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If there is one survival hack that busy parents can benefit from, it would be to always have snacks on hand. Nutritious baby finger food comes in different variations but is nonetheless nutrient-packed and tasty. You will surely need a lot of these, especially in between meals, once you've started your baby on solid foods.

Feeding your baby with nutritious eats, even on the go, is quite easy and doable. It's also very affordable. What's more, these are packed with nutrients that will sustain your little one with the right stuff like fibre, protein and healthy fats. Wholesome snacking will not only teach beneficial eating habits, but you'll also be able to take advantage of the first few years of your child when it comes to nurturing his sense of taste. In this article, we shall look at some of the popular types of snacks that are best for your babies and will also look at a few tips and tricks to get the right ones online. So, continue reading to find out more about them.

Healthy infant snacks options for your little one

Usually, your baby starts to eat around two to three nutritious snacks in a day, in addition to the three regular meals. This is when your baby gets acquainted with different and healthy foods during snack time. Not only will this keep his energy up for his daily activities, but this will also help develop his sense of taste. Of course, when feeding your baby, make sure that he also develops healthy eating habits. For instance, avoid feeding him snacks while in front of the telly or on a tablet. You can also create a feeding schedule, as kids need to eat at least five to six times a day. Well, that said, we've listed out a few such amazing snacks that you must get for your child.

Fresh fruits and vegetables healthy baby snacks

You can never go wrong with feeding your baby with real fruit bites, as it's the ultimate healthy food. Allow your little one to nibble on this wholesome produce, as it's packed with Vitamins A and C, fibre and minerals. Some of the foodstuffs that you can serve your child are thinly sliced raw apples, cantaloupes or steamed or roasted pear. For those on-the-go moments, you can also grab and bring some bananas, grapes and plums. Also, fresh veggie finger foods are a delicious treat for our little ones. Take for example mashed squash, a favourite baby food classic. This can be an excellent snack for your baby, as it's sweet in flavour. You can also feed your tot with green peas, some leafy greens, and steamed carrot sticks.

Cheese sticks baby food snacks

Cheese sticks are one of the excellent finger foods that you can feed your baby. Your baby will need a good source of protein, and he can get this from eating cheese. Also, since the protein serves as the building blocks of the body, these are essential for your toddler's growth and development. Above all, it is a simple snack that most of the babies love to savour. You can serve this delicious treat in sticks or cubes. This way, it will be easier for your little ones to nibble on them in between mealtimes. In case, your munchkin them hard to grasp the cheese sticks, try melting it on a toast. You can introduce them to cheddar first before feeding them much harder varieties.

The best organic baby snacks

A baby's health is always the parent's priority and considering that it is better to opt for organic products for your babies. From puffs to teethers, and bites, you'll find all kinds of organic snacks out there. Certainly, one of the best among these is the organic puffs. In fact, puffs are a new alternative to Cheerios. Their size makes it easy for the babies to grab them. Further, bites like baby biscuits and teethers are ideal for your toddlers who love self-feeding. They help increasing the coordination in babies. Also, multi-grain teething wafers are low on sugar and do not take a toll on your baby's health. Apart from this freeze-dried Yoghurt and other baby munchies all make up for a list of finest organic baby snacks. 

Healthy baby snacks for six months and above

As your baby heads towards the six-month mark, all of a sudden, he'll start exploring solid foods. New textures and tastes are waiting for your baby to explore. This is a major step for both parents and toddlers. That's why you must do it correctly. One of the popular snack for your baby at this stage would be Yoghurt. It is yet another healthy snack that you can feed your baby. You can start them with the plain natural type. But you can still add some natural sweeteners like fruit purees, or shredded fruits to add some texture into the mix. Apart from that, you could also consider feeding them with hummus. It is typically, cooked and mashed chickpeas. They're rich in fibre.

