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History tells us about the evolution of the world. On the other hand, politics makes us believe that everyone keeps the power to change it. Both subjects are essential for human beings and society. So, let us explore which history and politics books offer the best knowledge.  

History is the study of past events. It gives us insights into our evolution in life, war, peace, and even cooperation. Sometimes, it comes to us as a warning that history may repeat itself if we don’t pay attention. History books help us meet the historical legends and events. It has shaped the world into what it is today! On the other hand, politics is more about today. It deals with the current or future state or the government in power. Further, history and politics form a crucial part of our education. Many historians and political minds have worked towards recognizing these subjects better. The good news is that they have written down their findings. So, read on to know more about the content circulated in this domain. 

Exploring a variety of historical and political books

These are two crucial subjects that associate with our existence. These subjects are studied separately, but, ironically, they are closely related. If politics is a fruit, then history is the root. Without a rich knowledge of the past, it’s hard for today’s generation to understand how we have evolved. A strong understanding of historical events is an incredible skill to have. It introduces us to our origin and cultures and happenings with which we might be less familiar. Speaking of politics, it is a range of activities related to the governance of a country, state or area. Most of us keep strong views when it comes to politics, but only a few have true knowledge. Read on to learn about the best history and politics books. 

World history books

There is no single book that can accommodate the complete history of the world. However, many writers have written their findings on large-sized atlas-like books. World history books are lifelong sources. E.g. ‘A Political History of the World: Three Thousand Years of War and Peace is a fantastic release by Jonathan Holslag. The writer has included a sweeping world history from the iron age to the present in the book. ‘The Oxford History of the British Empire’ is another book dealing with the interaction of British and non-western societies. It covers facts from the Elizabethan era to the late twentieth century. World history books come in a variety focusing on different countries, cultures and ages. 

Historical fiction books

Historical fiction is a literary genre in which a story is written in the present but set in the past. We call them Historical novels. Such novels pay attention to the social conditions and other details of the period explained. Writers often include notable historical figures in these books so that the readers can better connect. Historical fictions are interesting but often criticized for its lack of authenticity. The subgenres of historical fiction include documentary fiction, fictional biographies, historical mysteries, nautical and pirate fiction and more. 

Political books to read

Political books focus on systems of governance, political activities, thoughts and behaviours. The study of politics is often referred to as politology which includes political economy, theory, administration, public policy and methodology. Reading political books is a great way to understand the allocation of power in decision making. ‘Political Liberalism’, ‘Liberty, Equality & Law’ and ‘Political obligations’ are some of the sought-after books in this genre. There is a wide range of books available here that will help you learn about political history and major political concepts.

Tips on how to buy History and Political Books in Dubai

History and politics are two major subjects in our studies. However, the textbooks recommended by educational institutes are not enough to gain rich and extensive knowledge. If you want to go beyond that, you prefer reading books covering various topics. The newbies in the sphere might feel a bit overwhelmed with the range of options. These are two of the most discussed subjects since long ago, and hence the content is enormous. But take it easy! Below are some quick tips to help you buy history and politics books online in the UAE.

  • Author matters – These are two of the most discussed subjects of all time. You can find millions of people writing about them daily. The content is so vast that it’s difficult to pick one. So, if you want to study it, choose a widely accepted author. Choose someone who bears an extensive knowledge of the genre and brings out genuine content in an interesting way.
  • The topic of the book – History is an umbrella term for a variety of topics. It covers periods, locations, cultures, economics and nationalism, to name a few. Speaking of politics, it tells us about government, public administration, elections, nationalism, international relations and more. So, if you have developed your interest in these two subjects, the content is endless. Think about what you want to read and then look for just the relevant books.
  • Consider the source – Next consideration should be the source from which you buy the book. You can find history books online or in physical stores. But, the problem with stores is that they have limited collections. Even if you do not find your choice, you have to compromise and go for one. In contrast, online stores make a vast collection available to you. With just a few finger taps, you can find whatever you are looking for. Sometimes you can even find history and politics books for free online in the form of ebooks.
  • Type of books – If you study these subjects, going for textbooks that institutions recommend is a wise option. You will have a foundation created, and then you can always explore more content. However, go for history or political fiction if you want to read the subjects as an interest.

These are interesting subjects to study as they teach us about the real world around us. Books are a great way to initiate your learning. However, where to pick books can be a question knocking your head. You can get a range of options right here on You will find the books written by some of the best-selling authors in the industry on our product search engine. So, embark on your shopping journey and grab the best books before amazing deals end!

Question & Answer

Are history books biased?

Some world history textbooks have biased statements negatively portraying some cultures or groups. Speaking of a specific country’s history, sometimes books have manipulated statements. The creators want readers to grow up believing that their country is thriving enough to protect them. Those are not just the educators who work on history books; the facts can be altered by politics. However, ace writers’ very sought-after books contain 100% genuine content. Whenever you pick any book to read, you always have an option to read its reviews online. This way, you will know in advance whether to rely on its content or not for real information.

Why are history and political books important?

History and politics books are essential as they educate us about our past and present. Through historical records, we learn about how things have adapted to a changing world. If you know the past, you will be able to make more sense of the current world. History lets us know about a different culture and how the constitution came into effect. On the other hand, political books circulate knowledge about the powerful forces operating on people at present. Since it’s about government and institutions, its understanding is valuable for all of us. You will know about the most crucial ideas like democracy, justice, freedom and equality. Interestingly, you will know how power is distributed and exercised.

Which are good history and politics books to read?

If you want to purchase history and politics books, there are many options out there for you. Some of the best books are A Promised Land, The Education of an Idealist, Blowout, The World as It Is, and Our Man. However, you can find many more right here. Many historians and political minds have worked towards recognizing these subjects better. The good news is that they have written down their findings. You can find some of the most sought-after books written by the best writers on

Where to buy history and politics books online in the UAE?

History and politics books come in a variety of subjects. You can find these books online or through any local bookstores as well. However, if you step into the market, you will have limited options to choose from. So, you should prefer ordering your book online. If you are not sure where to start from, is the way out. Here, we have brought together more than 500 stores that sell the best books online. Our search engine has a search feature and filters so that you can narrow down your choices quickly.

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