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About Shoulder Bags

Unlikely women clothing does not come with any built-in pockets to keep small stuff in there. Well even if they do, not all the “necessary” things including the favourite shade of lipstick or a blush-on.

A handbag is thus of great importance and a must-have fashion accessory for women of all ages and from all races of life. It is both fashionable and functional. Used by women for carrying a wallet, cosmetics, documents and other essentials, handbags come in different size, shapes, material and colours. These bags have now become a functional fashion accessory. Throughout the history of fashion bags, both men and women have used it. However, what remains common is the intended purpose and use of handbag. As a result, bags for both men and women come with some common features that are important to consider. Today we will have a detailed insight into these features.

Common features of shoulder bags for women and men

For many, a bag is a must-have luggage accessory in day to day working. It serves both as practical use to carry stuff and adding aesthetics to style. Every day, billions of people use bags to simplify and carry on with what one may need to. It turns out that there are specific types of bags for specific activities. Crossbody, shoulder bags, totes, box bags or crossbody. The assortment of options in the bags makes it challenging for any person to pick the right one. Keeping the look of the bag aside, this article focuses on the functional aspects of the bag. Below are some points to consider while you head to buy shoulder bags online in Dubai.

The quality of over the shoulder bags

Many women save money for months or a year to afford a branded bag, let’s say, Valentino. This is because they trust a certain brand for quality. Although there can be fake bags that mimic and look just like a branded one, they are weak, prone to tears and damage quickly. The quality a bag is in its craftsmanship and the material used to create it. Moreover, it depends on the inner lining, the seams and the type of stitches. Said is that “Women’s handbag is her shadow.” thus better is to prefer quality over the price of the bag. No matter what way the debate on price goes, important is to pay attention to what your guts say.

The versatility of large or small shoulder bags for women

Every woman loves to own a bag that can fulfil all her needs. The handbag designs that allow you an easy transition from casual to official wear are ideal. Small size, un-wrinkled shoulder bags are one such style that comes with easy alteration in straps by adding or removing chains and belts. Another known example is a clutch purse. With over the shoulder strap or chain, these bags are best from party to office use in style. Add a subtle strap and style it with your office outfit while removing it can make the bag best for a dinner date or a party look. Today most women prefer buying one such multipurpose bag at high quality and price rather than buying dozens.

The comfort of your over the shoulder bags

Comfort does not come with every bag available in the market. A branded bag not only comes in a handy shape but also blends well with different outfits and looks. Specific tones of the bag should match with specific colours. Moreover, colours like tan, brown, and black can be used by people of all skin tones. Moreover, the comfort of the bag is defined by design; it comes in. Soft and light bags can easily adapt to most of the body types and thus stay easy on the shoulders. It is important to keep in mind that a shoulder bag is not a backpack. Hence if it is too heavy, it will hurt your shoulder, which is not good. Here padding is another important feature that adds comfort in use.

Speciousness of the shoulder bag

There is no joke in the saying that we read on social media “There are handbags big enough to carry all the problems of women.” We know a little about the weight of this saying on problems. What we are sure of is that branded fashion bags come with enough room for carrying basic stuff. Here we can list items like electronics, wallets, makeup and toiletries. However, for a big size shoulder bag, there is always space for a few clothing items or food. Additionally, to accommodate all these belongings, some bags come with a stitched in the inner lining that allows enduring all the weight. Moreover, some bags have exterior pockets and storage space where one can put small items like cards or mobile phone.

Tips on how to buy Shoulder Bags online in Dubai

Buying a branded shoulder bag is a worthy investment. A minor miscalculation about the size, colour or material can be a disaster for your wardrobe and bank account. It is thus important to make a wise decision while investing in a bag. Online stores are the best place to buy a handbag as you can have a wide range of option to consider and choose from. With such a wide variety online, a shoulder bag becomes overwhelming for many. The discussion till now was to help you understand what a quality shoulder bag comprises off. Now onwards are the tips about where and how to find a bag for you in online stores. These tips will help you find a good bag in lesser time and efforts.

  • Check material – Make sure you pick a bag that is made of durable material. Today leather is the most trusted and durable material of all types of bag. Plus, they are classy and in style.
  • Check straps – Look for a bag with wider straps. The wide strap can help you adjust the weight evenly on the shoulders and help you carry maximum stuff without getting hurt.
  • Check compartments – Apart from the main compartment of the bag, there should be some small pockets in and outside of the bag. Some shoulder bags come with side pockets. Look what suits you.
  • Check closures – Check the style of zippers, flats, magnetic, button closure the bag has. Pick a style of closure that makes you feel convenient while using.
  • Look for branded bags – Branded bags are a bit expensive, but they are durable and fashionable, which means they can last for years. Plus, they can be used to style on different occasions.
  • Check for the price – Make sure you are buying a bag within your budget. For economical shopping, you can visit the ae bags section and search product according to price preferences.

Here at our retail search engine, we have more than 500 brands selling top quality trendy bags online. Thus, if you need to buy shoulder bags online while staying in your budget, look no further. Here you can buy shoulder bags for college girls as well as braided leather shoulder bags on sale while staying in your budget. Decide your budget today and start a search using the price comparison tool to find what suits your financial limitations the most.

Question & Answer

Why shoulder bags come with broad straps?

Shoulder bags are generally bigger. These bags are designed to accommodate stuff like makeup, wallet, mobile and other devices like tablets and occasionally clothes. All the stuff had a weight which means the bag must be able to carry the weight. As the design of the bag is meant to stay on a single shoulder at one time, the weight can damage the shoulder bones. To avoid any kind of pain or strain, the shoulder bags come with broader straps to divide the weight and offer comfort to the user equally.

How to pick a shoulder bag for women?

Buying shoulder bags for women demand some additional attention to fashion and functionality. This is the reason why it is a bit tricky to pick the right option that serves both the needs of a woman. However, while picking a shoulder bag for women important is to make sure that the size of the bag meets the needs of the user. The colour should be natural so that it can go well with all outfits, styles and colours. Moreover, the bag must be of high quality so that it can stay for long and carry the weight it requires.

What is the most popular shoulder handbag?

Currently, leather shoulder bags are most popular among both ladies and gents. Some of the top trending articles this year include; The Birkin bags (best for office and formal use), Chanel quilted bags (best from office to a night party). Others include Luis Vuitton alma bag and Gucci quilted shoulder bags for style lover’s street styles. Meanwhile, the Balenciaga City Bag, Dior saddle, Loewe puzzle, and NeverFull from Louis Vuitton are appreciated by all.

Where to buy cheap shoulder bags?

Here at you can find the best and trendy styles of shoulder bags for women. Some of the brands selling bags online are Coach, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, YSL, and Fendi. While other to name here are Nike, Kate Spade, Tory, Burch, Hermes, Valentino, and Goyard. A retail search engine is where you can compare and shop products from stores including Newchic, Namshi, Lifestyle, Ounass, Lacoste, Mamas & Papas, Gap, Sun & Sand Sports, Yoins, and Tavola. Here you can find any design, length, material or style of handbag online in just a few clicks.

Having a quality shoulder bag is always a good idea. No matter what you have in your closet, if it lacks a  shoulder bag, pick one now. Wish you happy shopping with