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When it comes to your automobiles, especially the car, it’s best to be cautious about little details related to safety and hygiene. Steering wheel covers or handlebar covers are one such item you shouldn’t miss exploring. You may look up to this product as an aesthetical accessory, but you will find it essential once you start using it.

If you have brought a new car with your hard-earned money, it’s easy to relate to how special and fulfilling the feeling is. You spend time taking care of it, making sure you drive around carefully and subject it to regular servicing as well. So, to save those big bucks and avoid wasting your insurance claim on silly faults, it is crucial to look closely at how you maintain it. Sometimes minor things you do for your car can go a long way. You can look up on the internet, read and research ways to make the most of your vehicle without straining it. For example, a handlebar cover may seem an aesthetic accessory to you, but it has functions and benefits to offer. On this page, we will explore the same. So, read on!

Things you need to know about steering cover

With all the vehicles, the handle is something that you cannot ignore. It is the driving force of your car. You can quickly call it the powerhouse on the front. In your vehicle, it is the steering! Since the driver handles it all the time, making sure it is easy to use is very important. Today, it is very effortless to buy steering wheel covers online and offline. You can purchase something practical as well as comfortable. A good handlebar cover will also ensure the original handle material does not rip or tear as you continue to use it. It is an excellent way to protect your hands from the fabric or equipment if it’s not as soft as you like. With leather, fur, and cotton covers, you honestly have a lot to choose from.

Leather steering wheel cover

You can find these handlebar covers in many materials ranging from leather to cotton and plastic. However, the best leather steering wheel cover will be seen everywhere. It comes with many benefits. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, it is a top choice because of its weather resistance and durability. It is a breathable material that will last longer if you invest in quality. Genuine leather is best at delivering both comfort and grip. However, it comes at a high price, so be ready for it. You can find some low or mid-range options as well, but that may not live up to your expectations. Speaking of varieties, they can be found in many colours, sizes, and shapes, suiting different models and preferences.

Fluffy steering wheel cover

A fluffy or furry steering wheel cover can be your choice if you want ultimate comfort in long-distance journeys. You will often find them in faux fur or plush materials. Apart from offering comfort, it also protects the steering materials. It prevents it from fading or scratching, keeping it new for long. The quality handlebar covers will be non-toxic, eco-friendly, and odourless. The best part is that these are also easy to wash and maintain. They can be found in many colours, from solid to funky ones. These are preferable in winters to keep the hands warm and cosy. If you have a car with high ornamental value, this can be a great addition. It reflects a good sense of driving and creates a comfortable environment overall.  

Plastic steering wheel covers

This is another popular steering wheel cover material if you search for something inexpensive and good. You can use it to protect your wheel against dirt. It is easy to fit around and remove. This is also an option when someone is working in the car. For example, if there is some mechanic repair, painting work or something like that. Most of the models are universal so that you can fit them on any car steering. However, you need to prefer those that do not slip much. These varieties generally come in a set containing many handlebar covers. However, it cannot be a permanent solution. If you are looking for a cover for grip and comfort, go for leather, rubber, or fabric. In terms of durability and reliability, they are better.

Tips on how to buy Steering Wheel Cover

There is no need to map out technical elements as you do in the case of bonnet, windows, and gearbox. However, you need to consider a few things while buying steering covers. There are a few essential details, such as the size and make, and you are almost done. If you know your car’s model and the brand, you can buy it yourself, without also taking the car along. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best one.

  • Check online – Buying online gives you easy access to a wider variety that you generally don’t find in stores. Even if you do, sometimes the online prices are unbeatable. All of this without beating the traffic and heading to the mall, park, shop, and then come back. So, these little things inevitably go a long way in making online buying the best alternative.
  • Analyse the details – The minor details are significant. Ensure you check the brand if it fits well around the steering and the cleaning procedures. Sometimes, the material tends to become loose over time. Specific products like fur are more prone to this condition!
  • Check the material – The material is very crucial in this case. You can choose from a wide range. However, make sure it is convenient to use and care for. Certain ones like silk and wool can be uncomfortable and cause your skin to sweat or itch. So, these small factors are essential to consider. Go for the best material for the steering wheel cover.
  • Buy only branded – If you buy branded stuff, they will last longer and give you a much better feel. It is also easy to go in for a return or exchange in case of issues after buying it. Sometimes this period can last up to a month, which is not possible with local makes.
  • Wait for a discount – This one is optional! Hold out for sale! This is one way of making sure you save some bucks while also ending up with quality stuff. If it’s urgent, go ahead and buy. The sale period is one where you can stock up!

It also helps to do your bit of research before you go ahead. It is easy to find a lot of cheap covers online if you know where to shop. Many discounted and sale items mostly don’t have a returns policy. So, make sure you check this part well. Cheap steering wheel covers are easy to find during off-seasons. In certain countries, they are cheaper than in other places. If you are looking for quality, you are in the right place. Right here at, you can find many affordable options. So, go ahead and explore now!

Question & Answer

What size steering wheel cover do I need?

Look for the size that perfectly fits your steering wheel. Each model may require a different size. So, be sure to keep the brand and model into consideration. Some covers are also universal to fit on every steering. There are two things you can pay attention to. The outside diameter and grip circumference requirements will affect your purchase. Too large will not fit, and too small may damage the steering material. It is also hard to put and remove. So, go for a perfect size!

Where to buy a steering wheel cover online in the UAE?

Are you in search of the steering wheel covers online? Well, there is no need to go somewhere else if you want to buy a steering wheel cover online in the UAE! You are in the right place. On our product search engine, you can find a wide array of options offered by the best stores in the industry. Moreover, you can find popular brands here, such as Sparco and BSI Products. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can easily narrow them down with the help of filters and price comparison. Also, do not forget to explore other exciting products under the car supplies category. So, go ahead and grab the best one.

How to install a steering wheel cover?

The steering wheel cover is easy to fit if you have got the right size. However, the installing technique depends on the kind of cover. Some covers can just stretch and fit, whereas others may need stitching. It is always good to measure your steering wheel first and then look for an apt cover. If it is stretch type, start with fitting it on top, then sides, and then the bottom of the wheel. If it is the one to be stitched, then fit it as above first and then stitch with the help of thread and needle.

Why buy a steering wheel cover?

A good steering cover will also ensure the original handle material does not rip or tear as you continue to use it. It is an excellent way to protect your hands from the fabric or equipment if it’s not as soft as you like. Also, it has the function to provide you with an excellent grip while you drive. So, there are many reasons to include one in your list of car accessories.