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Are you welcoming your new bundle of joy anytime soon? If you’re a first-time parent, one of the things that you can do before your child arrives is to prepare his clothing essentials. One item of clothing that should be present in all baby wardrobes is the baby bodysuit.

The problem that all new parents face is not knowing what to buy exactly and where to start while shopping for baby essentials. Your list can include a bunch of items like kimono tops, beanie hats, baby socks, sleepers, baby leggings, rompers, bloomers, baby sunglasses and baby bodysuits. But to help you narrow down your selections, you can start by getting some comfy baby bodysuits, as it’s already a whole outfit. Before you start shopping for baby bodysuits, read this article to get a better understanding of them. This will help you choose the right options when you purchase.

Everything you need to know about baby bodysuits

When the baby is young, clothing priorities are very different. They poop and pee every now and then, and changing the nappies can be a major part of infant life. This can take up a significant amount of your time. But there is a way to make it a little easier. For you, the parent, the right types of baby clothing choices can really make a difference. Baby body suits can make it easier for you to change nappies. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about different types of body suits. There are also some useful tips that you will be able to follow while shopping for them.  

What are baby bodysuits?

Baby bodysuits are commonly described as T-shirts that go beyond the waist and fasten with snaps or closures between the legs. Infant bodysuits, which are also called onesies, are made to cover the diaper. The poppers over the crotch function for your convenience so that you can easily change nappies with ease. A baby bodysuit is basically a soft and comfy piece of clothing that covers the newborn’s body. These are also used as sleepwear, which is made fitted yet with a snug style that makes your little one feel warm and relaxed.

Bodysuits vs rompers

Unlike a bodysuit which is best suited for babies, rompers can be worn by both babies and toddlers. The major difference is that rompers also have legs. But don’t think about pants when you read legs because all of it is in one piece. So, you can think of a romper as similar to a jumpsuit; in this case, the feet are also covered. Similar to baby bodysuits, a romper also has buttons at the bottom that make it easy to change diapers without undressing the kid. Rompers are great for cold climates as they provide coverage and warmth.

The age factor

One question that parents often have in their mind is how old it is appropriate to cloth your kid in onesies. Because at one point, toddlers will start looking weird walking around wearing only a bodysuit. So, exact what age it is? To answer this question, you should also consider the purpose of wearing onesies as well. To be honest, bodysuits aren’t the easiest clothes to wear. But the one-time effort that you put into putting on a bodysuit is worth it because changing the diaper is really easy with a bodysuit. In that aspect, you can stop using them when you no longer have to change nappies as often. What happens between 12 months and 24 months of age.

Safety tips regarding baby clothes

Unlike buying clothes for older kids, shopping for baby clothes demands a lot of attention from the parent’s side. Baby clothes should not have anything on it that can come off, like flimsy bows and buttons and flowers. If anything were to come off while you are not near the baby, he would try putting it in the mouth. Make sure that the clothes have nothing on them that is a strangulation hazard, like extra bands around the neck or waist. Keep things like pleats, and tulle to the minimum. Yes, this means that the baby clothes will look less fancy than otherwise. But safety is always more of a concern than design.

Tips on how to buy Baby Bodysuits

It is tempting to buy every single cute bodysuit that we come across. But that is not the best way to shop, is it? Finding the right kind of bodysuit is harder than you might think. This is because there exist infinite varieties of them. That being said, it gets easier to shop for baby bodysuits if you know what to look for. Here are the tips and tricks that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Choosing the sizes – Make sure that you get baby bodysuits in a variety of sizes, as babies grow very fast. You can buy a few petite sizes (0-3 months) and get the rest in larger ones (3-6 months). You will thank yourself once you see that your infant no longer fits into his clothes after some time.
  • Focus on the design – There will be plenty of choices of baby bodysuits in the market, and several of these can come in solids and prints that you can easily mix and match. It can also come with long sleeves, short or even sleeveless.
  • Convenience factor – When it comes to baby bodysuits, how easy it is to put them on the baby and take it off is a big concern. Generally, bodysuits with V-shaped necklines are easier to put on. Another type of neckline that is mostly found in baby clothes is the envelope neckline. It has two layers crossed over on the shoulder. These are made so that they can help you easily slide it off your child’s shoulders down to his feet instead of over the head.
  • Durability and comfort – Comfort is important for any kind of baby clothes. Soft and stretchable clothes are the ideal option for baby bodysuits. However, there is a catch. Comfortable clothes are not that difficult to come across. But to be sure about their durability, you should go for a reputable brand.

You will need other baby items as well, apart from baby bodysuits. Undershirts, vests, pyjamas, infant gowns, and blankets are some of the essentials to ensure the comfort of your baby. Find all of them right here on under the Baby & Toddler category. So, check out all the amazing baby products.

Question & Answer

How many baby bodysuits do you need?

Your little one will need his first set of clothes, but how many will he need? You will probably have a bunch of questions. So, to help you from buying unnecessary piles of infant clothes (which your little one will grow out of quickly anyway), get at least 6 to 8 baby bodysuits or vests. These can be worn as is in the summer or under a sleepsuit during the rest of the seasons. However, if you are a person who does laundry less often, then you might need a few more than that. For instance, if you do laundry only once a week, then you might need double the number of bodysuits than what is regular.

How to dress your infant?

It might be a daunting task to dress your newborn, especially if you’re a first-time parent. But don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s usually easier to dress your infant in a baby bodysuit on a changing table. When dressing your little one, make sure that the baby bodysuits fit your child and not the other way around. If there are snaps, open them. The neck of the onesie should also be stretched wide enough so that your infant’s head gets through it with ease. Next, reach through sleeves and legs first to help guide wiggly hands and feet.

What to wear with a baby bodysuit?

Most new mothers have this one question in their minds. Is just a onesie fine, or do you have to put pants over it? In fact, both are fine. A onesie, mostly indoor clothes. So, when the baby is at home and if the weather is not too cold, the baby will be fine with just a bodysuit. When going outside, you can put a pant over it or use a creeper, which is a little more decorative than a onesie. When it is winter, a romper is the better option as it provides more coverage than the baby bodysuit with pants over it.

Where to buy baby bodysuits online in the UAE?

You will find baby bodysuits on our product search engine. Use the product search engine to find amazing deals on baby bodysuits and other baby body care products. There are more than 500 different shops and brands offering them here on These include some of the popular brands like Carter’s, GAP, KIABI, Gerber, Aigner, Kenzo, Kissy Kissy, and Moschino. You can compare prices to find affordable deals. In addition, you will be able to narrow down your choice with the help of filters.

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