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Weaning is one of the essential phases of nursing a baby. It’s the time when you gradually replace breastmilk with solid or semi-solid foods. These foods supply the baby with the vital nutrients they need for growth. And here is when baby porridge enters the picture.

This gruel dish, also commonly known as ‘porage’, is a mixture of crushed grains. You boil them with milk or water to savour them. You usually cook them with jaggery, honey, or sugar to make it sweet and tasty. However, if you want to make it a bit savoury, you can also add veggies and spices. But, keep in mind though, that these condiments are not recommended until the baby is 12 months old. The weaning period starts as soon as your little one is 6 months old. The great thing about porridge is that it serves as a power-packed meal that promotes the baby’s growth and development. Well, that said, you now know that you can count them as one of the most essential baby food . But, before you pick one for your baby, why don’t you soak in a little detail about them? Keep reading to find more.

The different types of instant and homemade baby porridge

From corn pap to wheat and fruit, you’ll find all sorts of porridge recipes out there. That’s because, next to fruit purees, these baby porridges are the favourite among mothers. And the best part you can make them at home at your convenience. All you have to do, is to add a few essential ingredients and lo! Your baby porridge is ready. However, remember that the ingredients you put into the porridge decides the taste of it. From various cereals to fruits, you’ll find all kinds of porridge ingredients. So basically, you must be smart to enough to pick the ones that suit your baby’s taste buds. We’ve listed a few such items that’ll surely make a lip-smacking baby porridge for your baby.

The oat porridge for baby

You can never go wrong with baby porridge oats, as this is a highly nutritious baby food that won’t take a toll on your baby’s digestion. In case you are wondering why this is the best pick for your little one when shopping online, check out its amazing benefits. The great thing about this puree is that it can be mixed with veggies, fruits, and other baby food items to make it more exciting and flavourful for your little one to enjoy. Oatmeal comes with zinc, iron, magnesium, and fibre. Hence, it is a fantastic starter of baby food. Single grain foods are proven gentle on your little one’s digestion. What’s more, they prevent gas and promote a healthy appetite. Also, it is best to go with organic baby porridge oats.

The fruit porridge for baby

Fruit purees or porridge are one of the best fail-safe solid food for most babies. That’s because most babies find the sweetness and mild taste of fruits very appealing. You can find a variety of fruit porridges nowadays, that is both organic and healthy for your babies. You can make them at home or get them from a store. If you are an on-the-go mother, the instant fruit baby porridges are your best pick. One of the finest things about these instant porridges is that you can instantly prepare them. You need not go into the hassle of cooking it. Plus, the dish is loaded with nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, your babies can digest them easily too.

The apple rice porridge for baby

Apple and rice baby porridge is a delicious treat to your baby, toddler, or a kid. Your babies can easily digest it, and it is also very nourishing to the little tummies. Well, this is one of the primary reasons why you give this dish to babies, particularly when they have a cold & cough. Your babies need something that they can digest easily when they have a cold. This porridge stays smooth on the stomach and also provides the required energy to the babies to fight the illness. Indeed, you can make this porridge at home. However, these days, you can see many popular brands have come with healthy and organic ready-made apple rice powders. These are much easier to prepare and the best option for those busy mums.

The rice porridge for baby

Rice porridge is one of the perfect first food for babies. That’s because babies can easily digest them, and the dish is less likely to cause any allergic reactions. Also, you could opt for different rice types, as various rice types come with varying nutritional values. However, generally, white rice is a great source of carbohydrates, and minerals like phosphorus, iron, folic acid, and magnesium. Similarly, brown rice is richer in fibre when compared to white rice. But, remember that the brown rice has shorter shelf than white rice. Furthermore, you can get rice cereals and powders from popular brands. However, you can also self-cook them if you’re a lover of homemade dishes.

Tips on how to buy Baby Porridge online

Giving the best to your baby’s is every parent’s dream. Be it the food they eat or the apparel they wear. Hence, getting the best baby porridge for your baby is also imperative. Indeed, you must now be aware of the various types of baby porridges out there. However, it is evident that the more the varieties, the harder it is to pick the best one among the lot. But, this need not be the case if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves. We’ve listed a few below. Keep scrolling to check them out.

