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Do you know why wearing your baby is a brilliant idea? Well, that’s because it enables you to explore the great outdoors with your little one. Particularly, without the need to bring a stroller. This means you will be 100% hands-free. But your munchkin can still enjoy the warmth and safety of being close to you all day. Hence, if you consider yourself as an on-the-go type of parent, then you will never go wrong investing in baby carriers & accessories.  

It offers incredible benefits that will make your journey to parenthood easier and more rewarding. This tool comes in designs that strengthen the bond between you and your munchkin, especially during the fourth trimester. It also helps in your child’s physical, emotional, and early language development. Most importantly, it makes an infant cry less. A randomised, control study was conducted by Hunziker and Barr in 1986. It showed that carrying a baby for an extra 2 hours daily can reduce crying by up to 43 per cent. Well, facts and figures aside, with all these benefits, it is evident the baby carriers and accessories are an essential part of raising your child. Going through this article will make your buying process a breeze.  

The different types of infant carriers and their accessories  

Indeed, the baby carriers & accessories are an essential aspect of raising your child. That’s why you’ll find them in various carnations. From wraps to slings and actual seats, you’ll find them in many types, styles and models. However, their primary function is to strap on to a parent or carer. As mentioned earlier, this enables you to have a hands free experience while your baby sits tightly, snuggly, and safely. However, to buy one you need to understand each of their types thoroughly. But this is easier said than done. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed below a few significant baby carriers & accessories. They will come in handy when you set out to shop for one. 

The baby carrier backpack or the hiking baby carrier 

It is evident from prehistoric times that the caregivers usually carry their progenies on their backs. But, with the advancement of time and technology, you can now find them all in contemporary designs. Today, you can see cushioned backpack baby carriers & accessories. They come in lightweight materials and have a roomy and well-ventilated structure. Surely, they are far from those prehistoric wooden planks, rough blankets and leather straps of the baby carriers. By the way, their hands-free design makes them the first choice for parents. Especially, for those parents who often hit the trail with the little one. In other words, their supportive backpack design is excellent for hiking parents. 

The baby front carrier or the newborn baby carrier 

Just like the backpack, that faces backward, the front-facing baby carriers & accessories allows you to hook your babies to the front side. These smart devices came into being to make babywearing a no-brainer for parents. Because of its feature-rich builds, including quality harness, padding and suspension systems, a happy child and adult are guaranteed. Moreover, most models come with straps and buttons that quickly help you secure your baby in place. Apart from that, its peculiar design allows you to seat the baby in inward or outward positions. Well, this feature is especially useful for cute and curious kids, who are eager to see the world around them. 

The toddler carriers and the baby carrier accessories  

It is every parent’s dream to experience supreme convenience and comfort when babywearing. Well, this is also why you can also find here a broad spectrum of baby carrier accessories. You name it, you can find it here! Among the amazing infant nursing items, you can add to your arsenal, waist extenders, packs, ponchos, stuff sacks. You can also check out some high-quality diaper bags, reach straps, chew bead necklaces, grasping toys, chew pads, pacifier clips, and rain covers. Check out the complete list of baby carrier accessories that will work best for your situation and needs on our product sear engine. What’s more, you can assess each of their qualities, compare their prices and then buy the best baby carrier.  

Mei tais  

Do you fancy the ease-of-use and practicality of babywearing products that had traditional uses in those olden days? Then a Mei Tai is precisely what you’re looking for. Initially invented in China, this rectangular piece of fabric features a hip belt and four straps at each side. It is super easy to use and comes with several benefits. This makes it one of the most in-demand baby carriers today. When you invest in a Mei Tai baby carrier, you will enjoy many benefits. This includes, even weight distribution of the little one’s body, ease of use, versatile carrying options, and customisability for all types of bodies. Explore the different variants and designs of Mei Tai baby carriers on our site.  

Ring slings  

A ring sling baby carrier comes with a durable yet cosy fabric. The fabric gets pulled through two rings to create a pouch for your munch kin’s body. Thanks to these rings, the fabric also becomes easily adjustable and customisable for various body builds. Take time to explore the different ring sling options that will work best for your needs and preferences here. Indeed, the baby carriers genuinely play a vital role when it comes to strengthening the bond between you and your little one. What’s more, it makes your life a whole lot easier. Especially, when it comes to taking your bundle of joy in places where a stroller may not be convenient to use. Hiking is one of the classic examples.  

