Gps Navigation

About GPS Navigation

There are a few things that make everyday life so easy. Sometimes, we even fail to recognise their importance because they are such a regular part of our daily routine. One such thing is a technology and, more precisely, the GPS.

GPS navigation or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based electronic radio navigation system used for tracking purposes. It analyses and provides accurate information about the distances, traffic, roads, and other essentials from above. We’re all familiar with how the GPS navigation system works. While the technical aspects of this can go quite deep, the more logical understanding is that it helps us travel from point A to B with ease. More importantly, it aids several departments in charge of weather and traffic every single day. The best part is that GPS works independently without having to monitor or control any activities. Today, its importance has gone way beyond regular tracking. Its capability to manage operations from thousands of miles is also remarkable. GPS Beams and Navigation Systems are among the common types of GPS navigators. 

Different types of GPS navigation systems  

Technology has taken over our lives. However, it has made changes to our everyday activities so massively that we cannot go without it. Doing things the old-school way now seems tedious or too time-consuming. Well, that is the beauty of technology and how much of a remarkable difference it can make to simple things. The concept of travelling without GPS doesn’t seem doable anymore. Just like that, several industries and businesses work solely because we now have access to GPS navigation through satellites. What’s great is that the best GPS navigation is currently offered for free and designed to be used by laymen, making them more accessible.  

GPS navigation for the car  

Go back and think of those beautiful road trips with your friends and family. How many times did you have to stop to ask for directions or carry a map along? Well, these things seem so weird to hear now because we have the GPS. Yes, the older ways of figuring out the roads, asking people and other issues are down to zero because of technology. Today, it’s as simple as picking a place, starting the car, and putting the GPS navigation on to guide you. No wonder everybody uses it so frequently. The best part is that you can rarely go wrong. Plus, using GPS navigation for the car also helps you track any nearby cafés, restaurants, or petrol stations.  

GPS tracker 

This one is used more frequently by businesses and professionals. Be it tracking somebody’s location or checking the distance and time to get to a place, it can all be done effortlessly with a GPS tracker. The popularity has increased so much that brands like Spy Tec and Yepzon have come up with their range of GPS trackers. These are not just limited to GPS features but have so many additional options to make the user’s requirement even better. The only challenge here is to get a good understanding of how to use it. Once you know its reach, using it to your advantage gets so much easier. 

GPS satellite navigation  

This is one of the best GPS navigations that we have today. The way this works is by transmitting radio signals as the earth orbits. The results are, thus, precise and timely. The resulting data is then used to detect the location of the satellite and check if any adjustments or changes are required. It is certainly not one of the cheap GPS systems that we have today. However, their need is not on a personal level, and that is something that requires it to be extremely precise. These satellite navigation systems work through a process commonly known as trilateration, which helps pinpoint the accurate location after analysing it from space. 

Bluetooth GPS receiver 

Combine the fantastic benefits of using Bluetooth with GPS, and you have a winner! The Bluetooth GPS receiver is a wireless device that uses highly accurate data that GPS transmits to use for various purposes. Some of the most common fields where this receiver is used are marine navigation, hiking, aviation, biking and several other activities. The magic of Bluetooth is something that we all understand by now. GPS navigation only takes it to another level and makes the output even more accurate and better related to the need of the hour. Another critical plus of using it is that it allows you to go hands-free. And that means you don’t need to control or monitor any of the device’s activities. 

Tips on how to buy GPS Navigation Systems

Although we often rely on the store to sell us the best product, having a little bit of knowledge can do you so much good. Of course, it is a known fact that a particular brand or store will try to upsell you something expensive. That’s why it’s important to understand your requirements and how to make the right choice. We have compiled below a few easy tips that will enable you to pick the best GPS navigation system that ticks all the right boxes.

  • Know the purpose – A lot of cheap GPS options are available online and in certain stores during sale events. However, what is essential here is analysing the purpose of use. Is it for home, office, corporate, or the car?
  • Choose the brand wisely – It is crucial to pick electronic items from a reliable dealer or brand. This ensures you won’t make the same investment a couple of months down the line in case they turn out faulty.
  • Keep a budget in mind – Gadgets can burn a hole in your pocket. You can find some of the best handheld GPS devices today at low prices online. So, get a head start about the approximate pricing before shopping.
  • Research is the key – You can learn a lot about GPS devices online. So, it’s imperative to conduct research before you get started on your shopping spree. Google the technical terms to understand their use and importance.
  • Check online shops – Make sure you browse a couple of online stores to see the prices they’re offering. At the same time, hunt for online-exclusive deals to help you save much on your purchase.
  • Ensure the product has a warranty – Whether you are buying a GPS navigation device or a regular tracker, the warranty is of utmost importance. This can save you a lot of money in case of the product malfunctions later.

Consulting someone who has bought the product in the past is another good way to pick the right one. This does not mean a shop owner but someone you know. They can give you insights and tips on which brand, make, or model will best suit your needs. Whether you’re hunting for a GPS navigation device or the best handheld GPS, getting first-hand information will help you get closer to the perfect product.

Question & Answer

How should you use the GPS navigation device in your car?

The first thing you need to do is determine the location you’re headed to. Then, feed this into the system. It is recommended to have a voice-controlled system or a handheld one if you’re using it in the car. For the latter, someone sitting beside the driver can use it for him. You can also use car GPS to track any restaurants or cafés along the way. Sometimes, taking bridges or shorter routes can be quite confusing. Hence, don’t only go by visuals, but listen to the GPS too. It will help you take the right route and not face difficulties in between.

How is a GPS device helpful while on a trip?

It is so important to have a GPS device to reach your destination. Even if you’ve been there before, this device is recommended if the drive is long. Else, you can use it once you reach halfway. For new trips, GPS is a must. Feed the location into the system and have it guide you. In the beginning, it may also show you two or three different routes to get there so that you can pick the best one accordingly. Not just the route, it also helps you find the shortest route, the route with lesser traffic, and much more information depending on the settings. So, yes, it is important to have one while you are on a trip.

Why should you regularly update your GPS unit for the car?

Well, the newer ones have better features and will do a better job of guiding you. The best part is that updating them is free of cost. It’s also crucial to remember that newer routes and roads are introduced every few months. Thus, if your system is not updating, then it may not be able to offer you the best option to get to the destination. Updating also means scanning and fixing any malfunctions so you can be at ease while using the GPS later. It is recommended to check this every time you plan on going on a new road trip or a long drive.

Where can you find GPS navigators on sale in Dubai?

An international market like that of the UAE is teeming with some of the best gadgets of your choice. GPS navigators and car GPS systems are standard and popular too. Some of the best brands you can consider include Garmin, Sygic, Tomtom, Motionx, Furuno, Junsun, Navigon, Lowrance, and more. Here on, you can find over 500 reputable online stores that offer them at amazingly low prices. You can also filter your choices depending on your preferences. So, browse our product search engine today!