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Perfect mounting along with perfect alignment is what you need when buying a bike carrier. Otherwise, you will hear irritating rattling sounds continuously throughout your journey. And you don’t want that, of course. Therefore, you must scrutinise the product you are about to buy and ensure the decision proves fruitful and long-lasting.

A bike carrier gets attached to your automobile and serves the purpose of transporting the bike from one place to another. You may want it either for personal or commercial purposes or maybe both. Not all products in the marketplace may align well with your purpose. They differ by vehicle type, placement options, and other technical aspects. You have to explore enough to grab a suitable carrier that will last long. Typically, a durable product has two qualities. First, it is made of sturdy quality, and second, it fulfils all your requirements for a long time. So, you can consider future needs as well when spending money on a product. Your shopping approach planned this way will never fail, no doubt in this.

Bike carrier vs trailer

The primary difference between the two is that the bike carrier is mounted on the automobile, whereas the bike trailer pulls the bike through attachment. There are many upsides and downsides of both. However, one significant advantage of the trailer over the carrier is that they don’t tip over. It’s not easy to pull a big bike, though. And the advantage of carriers is that they do not make a long trail. It becomes easy to manoeuver the vehicle on dense roads. Overall, both options have their way in certain situations. Therefore, you can choose the right product based on the size, weight, and terrain of your route. Exploring the factors will make you clear on your investment choice in one of the car supplies.

Bike carrier for car

When buying a bike carrier online in Dubai, the first consideration is what vehicle type you own. When on cars, bike carriers can either be mounted on the roof or at the vehicle’s rear. In addition to it, the roof-mounted carriers are of two types. They can either stand straight or upright, whichever you prefer. On the other hand, the rear-mounted carriers affix through the towbar or on the hatch. Despite the mounting, there are some legal limitations that you must take care of. For instance, the bike carriers must not obscure the nameplate and lightings. And if that happens, it is your responsibility to make number plates visible from a distance of 20m and reposition the rear lights. There may be more rules. You must read and go through the local rules if you are eyeing a bike carrier right now.

Bike carriers for roof racks

This is also an interesting option. You can even mount more than one bike on your automobile’s roof with these racks. The advantages can tempt you but don’t buy any product impulsively, rather contemplate the pre-requisites first. As for roof racks, weight, strength, product support, and metal material are all factors you must scrutinise. Also, the roof rack is better low profile, which means it shouldn’t add to the noise. The online marketplace has a wide range available for you to explore. You can even check out pocket-friendly or more cheap bike carriers and nothing can daint the quality if you plan the shopping drive well enough. Other than roof racks, towbars are another bike carrier for cars you can explore.

Bike carriers for towbars

A towbar is a metal bar at the back of the vehicle that can efficiently work as a trailer. Well, different towbars differ by the weight balance of the automobile or the load. For instance, if you carry a heavier or slightly lighter bike than your automobile, you might face severe damage. Further, if there are rough terrains on the road, they can add up to the damage. To avoid such situations, there have been different towbars classes to simplify the weight balance structure. For instance, a hatchback vehicle can carry up to 1200kg load with a flat tongue towbar. There are other classes termed class 3 for the heavy sedan and class 4 for 4WD vehicles. You can choose accordingly by matching your vehicle and towbar class.

Tips on how to buy Bike Carriers

On this page, we have discussed different types of bike carriers for the car already. You might have noticed the difference between towbars, roof racks, their mounting, and the relevance to different automobiles. At this stage, you can choose the one that your vehicle can accommodate without damaging itself. But before you start scrolling the items online and add them to your shopping cart, there are some more key factors you need to know.

  • Stability – If you would be carrying only one bike, stability might not be the issue. But, for more than one bike, you need to ensure that the bike carrier is rock solid to hold the weight of the bike and the automobile. You may currently need to work with one bike but make sure you have thought about future needs as well. Maybe you will need to carry two bikes in future. Keep this in mind before buying!
  • Fuel Economy – Your fuel efficiency can cut down to 30% when the carrier gets loaded. Therefore, choosing a suitable item is of utmost importance. Do not forget to read fuel efficiency written under the specifications list online while exploring the products. This can be a major deciding factor when you are comparing two products and confused between them. Any product that promises fuel efficiency can be the winner.
  • Security – You cannot leave your vehicle unattended unless you invest in some security measures. One of the best systems is a two-tier security system. It’s more like a two-way method. In it, you lock your bike to the rack, and the rack can be locked securely to the vehicle. Theft situations and possible road mishaps are minimum with this system. There are indeed other options you can explore online but do not forget to have one.
  • Safety – Some rear-mounted towbars obscure the vision of the rear-view mirror inside. Therefore, they must be mounted the way that nothing is in between the sight of the driver and the outside vehicles or other obstacles. You should also consider the safety of other vehicles on the road or passerby. If your rack is slightly displaced or outgrows your automobile’s size, it may hit someone or something. Have a sturdy product and protect yourself and others from any unwanted confrontations.
  • Legality – It is illegal to hide your number plate and the rear lights. Plus, the carrier must not exceed the dimensions of your car. So, in any case, if your bike carriers happen to have anything blocked, rectify the issues before you face any legal actions. And for that, buying the right size matters. Your local traffic rules may have more points to add. You should read them all before buying.

You can dig further into the product by reading the specifications list. Our shopping platform can let you explore all of the top-notch brands and products under one roof. So, get on it and explore them all. You can even commence your shopping by searching for some of the best car accessories and bike carriers on sale here on

Question & Answer

Should you consider dirt bike carriers safe?

Well, that depends. If you compromise with the quality when buying the bike carrier and does not review the product thoroughly, you might face consequences. There are primarily three considerations that sum up all safety features. First, the weight balance meaning your automobile must be able to carry the weight of the bike carrier. Second, the sturdiness of the carrier, so it doesn’t tip over on rough roads. The third is the safety that the carrier must come with harness support to secure the bike and the car both. If you do not take care of these safety standards, you may indulge in accidents or be prone to legal actions as well.

Which bike carrier is best?

The bike carrier which is best suitable for your automobile is the one that stands perfect with compatibility factors. You can check out many brands like Thule, Saris, Seasucker, and many more. All these brands comprise variants of carriers out of which you can choose the best. For example, the Thule brand has roof racks, towbars, and trunk racks and claims their usability as quick, easy, and safe. You can explore this one or many others available on our shopping platform,

Do you consider bike carriers as legal products?

It is legal, but the traffic police can impound your vehicle if you do not maintain safety standards. These standards set by the police does not just imply your safety but also of others. For instance, if you are not able to see from your rear-view mirror, you might face a mishap wherein both the bodies may get damaged. So, if you follow all safety protocols while mounting the bike carrier on your automobile, no legal action could interfere with your trip.

How should you consider buying bike carriers online?

Online shopping could be a bit different from the offline one. Here, you feel a downside that you cannot touch or feel the products. But the advantages are more. You can freely view and review the products from different brands, even compare the prices without exhausting yourself moving from one store to another. Considering that, our product search engine, is an exclusive platform to search all products under one roof. You will find a magnitude of brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and whatnot upon your visit to our platform.