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With your munchkin growing fast, it is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce your toddler to different and healthy foods. With their development, it is imperative to increase the amount of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. Well, vegetable snacks are a great source of nutrition, that keeps up your toddler’s energy so that he can play, learn, explore. 

Giving your baby snacks like vegetables is beneficial to them for numerous reasons. Not only does snacking help curb a baby’s hunger between meals, but it also gives energy and boosts nutrition. On top of that, veggie goodies are packed with nutrients and are easy to pick up and eat with their tiny fingers. The best way to introduce vegetable snacks to your baby is to serve them with softer foods, as these are more comfortable to chew. If you can easily squish the food, then you are assured that these have been cooked and prepared well. Additionally, always adjust the size of the vegetables so that it’s age-appropriate. Well, there’s a lot more that you need to know about this veg snacks for baby, and fortunately, this article highlights all that you need to know about the vegetable snacks for babies, as a parent. So, keep reading!

Different types of vegan snacks for baby

From leafy green vegetables to juicy cucumbers, you can offer your child a range of healthy veg snacks for baby. One of the common vegetables that you can feed your baby with is green peas. Serving your little one with whole peas will help introduce a new taste and texture to his palate. You can easily prepare it in several ways. One of the best ways is to either steam or boil it. Moreover, you can also feed it chilled, as frozen peas can give relief for a teething baby’s gums. Similarly, there are many such vegetables that you could feed your baby. Below we’ve compiled a list of popular veg snacks for baby that you can confidently feed them.

Leafy toddler veggie snacks 

There are plenty of leafy greens that you can feed your baby as a vegetable snack. These edible plants may have an earthy taste to them, and your child may or may not like them. But try to offer these until their used to the flavour. That’s because leafy greens like spinach, chard and kale are some of the healthiest veggies there is! Offer your baby a snack of well-cooked beans, as they will surely love its soft texture and taste. This seed type is packed with nutrients like fibre, folic acid and protein. Now, before you feed these to your little one, give it a good rinse to remove off the excess sodium (particularly those that came from a can). 

The solid, healthy baby snacks

You can heat raw carrot sticks to create an instant baby vegetable snack. You’ll know it’s ideal for your baby to eat when it’s soft enough to squish between your fingers. If it has a mushy texture, then it’s good for your child to eat. Broccoli florets too make for a great finger food given its shape, as your little one can quickly grab it by the stalk. But before you can feed this to your baby, make sure that you cook it well, as it can give out a slightly bitter taste. While cucumbers may be hard to chew on for little ones that haven’t grown any teeth yet, you can still feed them into strip-like pieces. You can cut these into wide and long strips to avoid choking.

The baby finger foods

Introducing baby finger foods to your toddler’s diet can be both exciting and nerve-racking. In between the mess, the potential choking hazards and the possible allergies, is enough to give some parents the shock of their lives. Indeed, you must exercise caution! That said, there are plenty of delicious finger foods that’ll make your baby’s mealtime fun and nutritious. Puffs and cereals are one of the most popular first finger foods. That’s because they let the baby practise the pincher and grasp techniques. Apart from this, bread and teething biscuits to make up for good finger food. Scrambled eggs, soft fruit, Avocado, pasta, tofu, cooked vegetables, and cheese are some of the best healthy baby snacks for one-year-olds.

The baby puffs with kale

Baby puffs are one of the easiest veg snacks for baby. You’ll find many organic versions of this recipe out there on the market. They are one of the healthy vegan snacks to buy for babies. Moreover, being a super convenient and easy product, they’re ideal for on-the-go moms. However, if you want to give your babes a healthier homemade snack, then consider this the best and easy vegetarian recipes for babies. That’s because making them is super easy. All you have to do is to toss in some kale and sugar into your blender and bake them soft. Note, you need to cook them and not burn. Remember, you can feed this product to babies of 6 months of age and above.

Tips on how to buy Vegetable Snacks online

Vegetable snacks are one of the essential parts of your baby’s diet. Therefore, you should never go wrong while picking them. Indeed, understanding their types helps, but this knowledge alone isn’t sufficient to make a good purchase. Well, one of the primary reasons for this is their varied choice. Well, we’ve enlisted below a few significant factors that you must bear in mind while you set out to purchase the veg snacks for baby online.

