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About Calwfoot Tub Feet

Clawfoot bathtubs and clawfoot tub feet remind you of the luxurious deep baths that you have enjoyed in the past. They are aesthetically appealing and give your bathroom a timeless and classic feel not seen in contemporary bathtubs.

You can improve your freestanding clawfoot tub with a polished, abstract design. There are great clawfoot tub feet designs for any type of classic bathtub. These handy clawfoot tub feet types are made of iron, bronze and steel, each giving a unique appeal to your bathtub. If you have a new or an old tub that you are looking forward to upgrading, read on to find out the various types and designs from which you can choose the ideal one. In addition, you get a few topes on how to buy the best bathtub feet online in the UAE.

All you need to know about clawfoot tub feet

The earliest mentions of the clawfoot tub feet are thought to have started in China with the Chines motif of a drag clutching a pearl. In the early 1700s, European craftsmen made a design made iterations that looked like a lion’s paw. Later, American blacksmiths created clawfoot tub feet that looked like an eagle’s claw or talon. The cannonball style emerged when cast iron bath feet became popular. Over the years, all the styles and options in the market have been following these innovations. Bronze has traditionally been one of the most popular materials for clawfoot tubs. However, today, you can get high quality cast iron and brass legs that are strong and cheaper than the bronze types.

Different colours give the tub a varied feel

The beauty of the clawfoot tub feet is found in both the colour and the metallic look. Depending on your overall furniture style and paintings, you may go for any of the popular colours. Some of the popular shades include a chrome finish, charcoal, silver, metallic bronze and white. To give the clawfoot legs some prominence when you get into your bathroom, try to go for a contrasting colour. White tubs can do well with any colour, while darker coloured tabs look better with metallic or bright coloured clawfoot tub feet. However, do not overthink about the colours. If clawfoot tub feet look good, you can go with it.

The type of floor in your bathroom does not matter

The clawfoot tub feet can be used on any type of floor without a problem. It does not scratch the flow, thanks to the moulded design. You can place your bathtub on popular floors such as vinyl, engineered hardwood, porcelain tile, ceramic tile and linoleum. With freestanding tubs, you do not attempt to move them with water or anyone inside. Determine the best location beforehand and let the tub sit there to avoid damage. Otherwise, you may need extra effort to move your tub after installing the feet.

Get ball & claw for that imperial look

There are different styles of clawfoot tub feet from which you can pick the most appropriate for your bathtub. The most popular style is the ball and claw. It looks like an eagle tan or a lion’s claw clutching on a ball. The ball can be of a different material from the claw. The top of the bathtub feet could have minimal embedding. However, if it has a fancy flourish, it is called the Imperial Ball & Claw. These tub feet are usually short and great for large bathtubs. Most users say that the ball &claw clawfoot tub feet have better stability and are better on delicate floors.

Go for paw claw tub feet for that classic look

Paw feet are ornamental feet that look like a paw of a dog or a cat. It is made to stand as these animals do with an angled position and touch the floor with the front of the paw. This is a popular design for people who would like to install bathtub legs underneath the basin. This is because it does not have an extending up. After installation, the tub looks like a tub that is walking on its fours. This clawfoot tub feet style works well with the traditional, classic bathtubs that tend to have a full basin-like design. However, you can still use modern freestanding bathtubs.

The cannonball feet give the tub a futuristic appeal

Cannonball clawfoot tub feet are more contemporary than both of the bathtub feet discussed above. They look like a ball held in place by a stick. Unlike the ball and claw feet, it has an almost spherical base without any floral embedding. The upper comes with a strip of metal on which to attach your bathtub. If you want a minimalistic look for your freestanding bathtub or have the same style for your bathroom fixtures, these are the clawfoot feet to pick. Most of the clawfoot tub feet designs on the market have a metallic finish, either the golden brass, reddish-bronze or silver finish.

Tips on how to buy Clawfoot Tub Feet

There are different clawfoot tub feet online that give your tubs different looks and feels. Sometimes getting the right legs for your bathtub can be harder than you think. This is because there are tens of brands and various materials, sizes and designs available out there. How then do you choose the right bathtub feet? Well, to pick the right legs, you must have a selection criterion to follow. Here are a few tips that you can use next time you go shopping for them.

  • Types of bathtub feet – If you are remodelling your bathtub, check the already installed feet to determine the best ones to purchase. Otherwise, you do not have to remain with the same type as initially installed; you can vary the design, size or style as required. This will give your clawfoot tub feet an aesthetic twist.
  • Size and compatibility – Clawfoot tub feet come in different sizes that may not correspond to the sizes of the clawfoot bathtub feet that were initially installed on the tub. Therefore, ensure that you check for compatibility before making a choice. Look at the location of the nuts for installation. For cannonball joints, the size of the holding joint.
  • Material – There are several types of feet designs, as explained above. Each of the materials, whether bronze, brass, cast iron or chrome, has different characteristics. However, they are all robust choices. Therefore, the difference is generally aesthetic. Check the material that best meets your clawfoot tub feet preferences.
  • Style – The most differentiating factor in your choice for clawfoot tub feet is the design. Most people like going for a design that looks similar to the feet installed on the tub. However, you can go for another design to give your bathtub a unique aesthetic appeal. Some of the popular clawfoot tub feet styles include cannonball, paw, ball and claw.
  • Pricing – The size, material, and style of the clawfoot bathtub foot determine the price. You can get cheap bathtub feet or even the best that there is in the market when you visit our online shop. Be sure to check the pricing next time you visit online.

You can make many other considerations when looking at the clawfoot tub feet for sale online in the UAE. This may include the desired size of the bathtub and how the other fixtures, such as the plumbing, fit into the tub. You can find these bath parts using our shopping search engine. This way, you will be able to compare the features, sizes and prices of different items and choose the best bathtub feet among them. Do not forget to check other amazing bathroom products from the bathroom fixtures category. Start shopping here on for the best offers!

Question & Answer

Where to buy bathtub feet online in the UAE?

You can buy clawfoot tub feet online in the UAE using our search engine. There is a wide choice of materials, brands and styles available for sale on our product search engine. Head there are compare the items there to pick the very best for your bathtub renovation project. Use the above guide when making a choice. The site lists items with their prices. There are also high-resolution images for each item. Choose a product that meets both the budget and your needs.

Which is the best bath feet material?

There is no single material that can be said to be the best in the market. Some people prefer to go with cast iron, while others love brass, bronze or chrome. The choice mainly depends on the aesthetic preference and the type of style that you pick. Fortunately, most brands make different styles in different materials. Therefore, you can choose a specific material and get the style that you wish to use. When making a choice of the material, check the ease of cleaning, the overall style of the clawfoot tub feet as well the design of your bathtub.

How to choose bathtub feet?

When making a choice of bathtub feet depends on various features in the market. You may choose clawfoot tub feet depending on the size, choice of material, style, and budget. When it comes to size choices, you may go for long or short feet (depending on the size of the clawfoot tub feet that were initially on the bathtub. Check the location of nuts and other attachments when making a choice. On the other hand, for style, you can choose from styles such as cannonball, paw claw and ball & claw feet. All these styles are good to go, and the choice depends on your aesthetic preferences. Finally, when looking at different materials, you may decide to go with brass, bronze, or cast iron clawfoot tub feet. Check the prices and available styles on each of the materials when making a choice.