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About Convector Heaters

Convection heaters are among the most popular forms of room heaters because they have a small form factor. Despite their size, they can warm the air almost instantly without consuming much power.

People use a variety of methods for warming the room. One of the earliest methods is using a fireplace. While they are still used today in some places, they are not as popular as they once were. One reason for this because of the high cost of installing a fireplace and also the effort that it takes to maintain them. Modern heaters are much smaller and easier to operate. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of convector heaters will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

Different types of convector heaters

When you hear the name convector heaters, it is reasonable to assume that it is just one type of room heater. However, not all convection heaters are the same. These heaters vary from each other in features and type of technology that they use to produce heat. Some of the latest convection heater models also come fitted with a fan. This fan will help speed up the warming process, and it helps to ensure continuous airflow inside the room. The process of convection is actually how the actual weather works. Actually, convection is a significant factor that controls the climate on earth. Convection refers to the circular motion or movement induced by the tendency of hot air to rise and the tendency of cold air to fall. So, basically, a convection heater recreates this phenomenon inside your room on a smaller scale.

Electric convection heaters

These days, electrical convection heaters are more common than any other type of heaters. But this is entirely understandable as these heaters are really good when it comes to convenience. Electric heaters work by drawing air through the bottom and passing it through a heating coil before pushing it out through the top. Also, electric heaters are quite small, considering the amount of heat they can produce. One important benefit of these heaters is the level of control and flexibility that they offer. Unlike a gas heater, you don’t have to sit and wait for five or ten minutes until they heat up. Hot air comes almost immediately as you switch on the device.

Thermal mass convection heaters

This type of heater requires some kind of thermal mass, such as hot water convectors, floor heaters, and hydronic solar heaters. There are two further classifications in this type of heaters: low thermal storage and high thermal storage. The first one among the two, i.e., the low thermal storage heaters, have a steady performance and is ideal for any room where the walls, ceiling, or floor cause little to no heat loss. The second type of the two, on the other hand, is useful for heating spaces with constant and continuous occupancy. This is best in places where there is a considerable distance from the heater to the occupants of the space.

Propane convection heaters

Some people also refer to propane heaters as trash can heaters. Similar to electric heaters, this one is also compact and lightweight. The heat output of this type of heater can be up to 200,00 BTU, which is enough for heating up large rooms. Also, propane convection heaters are portable. The heater will have a compartment for holding propane cans. As long as there is gas in these cans, the heater will continue producing heat. But you have to remember that the gas will run out faster if you run the heater in its maximum setting.

Natural gas convection heaters

The working of this type of convection heater is almost similar to propane gas convection heaters. However, these use natural gas instead of propane gas for heating. But there are other practical differences as well. Unlike propane gas, natural gas is not available in small cans. Rather they come in large cylinders. So, it is possible to connect one of these heaters to many cylinders and run it for several hours. This feature makes natural gas convection heaters suitable for construction sites that require high levels of heating for long hours.

Tips on buying Convector Heaters Online

It might seem simple at first, but finding the right type of convection heater for your house or office can be a tough task. There are so many heaters, and it can be hard to choose one out of all the different options. Moreover, making the wrong choice can be an expensive mistake. However, choosing the right one can be easier if you know what criteria to look for. Here are some things you have to keep in mind while shopping for them.

  • Features – Convection heaters have come a long way since all they could do was pump out hot air. Modern heaters come with an array of features that make them all the more useful than the old ones. These days it is pretty common for heaters to have oscillating vents, filters, and built-in thermostats like air conditioners.
  • Power rating – The concept of power rating applies mostly to electric heaters. Heaters, like all other climate control devices, consume a considerable amount of power. So, you have to be careful about the power efficiency of the heater. All modern electric devices have efficiency ratings. Look for the models that have the highest efficiency rating, even though they might cost you more initially.
  • Size – Not surprisingly, the size of the heater gets larger as the power output of the heater increases. But the power output is not the only factor that affects the size of the heater. The most important factor that determines the size is the type of technology that it uses. Electric heaters are smaller than all other types of heaters. On the other hand, thermal mass heaters tend to be large.
  • Warranty – A heater is a device that consumes electricity and has several sophisticated controls and other features. For all of these to work well, the built quality has to have a minimum acceptable level. You should only consider buying heaters that come with a warranty. While a one-year warranty is a standard for heaters these days, you can probably find models that offer more than that.

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Question & Answer

How do convector heaters work?

Just like the name says, convector heaters work using the principle of convection. The purpose of using any kind of heater in a room is to maintain a comfortably warm temperature inside a room. When it comes to convector heaters, they don’t blow warm air directly at you. Rather, the hot air comes out of the top of the heater, and it actually pushes this air up. This causes the colder air to settle near the heater. So, in the next cycle, the heater will draw in this colder air and heat it up. This way, after a while, all the air inside the room will be warm.

How to install a convector heater?

Before installing, you should turn off the power supply to the room in which you are installing the heater. Then figure out a position where it is convenient to install the heater. Remember that it is not necessary for the heater to be near the seating area in the room. However, if it is near the wall socket, the installation process will be easier. Now it’s time to connect the heater to the power supply. In case you don’t have a socket nearby, you will have to use an extension or do a bit of wiring under the wall. Then install the wall brackets to hang the heater. After that, turn on the power and check the working of the heater.

Where to buy convector heaters online in the UAE?

You have to put some thought into selecting the heater for your home. Ultimately, the quality of your heater will determine how comfortable your home will be in the winter. This means that you have to buy it from a good place as well. Luckily, you can find all kinds of convector heaters online on It is incredibly easy to find them using our retail search engine. Also, you will most probably be able to find some great models for really affordable prices.