Tips on how to buy Baby Carriers & Accessories online

Because there are so many types of baby carriers & accessories, narrowing down to the best newborn carrier or any kind of baby carrier is difficult. However, considering certain factors will make your job easier. Luckily, we’ve listed out the few significant factors that will help you buy baby carriers in Dubai easily. Moreover, you could also get the best accessories too. So, keep reading to find out the tips.

  • Assess the longevity – For any product longevity is a crucial factor to know the worth of the product. Similarly, if you want the baby carrier to last a long time, into toddler years, you’ll need one that accommodates higher weight. Also, it must have front-facing positions. But, if you just want it for infancy, then go for one that creates a cosy environment.
  • Lookout for comfort – Baby carriers or accessories, the comfort factor applies to both. Moreover, you need to pick one that makes you and your baby feel cosy and comfy. The seat of your carrier must allow your baby’s legs to be in the hip-healthy “M” position. Also. Think about how much back and shoulder support you need.
  • Check out the fit – Fit is another vital factor you must consider when you buy the baby carriers & accessories. Some baby carriers & accessories easily fit different caregiver’s bodies. But, for some others, they do not. In such cases, you need to get a perfect size. This particularly matters if you intend to share the baby carrier & accessories with another person.
  • Look out for usability – When wrap-on involve a multi-step process, you can easily put-on the ring slips and soft structured carriers. Therefore, it is best to review the directions of use before you add your favourite baby carrier to the cart. Also, you can typically tuck in the wraps and slings into a diaper bag. While the soft-structured ones are usually too bulky.
  • Look out for the budget – Depending on the style and model, your baby carriers & accessories range from as low as AED 50 to as high as AED 500. Also, note that ring slings and wraps tend to be on lower price ranges while the soft structured carriers cost you more. Also, you might have to pay a hefty price for the ones that come with additional features. Therefore, set a budget in advance and pick the best one wisely.

Well, it is now evident that the baby carrier is one of the best bit a parent can have in their armoury. However, this is only useful if you get the right one. And for that, you need to pick one smartly. We hope the above tips will help you choose the perfect one without much hassle. Explore our product search engine today for a variety of affordable baby & toddler products!

Question & Answer

How to choose a baby carrier?

Choosing baby carriers & accessories is easier said than done. You need to consider several factors to achieve a good buy. From comfort and price to usability and longevity, the list is endless. However, the price, durability, type, model, quality and fit are a few things that you should consider when you set out to buy the best baby carriers & accessories. However, here is the warning: Do not hoard the carrier with too many accessories. Otherwise, it may lead to uncomfortable and unpleasant situations when the whole point of buying a carrier is manoeuvrability. Consider safety and quality as the top priorities and rest can follow.

Can baby carriers cause hip dysplasia?

Right after birth, it takes several days for the joints of the babies to stretch out naturally. That’s why the risk of dysplasia or dislocation is the greatest in the first few months of life. Though it isn’t painful in kids, it can cause serious health issues in the later stages of adulthood. Yes, some types of baby carriers & accessories might cause hip dysplasia. Just remember that any device that restrains a baby’s legs is unhealthy. If you are in continuous touch with the doctor and doing everything suggested, you should not worry too much. We know some of you may be hearing it for the first time, so may try to avoid buying the product. But seriously, that is not the case if you buy a quality product by contemplating every in and out.

What baby carrier is right for me?

To give you a good start, we would like to mention a few brands. You can explore Baby Bjorn products where quality and aesthetics lead the way. Also, Ergo Baby products have specific features attached to every product. Likewise, there are many you can consider based on your purpose and budget. Your overall objective of buying a baby carrier is to be hands-free all the time. However, as you move to high-end products, you can find features and accessories worth looking for. So, you must explore all the variants despite your preferences to get a broad perspective. Well, this is the only process we know to know the right product and buy one.

Where should I buy the best baby carriers & accessories?

One of the best and easiest ways to buy the best baby carriers & accessories is to shop them online. Well, check out the most comprehensive collection of contemporary baby carries & accessories on to experience the best baby carrier online shopping in Dubai like never before. From twin baby carriers, slings and Mei Tais, you’ll find all kinds of models and types on our product search engine. What’s more, you get to shop for baby carriers on sale from a popular online store here. Check out the brands from Chicco, Infantino, Stokke, Boba, Mothercare, Gucci, and Izmi.