About Heaters

Choosing a new water heating system for your home can be a time taking process. You consider the system providing enough hot water and the one that has important features like energy efficiency, quick heating, etc. They come in a wide array of options. Let us explore how to choose the best heater.

The technical advancement in plumbing has given rise to the number of options we have for water heating systems. When it’s time to replace your old system, there is a lot to choose from. Water heating is a process in which an energy source is used to heat water above its initial temperature. Some of the common uses of hot water at home include cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Appliances that are capable of supplying a continuous supply of hot water are known as water heaters. They may use different fuels such as fuel oil, electricity, propane, solar energy etc. On this page, we will explore many more things about them so that you can pick the best water heater. 

Things you need to know about the water heater

Water heaters come in a wide assortment of options. They vary based on fuel type, capacity, energy-efficient features, price range, brands, and more. All the factors may be related to each other. For example, the fuel type will affect the efficiency of the heater and its annual operational cost. Electricity, fuel oil, solar energy, and propane are some of the common sources of energy that power the heating system. Tankless water heaters, conventional storage tanks, and solar-powered heaters are common types. Although, there is much more to it. Let us explore in detail to find the best and cheap water heater. 

Tankless water heater & its features 

As the name suggests, a tankless water heater has no tank. Instead of that, it contains coils that fill with water. They heat the water quickly as you need it. This is the reason; it is also popular as an on-demand water heater. It is the best choice for families having a lot of members. This comes in many size options. You should go for the one as per your requirements. If you buy a tankless water heater smaller than your requirement, it may result in lukewarm or cold water results. They work perfectly for homes that have natural gas to power the equipment. However, large sizes will require larger gas lines. The ones that run on electricity might require you to escalate the electricity capacity of your home. 

Hybrid electric water heater pros & cons 

If you do not want a sudden hike in your electricity bills, then a hybrid electric heater can be your choice. It works on a unique mechanism. It captures heat from air and ground and transfers the same to the water. Here, the electricity comes into use when the heat transfers from the ground or air to the water tank. Hence, the machine is not completely dependent upon electricity to function. If you compare it with the conventional models, it consumes 60% lesser energy. However, it comes with a tank that you need to clean regularly. Since it takes heat from the atmosphere or ground, it might not work well in locations having a low temperature.

Solar-powered water heater price & characteristics 

Solar water heaters work with the help of roof-mounted solar panels. They absorb the heat of the sun. The solar energy trapped in the cells gradually transfers to the closed-loop system, having heat-conductive material (antifreeze-like fluid). This fluid then runs to heat the water in the tank. However, these heaters work for only those who live in a warm and sunny climate. Quality options may cost you somewhere around $250. It is environmentally friendly and incredibly energy efficient, which make it a nice choice. By installing this, you can save a lot on your bills. However, in some regions, it is pretty expensive to install the whole set.

Tips for buying Heaters online in Dubai

They come in many varieties based on their size, fuel type, brands, price range, and more factors. Due to so many options at the front, it is natural to get a bit confused. However, it is necessary to pick the one with the right features so that you can make the most out of it. If you consider certain factors, it will become an easy ride for you. So, here are some tips that will help you buy the best and most appropriate equipment as per your needs.

  • Consider fuel type – Some common fuels include electricity, fuel oil, geothermal energy, propane, and natural gas. Your selection should depend upon the fuel type that is suitable for you. It should also be available in your area.
  • Consider energy efficiency features – This is one of the most important factors to consider. Go for the one that makes the least addition to your energy bills. For example, an electric heat pump water heater generally is more energy-efficient than an electric conventional storage water heater. Moreover, if you live in a sunny area, then solar heaters can be handy for you.
  • Go for trusted brands – If you want a reliable thing in hand, you should go for trusted brands. Some reliable water heater brands are Pelonis, Dyna Glo, Dyson, AO Smith, Milano, Ariston, and Rexton. The best part is that you can find their product right here.
  • Shop for it online – Purchasing heaters can be an overwhelming experience for you. However, if you shop for it online, you will browse many options with a few clicks. Moreover, there are chances you get some amazing deals to avail.

Keep the above tips in mind while you buy a water heater online in the UAE. If you are wondering where to find the best collection, then the good news is that you are already in the right place. On, you can find a wide range of options ranging from tankless varieties and boilers to central heating boilers, geysers, radiators, thermostats, underfloor heating, and many more options. Moreover, you can compare prices to find products falling in your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best ones at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a heater online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best options online in the UAE, then look no further. You are already at your destination. is a one-stop-shop for all your water heater requirements. You can find trusted sellers here that offer products at affordable prices. Moreover, you can find the latest bathroom fixtures products collection here. If you feel confused with the options, you can easily narrow them down with filters. You can even compare prices to find cheap options. There are hundreds of sellers listed here, so you will have a lot to choose from. So, go ahead and browse now!

What heater should I buy?

It depends upon many factors like your hot water requirements, fuel availability, brand preferences, and more. For example, some common fuels include electricity, fuel oil, geothermal energy, propane, and natural gas. You should go for the one that is easily available in your area. You should also check the energy efficiency features. Go for the one that does not add much to your energy bills. If you live in a sunny area, then solar heaters can be useful and efficient for you. So, your selection not only depends on your budget but also on other conditions.

Which water heater brand is the best?

A wide range of brands offers heaters. However, only a few are reliable and will live up to your expectations. The best ones are Pelonis, Dyna Glo, Dyson, AO Smith, Milano, Ariston, and Rexton. Shopping for a water heating system is not a cheap affair. Hence, you should only rely on trusted brands. The best part is that you can find their collections right here on our product search engine. Over here, you can find thousands of products under the bathroom fixtures category. Moreover, you can compare prices to find what falls in your budget.

Which water heater is best: gas and electric?

In terms of energy efficiency, gas water heaters are less energy-efficient than electric models. However, the cost of electricity makes the running costs of electric models a lot higher. Gas models are convenient for large families as they have a much faster recovery rate. They may even work in a power outage. If you already have a gas line, then it’s fine to use gas models. But if you switch from electric to gas, it can be pretty expensive to install a gas line first and then vent for exhaust heat. Hence, it depends on different factors to find out whether a gas or electric water heater is better for you.