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About Navigation Systems

A sound navigation system is not just related to your car GPS or an electronic digital travelling guide. It has become so crucial today that complete businesses rely on it daily to carry out their operations smoothly.

However, even today, a lot of people underestimate the power of an excellent navigation system. So many still refrain from using the GPS or any tracker while heading out to a new place. This is because we don’t realise its power and capability. A sound navigation system cannot only guide you but save you so much time and money as well. Think about going on a road trip with your family to a new place far from the city. Without using navigation, you would have to stop every now and then to ask for directions. And if you’re hungry, you would keep a lookout for something you pass by so you can head in for a bite. This is how inconvenient life is without navigation. 

Different types of navigation systems we use today 

Over the years, individuals have started to realise the advantages of an excellent navigation system. Whether it is for personal or corporate use, it is undeniable that it can make a massive difference to how you have been doing things. Along with saving time and cost, it also gives better and more accurate results. Thus, using an excellent navigation system is a must, and if you’re not doing it, then now would be a good time to read up and learn about its benefits. Industries like marine and automobile use navigations very frequently as they help them get accurate information for their operations. The best part is that today, we have the tools to make navigation easy and accessible.  

The navigation system in cars  

The car navigation system is possibly one of the most popular ones around the globe. Many people, specifically drivers, use this on a daily basis. The best part is that it is incredibly accurate and saves you a lot of time and money. You can also use it without having to pay a dime. However, you can go for more advanced variations if you want extra features. With an excellent navigation system, travelling from point A to B becomes a breeze. Plus, you don’t need to have any understanding or guidance to be able to use it. Most systems are designed in such a way that everybody can use them comfortably. You can also mount it easily inside the car, as per your comfort level. 

Navigation system for RV  

If you live in the city, then you have probably not seen an RV yet. Well, this recreational vehicle is self-sufficient. This means it can serve as a proper home where you can live at. Well-equipped RVs are very popular in several counties, and people love them because they give you shelter and enable you to travel at the same time. Although it is compact and unquestionably not as liveable as a studio or a home, it does serve its essential purpose quite well. A sound navigation system is something that most RVs have and is much required too. With a navigator, road trips become easy. You can also track the distance and time it will take you to reach the destination. Here, it is essential to get an all-purpose and compact navigator, so you don’t have to shell out anything more to get the best output. 

Navigation system with reverse camera  

Any navigation system can be taken to the next level when it comes to a camera. Think of a road trip where you’re using a camera, and everywhere you go, the camera captures the routes and directions. This way, you can use the footage the next time or on the way back. It helps to save a lot of data and cuts down the costs. This is very handy if you plan on visiting the same destination a couple of times. A camera also helps in keeping track of events. And in case of an accident or something similar, you can always go back and check the recordings. Today, a lot of cheap navigation systems come with a camera. So, it’s a good thing to check it out when you plan on making a purchase.  

Navigation for the safety of the disabled 

A disabled person can also benefit from an excellent navigation system. And this is probably one of its best features. It enables the blind to cross the road by themselves without danger. The navigation system can be structured on their stick or on their phone with in-ear headphones through which they can follow instructions. However, accuracy is best with branded and good-quality navigations. These will help keep a tab of the smallest obstructions with easy-to-guide instructions. A doctor and technical expert can advise on the best navigator for a disabled individual. It is also a good idea to have someone with them during the initial days of getting used to it.

Tips on how to buy Navigation Systems

With special purchases, you can always end up in doubt. Unlike clothing or shoes, where you can quickly check the product before buying, such is not the case when it comes to gadgets. Plus, there is always a fear that it may stop working after a couple of uses. The best way to get over this is by ensuring you’re aware of the details of whatever you’re planning to buy. Here are some simple tips to make your buying process easy breezy.

  • Understand the different types of navigation systems – Navigation systems vary; hence, you need to determine the one suitable for your specific needs. Do you need to use it in your RV, car, or somewhere else?
  • Figure out your budget – Make sure you have a set budget in mind to experience satisfaction with your purchase. You can figure this out by conducting and comparing the price of products in online shops.
  • Don’t be in a rush – Take your time researching the product and understanding its features. Keep in mind to make a purchase when you’re 100% sure. Rushing will only cause you to make desperate choices, which will cost you later.
  • Check out the additional features – You don’t need extra ones if you think that a basic navigation system will meet your needs. However, if you’ll be using it regularly, then ensuring you get the best that your money can buy is the way to go.
  • Keep an eye out for sales – Always wait for deals and mid-season sales as they can help you save a lot. With incredible offers, you can go for a more advanced model within your budget. Thus, it helps to keep an eye out for them if your requirement isn’t immediate.
  • Buy online – Online stores offer regular discounts and deals all year round. This is generally not the case if you go and visit the physical shop. So, buying online saves time and money, and that’s enough reason to opt for it!

It is not difficult to get the best deal, even if it is your first time buying a gadget. The most important thing is to get helpful advice when you need it. We hope the ones we shared above will enable you to make the right decision. For a great online shopping experience, check out what has in store!

Question & Answer

Is it advisable to have a navigation system without GPS?

Without GPS, a navigation system loses an essential component of it. The GPS helps you to track the whereabouts or the route by using satellites and is thus very useful. If the navigator is for use in a car or RV and you travel extensively, then always go for one with GPS. For smaller requirements, however, getting one without it is also probably okay. However, you may have to upgrade in the long run to get the most out of it.

What is the average cost of navigation systems today?

The cost may vary depending on the country you live in and where you buy it from. Also, if you get one with additional functions like GPS and a camera, the price goes up even higher. The basic ones generally start from $1,800. However, the more premium ones can go as far as AED15,000 for some luxury cars. For cheaper deals, check out online stores and wait until the discounts and sales are announced. It’s an excellent way to invest in the best gadgets without cutting a hole in your pocket.

Is it fine to go for a cheap navigation system?

This entirely depends on your requirements. If the need is necessary, then yes, you can probably go for it. A lot of second-hand choices are also available off the internet and some of them are as good as new. However, it is essential to remember that they may not have the same benefits as a warranty, and some may not be in the best condition. So, if you find a price that’s too good to be true, then always double-check. Remember that once you invest in one, there’s no turning back.

Where can you buy the best navigation system online in Dubai?

The UAE is a pool of some of the best gadgets, brands, and stores around the world. So, if you’re buying here, you’re in for a treat! With lots of options at affordable rates, you can expect nothing but a win-win situation. And where else can you experience the best shopping journey than here on It is a superb shopping search engine where you can find reputable online stores with an endless products list to explore, compare, and buy.

And when it comes to the brands, our favourite ones include Aonerex, Garmin, JRCX, Ootsutu, Tomtom, and Magellan. You should certainly check these out before making a choice. Most importantly, read the fine print and check out the terms before putting your money down for any electronics or gadgets.