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Your babies must wear diapers 24/7. However, this, in turn, makes them highly predisposed to skin irritation caused by the constant exposure to bacteria-feeding excrement and moisture. That’s why having a baby buttocks ointment as part of your nursing arsenal is vital. It prevents and treats the ever-unsightly diaper rash. If it’s your first time to shop for this product, we’ll help you make the right choice. Read our guide below to get started.  

A buttocks ointment, also called a diaper cream, comes with dual benefits. One of the major is that it prevents any diaper rash. Creams for diaper rash create a barrier between your little one’s skin and any potential irritants. The common irritants may include excrement, acids from foods, moisture, and chemicals on the diapers. Not only does it prevent the nappy rash, but also treats them effectively. Several products that contain skin-soothing and moisturising ingredients provide a moisture barrier to enable the skin to heal without irritation. You will also find some that are specially formulated to kill yeast and treat rashes caused by it. Let’s have a look at the few such popular buttocks ointments that’ll help you keep your baby’s skin safe and healthy. 

The popular baby diaper rash creams to choose from  

Indeed, you’ll find several types of buttocks ointment out there in the market. However, before you go through the selective such, you need to know how to apply them once you shop the best diaper rash cream for babies in Dubai. Typically, you apply the buttocks ointment on the cheeks of your baby’s butt. That’s because this is where direct contact with diapers happen. You can also apply it between the butt cheeks and around the anus if irritation occurs in these areas. Do you have a baby boy? Diaper rashes commonly occur on their scrotum. It’s also safe to apply the buttocks ointment in this area, so do it, if necessary. So now that you know, where to apply them, let’s get started with their types. 

The best overall nappy rash cream

How good would it be to have a cream that solves all your baby’s nappy rash problems? Well, the Boudreaux’s butt paste is one such product that solves your baby’s diaper rash problems. Indeed, with the name like ‘butt paste’, you know it has to be a good one! Many parents favour this product because the cream has the ability to soothe any kind of diaper rash instantly. The regular formula offers you 16 per cent zinc oxide and claims to be the thickest barrier cream in the market. What’ more, it is free of dyes, parabens, preservatives, phthalate, and talc. Therefore, you need not worry about putting anything harmful on your little one. You can get them in 16 or 2-ounce jars, depending upon your needs.  

The all-natural organic nappy rash cream

Many baby skin is susceptible to only organic ingredients. The Baby Mantra organic diaper rash cream is the best choice for such little ones. One of the finest qualities of this buttocks ointment is that it contains non-toxic, natural, and organic ingredients. The main active ingredients are zinc oxide. However, the formula also contains sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, rosemary leaf, jojoba seed oil, and beeswax. All this helps heal the irritant skin. Besides that, this nappy cream doesn’t have any concerning chemicals or ingredients. With all such features, the cream is an excellent formula for preventing and healing any kind of diaper rashes, particularly for babies with sensitive skin. 

The best baby rash ointment for sensitive skin

Often, babies with highly sensitive skin struggle to heal the nappy rashes. The Paladin buttocks ointment medicine is beneficial. The nappy cream is so effective that their makers itself have adopted the slogan: “The BEST in the world”. Well, one of the primary reasons to name them as such is its excellent composition. The buttocks ointment contains simple ingredients that include Petrolatum, Starch, Lanolin, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Boric Acid, Bees Wax, and Vitamin A & D Concentrate. These components of the concoction make the cream a gentle choice for the babies sensitive skin. Besides that, it also makes the formula a smart pick for babies who have eczema-prone skin. 

The best toddler diaper rash cream for cloth diapers

Many parents hate the idea of using plastic and other fibre-based diapers and opt for cloth diapers. Well, it is indeed an excellent idea to keep your baby at bay from harmful chemicals. However, remember that the diaper rashes are prone to any baby skin, regardless of what kind of diapers you use. Well, the organic balm from Earth Mama created specifically for cloth diaper users in mind is the best pick. This balm doesn’t stain or permanently scent the fabric. Apart from that, the cream contains all-natural organic herbs and oils, including calendula and beeswax. With all these components, the cream smells nice. This, in turn, also makes the cream a great choice for premature babies and babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

The best fragrance-free diaper rash cream for newborns

When it comes to the buttocks ointment, many of them come with a pungent odour. Not only can it be unpleasant, but sometimes these fragrances can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Well, that’s one of the reasons why parents just love the Triple Paste medicated buttocks ointment. The texture of the cream is thick, and therefore it stays in place. Moreover, often the diaper rash creams come with money-back policy too. Apart from that, the doctors mostly recommend these nappy creams, because it’s the go-to diaper rash cream for many parents. Even though the creams are a bit pricier when compared to others; many parents favour them as it works better than anything else they’ve tried.