  • Consider your baby’s age – Your baby’s readiness is everything when it comes to feeding them with solid foods. Make sure the baby porridges you choose are apt for your baby’s age. Generally, you can start feeding your babies with solid food at the age of 6 months. However, you might have to begin feeding them with lighter cereals and fruit purees as per their age.
  • Check for ingredients – Do you need to buy dairy-free baby porridge or perhaps the one that doesn’t include gluten. Well, either way, it is imperative to check the ingredients given on the baby porridge Some manufacturers may add more ingredients to improve the taste, texture and for preservation. Note, try to avoid porridges and cereals that come with added sugars and salts.
  • Look out for the types – Commercial baby porridges and cereals come in packets and jars. Apart from that, the products come in three stages. They are, namely – the beginner stage, intermediate, and the toddler stage. By the way, they also come in traditional and organic versions. Therefore, you need to pick them carefully, keeping in mind your baby’s taste.
  • Check for prices – Indeed, you’ll find several types of baby porridges. Thus, you’ll also find them at different price points too. However, remember that this is about your kid’s health. Do not go miser on the products. Make sure to spend a little extra buck and get the best quality. Also, go for branded products.
  • Look out for quality – Quality is one of the most important factors when it comes to baby food or any other baby product. Never compromise quality because of the price. After all, it is your baby’s health. You need to give them quality products. It is always better to shed a few extra bucks rather than risking your baby’s health.

In general, be careful when you’re heating baby food in the oven or microwave. Also, be sure to stir the dish thoroughly and cool it before you feed them to your kid. Indeed, shopping baby porridge online in UAE might seem like a daunting task. However, we hope that the above tips and tricks will help you buy porridge for baby & toddlers effortlessly. Some of the leading brands you can count on here on our shopping search engine are Hipp, Organic Holle, Ladybird, Organix, Heinz, and so much more.

Question & Answer

Does baby porridge cause constipation?

If you are looking for answers to this question, you may be worrying too much. First of all, it is the ingredients that can cause constipation. So, if your baby is showing symptoms after consuming the porridge, you better book a consultation with an expert. The child may have certain allergies or there can be an improper diet plan or any other reason because you never know with the newborns. Typically, certain cereals and porridges might not suit the babies, for instance, high fibre food such as broccoli or banana. Also, it is best if you feed your child more water if your little munchkin is facing hard to poo.

Does baby porridge contain gluten?

Not all baby porridges come with gluten in them. Wheat-based items like cereals and rusks contain gluten. However, products like Corn, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, rice are all gluten-free products. Apart from these facts, you should keep in mind that gluten also contains essential protein for the baby. If you are cutting certain ingredients from the diet plan, make sure you do it after an expert’s advice. We know and understand the mind fidgeting of parents when it comes to their newborns but remember to follow the process: think, consult, and then act. A healthy balanced diet does no harm with or without gluten unless the child is showing a negative reaction.

How to cook baby porridge with a slow cooker?

Cooking your baby porridge is excellent, as it cooks slowly and thoroughly. Now, this ensures that the baby cereals, whether rice, wheat, or any others cook well, and become soft and mushy, just as your baby needs it. Moreover, it is a convenient method of cooking. You just need to throw everything in the pot and needn’t worry about it anymore. How do you do it? Well, measure out the cereals, rinse them thoroughly, add clean drinking water, add your preferred veggies, and cook them till they’re soft and mushy. Make sure to give a thorough stir once done. Cool it down then and puree it before feeding it to your babies.

When to feed baby porridge?

There are typically three stages, the beginner, intermediate, and expert stage. You can usually introduce solid foods or porridges to babies above six months of age. More precisely, you can feed your little ones single-grain cereals; pureed or mashed with vegetables and fruits at the age of 6-7 months old. For munchkins aged between 9-12months, you can consider feeding them soft foods like well-cooked pasta or finely chopped meat. Also, you can introduce cow’s milk once your baby is one year or older. For many of you being vegan, you can consult an expert before trying vegan milk with your child. Since it is a slightly new concept, a vegan diet for kids may or may not have certain precautions.

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