Tips on how to buySnacks online

Starting to feed your toddlers with solid food is a big deal. This is primarily because, today, you can find several types of baby food and bites, and it becomes a daunting task to pick the best baby snacks online. However, this need not be the case, if you have the great product knowledge and a few tricks up your sleeve. We believe that you are now quite familiar with the different types of bites that you can feed your baby. Now we shall look at those fundamental factors that'll help you buy baby snacks online easily.

  • Consider the stage– It is imperative to consider the right age of your baby before feeding them with any crunchies or bites. In other words, stick to the right age. Babies have delicate digestive systems. Thus, make sure that you feed them with crunchies that best fit their age. Ideally, it is best to wait up till your baby turns nine months old before you feed them these munchies.
  • Look out for preservatives– Avoid picking out products that come with extra sugar or any other added salts. That's because the extra sugar and salts are really unhealthy for your baby. So, it is best to stick to bites that do not have any of these extras. Also, make sure that the products do not come with loaded preservatives.
  • Check out the label– Well, this is a very important step to do when you buy any baby snack. You need to know what you're feeding your baby with. Surely, you wouldn't want to feed your baby with a bunch of unwanted sugar and salt. Hence, it is best to check out the ingredients at the back of your baby snack package. In case of an online purchase, do not miss out to check out the details of the product.
  • Go organic– If you want to buy something without the added preservatives, then organic bites are the best option. These crunchies are not the only void of any preservatives, but also provide your toddlers with the essential nutrients. Therefore, you can be completely comfortable feeding your baby just what they need, but all naturally!

Long story short, regardless of what you choose, as a parent, you must be aware of what you are feeding your kids. In other words, you need to know what your kids are devouring. We hope with the assistance of these tips and factors; you'll definitely pick your perfect one in no time. After all, being a parent means, feeding your child with the right food that provides them with the essential nutrients for their growth and development.

Question & Answer

Can I feed my baby snacks?

Baby snacks are an essential part of toddlers meal. In addition to the three-time meal routine, your babies need to have something to munch on in between. Hence, undoubtedly you can feed your babies with munchies, puffs, bites, and much more. However, remember that you do that at the right stage or when your baby is fully ready for solid foods.

Are Gerber baby snacks healthy?

You'll find several types of crunchies out there, and most of them from popular brands. Gerber is one of the famous brands that offers several types of crunchies, bites and puffs. Each come with different flavours. In short, the brand has anything and everything for your child's taste. Therefore, without a doubt, the baby snacks from this brand come with high nutritional value.

What are the best baby snacks?

Quality is the first and foremost thing you must consider when it comes to baby food, and these crunchies aren't an exception. Therefore, it is always a better idea to opt for branded products. Popular brands like Ella's Kitchen, Koita Baby, Mum-Mum, Gerber, Hipp, Organix, ALPRO, Hero Baby, Aptamil, Farley's, Heinz, KIDDYLICIOUS, Nestle, and Materne are the best place to buy organic baby snacks and also buy healthy biscuits for babies. 

When can I give baby snacks?

Considering your baby's age, while introducing snacks is something that you should not overlook upon. It is an essential factor that you cannot afford to miss out on. Make sure that you feed your babies with age-appropriate bites. This way, you can avoid any potential choking hazards for your babies. Ideally, it is best to wait up till your baby turns nine months old, before you munchies for them.

Where to buy baby snacks in UAE?

Shops.ae is 'the' place to buy baby food in bulk online, compare the price of different products from several brands and also check out the nutritional value of each snack. Well, you see our product search engine is an online shoppers paradise. You get to shop here from popular brands and over 500 online stores like Sun & Sand Sports, Lacoste, Lifestyle, Newchic, GAP, Menakart, Brandsforless, Mamas & Papas, and many more! 

Are you looking for snacks for toddlers made from delicious food recipes? Whether you're planning on making baby snacks six months or snacks for babies 9-12 months, you've come to the right place. You can explore a wide range of healthy food bites for babies by visiting at Shops.ae.

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