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About Books

Books are powerful weapons offering one of the most important things of all time, i.e. knowledge. Reading helps you gain information, sharpen your mind and reduce stress levels. Let us know more about the content important for our overall development.

It is an excellent saying that when you open a book, you open a new world. It provides us with immense knowledge. Books have been here for past long. It is the reason why we bear the knowledge of our culture, civilisation, and ancestors. We expose ourselves to new information and ideas through reading. A book communicates not only knowledge but also wisdom. Along with being a library for information, they also boost our memory and imagination power. There is a massive list of genres in which they are available today, including history, comic, art, drama, health, math, journal and science fiction, to name a few. You can even go for the best motivational books. Let us explore more about various forms.

Popular types of books to read

Books come in a wide variety depending upon their format, appearance, genre, author, and more factors. Our education is entirely based on them. Also, reading is an interest for many people. There is a vast list of genres one can choose from. It ranges from fiction and comics to graphic novels, poetry, and biographies. Different types offer different values, knowledge, and direction. History & politics, health & psychology, literature, food and cook, computer and business are some of the popular subjects among readers. Read on to explore more.

Encourage your kids to think with children’s books

Children’s guides are for kids aged from 1-8. They generally focus on images and graphics rather than textual content. Authors use eye-catching colours and typefaces in them so that kids of any age find them interesting. They are accessible in various forms, including board guides, stories, chapter-based guides and graphic novels. You can also buy comic books online for them. They are made up of durable materials not to get harmed by little hands or mouths.

Understand yourself better with psychological books

Health psychology is a subject that lets us know how behaviour, psychology, biology and social factors affect health. Reading the related content help you unveil the power of your mind and, in a way, promote health. A significant number of researchers and counsellors have worked towards understanding human behaviour and its reactions. The good news is that they have written down their findings. Enormous content is accessible to us in the form of guides. However, psychology is not a tiny subject to explore. There are written accounts on human intelligence, mind control, memory, emotions and more. In short, you have a lot of exciting and valuable content to access.

Expose yourself to new ideas with business books

The business has a language of its own. Business guides are one way to understand it. One thing that they never fail to offer you is business acumen. Reading experts help you gain a belief system and mindset to run your business. When it comes to business, things are hardly permanent and consistent. You have to face success and failures. However, you can reduce setbacks by gaining insights into various business concepts and current trends. How is it like sitting in a board room among deep subject matter experts where everyone knows far more than you? Distressing! So, continue your learning and embrace new ideas by reading business guides. Who knows, sometime in future, you get to use a picture worth million dollars?

Tips for buying Books in Dubai

A book offers the quickest way to acquire new information and diversify perspective. When you open a book, you open a whole new world of ideas and references. However, the content is so vast that you often fall in a state of dilemma when it comes to choosing one. So, we have researched and cross-referenced different types of guides. As a result, we are here with some quick tips that would help you pick the right ones.

  • Consider areas you want to explore– Guides are classified based on domains, genres, authors, age, languages and more factors. So, process in your mind which area you want to explore first. Art & culture, travel guides, literature, religion & esotericism, school and study, sports & hobby, best financial management books are some of the popular subjects you can explore. You can also find cheap art books online if you are interested in that field.
  • Author matters– A book is all about its content which is created by authors. Therefore, it makes our next important consideration. Research about the author of the book before you purchase it. It would help you understand his/her writing style and selection of words. You will find out whether you will grab the idea the author wants to convey or not. Indeed, you do not miss the releases of your favourite writers, but sometimes embracing fresh ideas can do a whole lot for you.
  • Consider the source– A wide range of books are accessible through physical book stores or online channels. However, brick and mortar stores might have limited collection to choose from. So, prefer to order online to browse a humongous collection. You can find almost anything and everything online. Whether it is comics, thriller & fantasy, business or living & gardening books, you can find several options.
  • Read online reviews– Fortunately, with the advent of the digital world, modern buyers have an opportunity to check online reviews before making any purchase. Well, similar is the case with books. No one wants to spend in a book that does not live up to their expectations. So, always read reviews before you purchase any book. You can access reader testimonials over book reviewing websites, Google reviews and even on social media.

For frequent readers, it might not be a strenuous task to choose the content. However, the occasional buyers might find it a bit tricky looking at loads of options. We hope that the above tips steer you towards the right choice of books. If you still feel confused, log on to On our product search engine, you will find books written by some of the very sought-after authors in the industry. Commence your online shopping journey and have a great experience.

Question & Answer

How do books open your mind?

They offer immense knowledge that helps us evoke different ideas and creativity. They give us a broader perspective of life and enrich our minds to compare gain perspectives on various subjects. Along with boosting imagination power, they also help us gain self-confidence and have self-confidence. Besides, they make our thinking skills stronger, which in turn increases our concentration power.

Which books should I read?

They come in a wide assortment of domains ranging from travel guides, fiction and non-fiction to mystery, thriller and encyclopedia. Moreover, they are classified based on authors, age and language. So, your choice depends on various factors. There is no one book which can be titled ‘Best’.

Which is the best website to buy cheap books?

They come in a wide variety depending upon the subject, domain, author, standard and more factors. However, sometimes, as you move towards popular editions, high cost restricts you from having good content. But, on, we bring together more than 500 online stores that sell guides online at an affordable cost. You can find written accounts related to literature, psychology and politics on our product search engine.

Which English books are good to read for beginners?

There are various areas to explore when it comes to English. You can go for fiction, non-fiction, poesy, comic, grammar and more. So, your choice of the book would depend upon the area you want to explore. For example, to read comics, you can go for Marvin Arthur Wolfman. William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in the English language. He wrote at least 37 plays between the years 1590 and 1613. His content is excellent to explore. If you want realism, humour, and social commentary at the same time, Jane Austin’s novels are best to read.

Now that you have explored much about various types, you must be eager to purchase one. So, quickly log on to On our product search engine, you will find a wide assortment of books including history & politics books, health & psychology books, children’s books, literature books, art & culture books, food and cookbooks, computer books, business books, travel guide & languages, religion & esotericism books, school books and study books, sports & hobby books, comic books, thriller & fantasy books and living & gardening books. So, go ahead and have a happy shopping experience.