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About Bill Cloth

Baby wipes or bill cloths are probably one of those items you need to stow in bulk when buying things for personal hygiene. But you cannot just pick any random brand or variety. A child’s skin sensitivity, other skin conditions, and budget are to be researched thoroughly. So, what you need to do is spend a little time exploring the product so the one you buy leaves you satisfied.

You already know the product you bought is good enough when you think of buying it for the second time or more onwards. However, the question is how to grab the best product the first time? Finding the best is even more important when buying products for kids. First thing first, you need to stop getting lured with fancy advertisements, especially when it comes to your child’s personal hygiene. Instead, research the product and its authenticity. There are several ways to do it and one is through the internet. Also, there are certain mindsets we need to get rid of. The one is the higher the price tag, the better the quality. Oftentimes, it may be true but a thorough inspection may reveal insights.

Quality wet wipes and included components

To measure the quality, you need to know the fabric and ingredients used in the making of bill cloths. First of all, the fabric or ingredients used in the product must be skin-friendly. Fabrics are mostly nonwoven, such as cotton, rayon, polyester, polyethene, and polypropylene. Coming to other components, cleansing ingredients are used. These can be mild detergents and moisturising agents with preservatives. Other than that, if you are green-minded parents, you can look for biodegradable wet wipes. The ingredients you will find in them are organic cotton mixed with aloe vera, chamomile, essential oils, and more natural substances. Besides the components used, the brand must be trustworthy. So, research a little about the brand and its vision.

Store the wet wipes properly

You cannot stow away the wet wipes in your bag, just like that. You can either have a dedicated bag for your child’s items or a dedicated storage box just for wet wipes. Both ways, you can maintain a proper organisation. If you are buying storage boxes, you need to consider a few factors. The moisture of bill cloths should not be compromised inside the box. There should be no contamination, and the box should have an easy dispensing mechanism. For example, thermo-moulded plastic tubs is an excellent material. If you want something compact and portable, you can buy pouches too. 

Only tested and verified products for the child

We do not understand the depth of the situation unless we know the background details. So, let’s know about a few steps regarding quality control of bill cloths. First of all, the raw materials undergo strict quality checkpoints. One of the test methods includes testing the mildness, which is Human Repeat Insult Patch Test. In this test, human volunteers come in contact with the ingredients, and dermatologists analyse the patch test. The product is non-irritating if the score is zero or one. Once the ingredients pass the test, each batch sent to manufacturing units undergoes testing again to ensure they conform to all relevant specifications. This is just one method and there can be several others used by different brands. So, don’t skip checking out if the product is tested or not and thus lower the chances of any side effects.

Dettol Anti-bacterial quality wet wipes

Dettol is one of the premium brands you can trust for hygienic protection. Bill Cloths of this brand are not just anti-allergic but super gentle on the skin. Also, their Ph neutral formulation makes sure that the wipe doesn’t interfere with the skin’s natural protection. These are alcohol-free and leave no stain after use. You can easily find them on our retail search engine. Not just this, but there are plenty of other brands as well adhering to the quality standards. But before, we would like you to go through some tips on this page to further update your facts on bill cloths.

Tips on how to buy Baby wipes online

The first logical tip has to be about ignoring one mistake, which new parents mostly do. They purchase giant bulk packages as soon as their baby arrives or even before that. You do not know if your baby has extra-sensitive skin or some kind of allergies. Sometimes, even the doctor advises not to use a certain kind of product. So, hold your purchase or keep it to a minimum before the delivery. Other than this, we have compiled a few other essential points that would be helpful.

  • Reusable or disposable wipes – If you are contemplating between these choices, then let us tell you, both serve the purpose very well. And the selection of one just depends on your preferences. Disposable wipes are better if you hate the idea of washing reusable wipes. However, reusable ones are good if your baby has sensitive skin or if you want an affordable option. There is nothing more than these simple facts about the two options.
  • Always check the ingredients – The baby wipes must be free from alcoholic contents. It must mention that the product is apt for babies. And while you use the product, keep a check on your baby’s skin in a few initial days. If you observe a discomforting situation, switch on to a more sensitive product. For example, hypoallergenic wipes are sensitive. Even if you research well about the product, you can confront opposite situations. So, keep observing or consult the doctor when necessary.
  • Scented versus unscented wipes – No doubts, a scented wipe sounds a better idea than the unscented ones. However, if your baby has extra sensitive skin, avoid purchasing scented wipes. But if you do, make sure the scent is mild and not too sharp. You will realise it as soon as you open the package because it will be off-putting for you as well. You can read the customer reviews or ask an expert to make an informed decision.
  • Brand versus generic names – Although generic names available in the store are affordable, they would be too thin that you have to use more. In the end, money invested in wet wipes would be the same for a particular time. We suggest looking at the features rather than the price tag.

You can commence your shopping drive by checking out brands like Palm Baby, Kleenex, Dora, and Dettol. You can find more on our shopping platform, Other than the wet wipes, you can also check out storage containers, so you don’t have to buy the container every time you buy another lot of wipes. So, start scrolling through our body care products or check out some wet wipes for sale.

Question & Answer

Can you use adult wet wipes as baby wipes?

Not all adult wet wipes will be good for a baby’s sensitive skin. You need to flip the package over and see if it mentions being right for the baby’s skin. If yes, then you can go ahead with it. If not, the baby may face the consequences like rashes, redness, and small bumps. Overall, generic wet wipes are not a good idea, but brands like Kleenex and Cottonelle have products with an EWG score of three or higher. You can explore their products and read the specifications list before buying.

Do wet wipes contain plastic?

Yes, a wet wipe or baby wipe is actually a moistened piece of plastic or cloth. Some of their raw materials include nonwoven fabrics made of polyester or polypropylene. So, yes! Plastic is present, but you can choose to have biodegradable materials as well. There are cotton, bamboo, or fleece materials available in the market if you are green-minded parents. The environment would appreciate it if you try to limit the use of plastic. You do not have to eliminate the use if necessary. You can use both plastic products and other alternatives to cut down on plastic usage.

Is it good to use wet wipes?

Although baby wipes have never come out harmful, there are alternatives like cloth wipes and homemade solutions as some parents want to keep all-natural. As per our analysis, if you research well about the product and if it is good to use on sensitive skin, we don’t think it can be harmful in any way. However, one negative trait of wipes is their effect on sewage systems. If you flush the wipe down toilets, they can cause sewer blockages by not dissolving in water.

Where to buy wet wipes online?

Cottonelle wipes are best for sensitive skin, and Dettol wipes are apt for newborns as they are super gentle. Other than that, there are Dora wipes for infants with the age group of 12-36 months. The first step towards buying a gentle wipe for your baby is to know your needs. There are different wipes for extra sensitive skin, eczema, diaper rash, or if you want something while travelling. Likewise, there are different ranges relating to age groups as well. This is how you narrow down your purchase and get to the right product.

After getting familiar with the product, it is indeed a good time to start scrolling through our baby & toddler’s section. And to make this shopping drive a seamless one, we have everything from unlimited shops and brands to genuine reviews and advanced filters. We are hopeful that you will end up with a satisfying result on