This happens with both packaged and freshly squeezed juices. The only difference is that freshly squeezed juices can go sour within hours, while packaged ones take time. That is why you need to see the expiry date before buying. Also, you must not forget to read the time within which you should consume the drink after opening the pack. This is different from the expiry date. We hope you already know this information, and if not, there is no more confusion. Even if it is not expired and you see a change in colour, you must not consume it. Also, if you take a sip and realise an unpleasant sour taste, that indicates your orange juice has gone bad.

Where to buy orange juice online in the UAE?

Our shopping platform, can be the best one here. We have a dedicated food & beverages section wherein all kinds of juices, syrups, and drinks are available. If you go for the Nantucket Nectars brand, you can find different blends of orange juice. Some of them include orange mango, pineapple orange guava, carrot orange mango, peach orange, premium orange, pineapple orange banana, and many more. Likewise, there are many brands with unique flavours and blends you can check out. You can pick your usual drink or experiment with yet another authentic brand with your taste buds.