Tips on how to buy Buttocks Ointment online

Using a baby buttocks ointment in every diaper change generally depends on your personal preference. Some mums apply it all the time to prevent the onset of rashes while others just use it as required if their little one shows signs of irritation. Nevertheless, either way, it is quite evident that you need to get the best nappy creams to keep your baby’s buttocks rash-free. We’ve rounded up a few key elements to consider when you buy diaper rash cream in UAE online. Check them out below.

  • Look out for the type of rash – This is one of the most crucial factors to consider before you head out to shop nappy cream in UAE. If your baby has an irritated bottom, then its best to pick a traditional buttocks ointment or cream. Alternatively, if they have a yeast rash, then you’ll need an antifungal cream. Because regular ones wouldn’t work.
  • Consider the nappy cream types – Do you want to buy a regular buttocks ointment, an advanced cream or paste? Each one of them has different uses. For instance, if you’re using a product as a preventive measure, then an ointment may be your best bet. But, if you’re healing an existing rash, then a cream may soothe your baby’s skin. Above all, if your baby has a severe rash, then an ultra-thick paste works best.
  • Consider your diaper materials – Even before you buy your buttocks ointment, you should consider the kind of diaper you’re using. If you’re using disposable diapers, you do not have to worry about diaper rash creams affecting their performance. However, if you use cloth, then you need to select the creams carefully. That’s because some of them may clog the fibres and make them less absorbent. In such cases, go for nappy creams that don’t contain petrolatum or zinc oxide.
  • Check out the ingredients – Just like any other baby creams; you need to be very careful while assessing the components of the nappy creams. Always check the label to see if the buttocks ointment has any potential irritants. If your baby has sensitive skin, then be extra careful. Go for products that don’t have allergens such as lanolin, mineral oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and sunflower oil.
  • Consider the cost – You’ll see baby nappy cream of different types and with several benefits. Each one differs from another in terms of composition, texture, and kind. Therefore, they’re valued at various price points too. Hence, it’s best to set a budget for yourself and then set out to buy nappy cream online in UAE. This way, you’ll not lose your way among the wide range of products and will pick the right one for your babies. Just remember, not to compromise on quality, whatever be the price.

Indeed, it can be a tricky task to find the right buttocks ointment for your babies. In fact, no knowledge to enough to get the right baby body care or any other baby and toddler product. However, with these tips and tricks we hope, you’ll be able to buy the best nappy cream for newborns in the UAE without much hassle. And when you finally find that ‘one’ that works, you’ll be loyal to it for the whole of your parenting career. But remember to choose the one that best suits your babies needs and makes them feel comfortable in any scenario.

Question & Answer

How to apply nappy cream?

The truth is, there is no wrong or right answer when it comes to applying the ointment. However, you need to do it when your little one has a rash. Typically, you apply the buttocks ointment on the cheeks of your baby’s butt. That’s because this area is what directly comes in contact with the diapers. Sometimes, the irritation also occurs in between the buttocks. In that case, you can also apply the nappy cream in and around the anus.

What nappy cream to use on a newborn?

Your newborn’s skin is much more delicate than your older tots. Therefore, you need to choose a nappy cream that prevents and effectively heals the rash. Typically, it is best to select diaper rash creams that are free from phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or sodium laurel sulfate. The Burt Bee’s natural diaper rash ointment is one of the best picks for rashes in newborns. Similarly, Aquaphor, Earth Mama, and Triple Paste all offer some excellent range of baby buttocks ointments.

What diaper cream to use with cloth diapers?

Remember that not all diapers are the same. Some come in natural fibres while some in cotton. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the buttocks ointment, you need to keep this in mind. Make sure that you do not opt for thick creams, as this can clog the fibres of the cloth diapers and result in less absorption. Aleva naturals, Aveeno, Avalon, Baby and Eve every day, Bee all-natural, are some brands that offer great options of nappy creams, especially for rashes created from cloth diapers.

What diaper rash cream is best?

The definition of the ‘best’ is different for various parents. The one cream that suits your child might not fit for another. However, in any case, quality is of prime importance. Therefore, whichever brand you buy, the composition of the cream you look for, make sure you pick the one that best suits your needs. Brands like Zincofax, Metanium, Mustela, Himalaya, Bepanthen, Cetaphil, Sudocrem, Aquaphor, Balmex, and Drapolene offer you a wide range of buttocks ointment that prevents and heals any kinds of rashes.

Where to buy nappy cream?

Whether you want to shop for a branded diaper rash cream like Childs Farm baby nappy cream or would want to buy organic diaper cream, is ‘the’ place to find all your needs. What’ more, you can get them all from famous brands and online stores! Indeed, our superfast product search engine is an excellent platform to browse, compare prices, and shop effortlessly for any kind of baby products you need.

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