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About Helmet Visor

A visor is the transparent horizontal surface on a helmet. It is a handy add-on that enhances the riding experience and extends the protection offered by the helmet to the eyes and face. A helmet visor shield protects the face and eyes from dust, wind, rain, and bright light, without compromising visibility. It also protects the wearer from potentially dangerous projectiles.   

Helmet visors improve the safety of the rider. While the helmet protects the head, the visor protects the face from the elements. A bike rider is always at risk of being bit by projectiles such as small rocks and insects. If these materials hit the eye when riding at high speed, the rider may lose focus and balance, leading to fatal accidents. A visor protects the rider from such eventualities. A visor also shields the rider from bright light, allowing a comfortable ride during daytime and night. An ergonomically designed visor with a perfect fit improves the balance and confidence of the rider. Hence, a visor is a must-have accessory. A good fit visor improves visibility and contributes to a safe ride.  

Popular helmet visors and brands out there 

There are many types and brands popular for delivering the best helmet visor. For example, the Nolan N21 visor (N21V) is a popular and stylish visor that combines sound ergonomics with a retro look. Above all, the visor features the Nolan Micro lock retention system and a fully adjustable chin strap into inner padding. Hence, this ensures excellent safety, combined with a smooth and comfortable fit. Iridium visors are high-end visors that come with a coating of the precious iridium material. Iridium visor offers extra cooling and is also very attractive. Additionally, it helps the wearer make a strong style statement. On the other hand, Bubble visors have a unique shape, enhance the view and offer extra comfort. Without compromising safety or comfort, pick up a cheap bubble visor helmet to make a powerful style statement. Bell and pin lock are other popular choices. 

Different types of helmet glass or visor  

The visor may be clear, mirrored, or smoked. A clear or transparent visor primarily shield against the elements and offer the best visibility. On the other hand, smoked or mirrored visors are semi-transparent. However, these visors have dark-shaded shields that offer a cooling effect and make driving pleasant. But not all tinted visors may be suitable for night riding. Many high-end visors come with a coat of Iridium or other materials, which delivers extra cooling, offer extra protection against bright lights, and is more attractive. The most common type of helmet glass is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is extremely strong and durable yet lightweight. It does not break easily and is scratch-proof.   

 Icon Airflite Visor  

It is an excellent value-for-money visor that combines style, comfort, and safety. The design of these visors co-opts Icon’s proprietary internal Drop Shield and clear quick-change fog-free Flite Shield technology to deliver added strength and a fog-free experience. These visors comply with most industry-specific quality and safety standards, such as DOT FMVSS 218 of the United States, ECE 22-05 of Europe, and PSC of Japan. The injection moulded polycarbonate shell delivers extra strength. The aesthetic design, bright colours, and intelligent ergonomic structure of the icon airflite visor make the visor very attractive and enable the wearer to stand out from the crowd.  

Vega Helmet Visor  

Vega is one of the most popular helmet visor brands. These high-end visors are extremely lightweight and also very durable. Generally, fog build-up on the visor surface, during cold and rainy weather, makes it very difficult for the rider to see the road. Hence, the special design features of the Vega helmet visor offers to prevent fog build-up and offers extra protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Additionally, Vega’s unique design also ensures good visibility in all climates and all environments. The Vega helmet visor is one of the best helmet visors for night driving. These high-quality visors offer the clarity to ensure the light is not blurred, and riding at night or in other adverse conditions becomes a smooth experience.  

Tips on how to buy Helmet Visor online in UAE

Selecting a good helmet visor is not as simple as choosing the preferred style. There are hundreds of helmet visor brands available in the market. Apart from that, most of them appear similar in build characteristics. But, do not be deceived by the looks and pick the most stylish visor. Some visors, even when appearing attractive, may not be comfortable and safe. Other visors may cost less but may lack certain essential features and may not be the best option for night driving. Hence, spend some time researching the best type of visors. Here are the tips that will help you.

  • Check the material Never compromise on the quality of the visor. A good helmet visor, made of robust material, is not just durable but offer extra safety. Choose a visor made of high-grade polycarbonate material. These helmet visors are scratch-proof and last long.
  • Consider the design Opt for a helmet visor design that is comfortable for you. Some riders find a bubble visor very comfortable. Others may find a more conventional design better.
  • Prefer the fog-free style The biggest danger when wearing a helmet visor is the build-up of fog, which obstructs vision and may cause dangerous accidents. Make sure the selected visor co-opts anti-fog technology.
  • Consider the style A visor is not just for safety and comfort. It also helps the wearer to resonate with their style and personality. Select a visor that suits your style. But make sure the style does not impede comfort or safety. The best visors come in various styles, colours, and designs, and all the variants offer a high level of comfort and safety.
  • Take cost into consideration Visors come in various price ranges. Do not blindly pick the lowest cost helmet visor. Rather, consider the value on offer. Select the most attractively priced helmet visor, which delivers on the style, safety, comfort, appearance, and other desired features.

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Question & Answer

How to clean helmet visor?

It is essential to keep helmet visors clean to ensure a smooth and safe ride. As the first step, detach the visor from the helmet. If there are chunks of dirt, remove it physically using fingers. If the dirt particles remain in the visor, scratches are possible on the surface. Next, prepare a mild soap solution, and mix it in warm water. Soak the visor in the key of warm for some time. Let it dry, and then soak the helmet visor in clear, warm water for some time. Wipe it clean with a non-abrasive cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. Clean the visor at regular intervals without waiting for it to accumulate dirt and dust.

Which helmet visor is best?

There are several high-end helmet visors available in the UAE. Nolan N21 Visor, Pinlock visor, Vega visor, and Bell visor are the most popular options. These visors are made of robust polycarbonate material, which is scratch-proof and lightweight. All these visors feature an ergonomic design and have anti-fog properties. A buyer of helmet visors has a choice of over 500 brands and variants. All brands have various models and variants, enabling the rider to select a style of their choice. Select a helmet visor that is comfortable and offers a clear vision. Above all, make sure it is robust and has all the safety features.

What is a double visor helmet?

A double visor helmet has two visors. This type of helmet visor offers added protection, besides several additional features compared to a normal visor. The characteristic feature of the double visor helmet is a flip-up mechanism and a quick-release chain strap. These features release the main visor quickly. The higher impact outer shell offers an added level of safety. In addition, a high-end double visor helmet has regulated density EPS, UV resistant paint, and replaceable hypoallergenic liners. Buy helmet visor online in the UAE from stores on to get a cheap dual visor helmet, which is high quality.

Where to buy helmet visors online UAE?

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