  • Consider your baby’s age– What food to feed when is something you cannot ignore. Certainly, vegetable snacks are one of the best foods for your baby. However, your baby will always be under the risk of choking hazard if they aren’t of the right age to have these vegetable snacks. It is best to feed your babies with the vegetable snacks when they hit 9 months.
  • Explore the types– Apart from the list you saw earlier in this article, you’ll find several other types of vegetable snacks in the market today. From green leafy options to puffs and finger foods, their types are endless. However, make sure that you pick something that your child loves eating. Plus, ensure that it is easy for them to pick and eat.
  • Check out the nutritional value – Whenever you’re shopping for baby products, particularly food products, compare the ingredients and the nutritional value of different vegetable snacks from several brands. Also check out the expiry dates on the lid. Also, remember to buy snacks that add nutritional value to your baby’s diet.
  • Go for organic Baby & toddlers are usually at great risk of exposure to toxins. And you’ll find many of these toxins in non-organic vegetable snacks. Therefore, it is better to opt for organic products when it comes to baby food. Well, one of the most important reasons to choose them is because, typically you use manure and compost to grow organic food, rather than synthetic chemicals.
  • Assess the quality– Just like any other baby product, quality comes first. Indeed, as a parent, you want the best for your little munchkin. That’s why you must always consider the quality of the vegetable snacks that you buy. A good quality vegetable snack will not only add nutritional value to your baby’s diet but will also help them to develop their motor skills by pinching and grabbing techniques.

The bottom line is that you need to be careful while selecting a veg snack for baby. You must carefully assess every aspect of the food you intend to buy for your toddlers and then purchase the best vegan baby formula. We hope the above tips and trick will steer you towards your perfect vegan snacks and will guide you pick out the best among the massive selection of products from various vegan baby food brands in UAE.

Question & Answer

Is veg snacks good for babies?

As an adult, you might hold back munching snacks in between or before meals because you are trying to discipline your daily routine. That’s not the case with babies. They are eating to grow up, build their muscles, bones, and mostly every inch of their body need enough nutrients. Thus, veg snacks for babies are essential for various reasons. One of the most important reasons is that these snacks help you manage your child’s hunger in between meals. You may be trying intermittent fasting or any other diet plan but your kid must not. Also, the snacks provide your little angels with the energy they need to play. Apart from that, they boost nutrition that you miss to feed in during your baby’s main mealtime. Keeping everything in mind, do not miss out on snacks.

What veg snacks should a 1-year-old baby eat?

Well, one of the good things about your baby turning one is that you can feed him the same healthy foods that you serve your other family members. However, make sure you exercise caution at all times and be careful of what you feed your baby. Whole-grain cereal, bite-sized pieces of cooked vegetables, rice pudding, whole grain crackers, and cheese cubes are a few among the wide variety of vegan snacks that you can feed your babies. You can also buy snacks online. There are a few exclusive brands we would like to mention. These include Babybel, Baby Foot, Baby Joy, Happy Baby, and many more. You can find them all on our shopping platform,

What are good vegan snacks for babies?

Boiled beans, carrots, broccoli are all some vegan snacks that you can season and serve. Apart from that, you can also buy vegan snacks from brands like Ella’s Kitchen, CERELAC, CAPRI SUN, Materne, Holle, Organix, Urban Fruit, and Bioitalia. However, just remember to feed the baby with vegan snacks that best suits their preference and one that appeases their taste buds. We sometimes try to feed the child despite observing their unpleasant reaction just because we think the food is healthy. Well, that’s fine as long as their body consumes it well. If you see symptoms like constipation or something, you need to worry and amend some changes.

Where to buy vegan baby puffs?

Surely, instant and ready-made vegetable snacks for babies are an excellent option for on the go mums. Moreover, you can find a wide variety of them in the market these days. Check out a massive selection of premium veg snacks for baby on From nutritional vegetable bites to puffs and nuts, you’ll find a wide range of baby vegan items on our product search engine. What’s more, you can shop them at popular online stores and brands available right here on our superfast shopping search platform. Everything here is convenient, affordable, and the wholesome products list can surely let you find the exact product you want.

When can babies have Gerber puffs?

Puffs make up for one of the best veg snacks for baby. However, make sure that you consider your babies age when you start feeding them. It is best to wait until your baby turns nine months old before feeding them with any crunchy snacks. More than the age factor, you need to know that some babies can have a slow growth process. This has nothing to do with your upbringing or the food that you buy. It is a natural occurrence, so even if your child does not seem good with eating puffs after a certain age, do not worry. Signs like jaw munching, sitting upright, and so on help you find out the right age for your baby to eat puffs.