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If you are a hands-on mum who always wants to be around your newborn baby and watch every move they make, then you’ll surely love a Mei Tai carrier. This originated from China and was used by parents during ancient times. It kept their babies close to them while they work in the fields. Well, due to its functionality and practicality, this tool has successfully made its way to the modern era and is now a favourite among first-time and seasoned parents alike.  

But how useful are these Mei Tai’s and why should you invest in them? Well, if you love your child to bits and want to be always close to them, then this baby carrier is a great pick. That’s because it comes in designs that strengthen the bonds between you and your little one. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny or plus-sized. The Mei Tai is designed to fit any body build with ease. Above all, its form-fitting structure ensures the baby’s comfort. Apart from enabling you to carry your munchkin with ease, a Mei Tai also adds a little bit of workout to your everyday routine. The additional energy your body puts into supporting the weight of your little angel will make your back and arms stronger without feeling sore. Well, there’s much more to this product. So, keep reading to know more! 

A few trending Chinese baby carrier Mei Tai

Before you explore their types, you need to first understand their basic parts and how they work. Well, just like any other carrier, the Mei Tai’s have a body. It is a rectangular piece of cloth that serves as the little one’s seat and supports their back and legs. Then comes the shoulder straps. These go over the shoulders of the wearer and are long enough to wrap around the body. The straps of a Mei Tai baby carrier are also typically crossed on the back and fastened by tying a knot. Also, you’ll find waist straps that help you fasten the device around your waist. Some models also come with waistbands and hoods. The hoods are an optional feature that covers your angel’s head to protect them from the harsh elements. Let’s now explore their other types. 

The Infantino sash Mei Tai carrier

The Infantino Mei Tai is an excellent option if you plan to use it into toddlerhood. It is one of the best structured carriers both in terms of manufacturing and appearance. However, it is undoubtedly difficult to keep your little wiggly in one place. Therefore, we can confidently say that it is suitable for both baby & toddlers. And what makes it suitable is not only its strength but also its straps. The model comes with four straps, one at each corner of the rectangular panel. The straps are long and help with the older children. Moreover, it makes it easy for the family members of different sizes to carry them effortlessly. Furthermore, the Mei Tai’s come with pads for comfort. Moreover, you can position your babies both in front and back with these carriers. 

The hooded Mei Tai sling

The Mei Tai is growing rapidly, and therefore you’ll find different models to suit all types of budgets. But, if you are in search of your first sling purchase, you should get this type of Mei Tai’s. It is simple, purse-friendly and functional too. Well, the best part is that you need not break the bank to get them. This Mei Tai’s come in cotton materials and come with built-in padding that makes you and your baby comfortable. Apart from that, this Mei Tai allows you wear them in three carrying positions. The hip, back and front are the popular ones. Also, this particular models comes with a pop-stud detachable hood. This keeps your baby’s head safe from external elements. Above all, you can easily maintain them by machine, washing them with your regular laundry. 

The Mei Tai newborn carrier for plus-size moms 

If you are a plus-size mom, this Mei Tai carrier must be on your shopping list. One of the best features of these Mai Tai’s is that it comes with extra-long straps. Now, this allows to secure your baby comfortable, no matter what size you are. Just like many other Mei Tai slings these too come with adjustable panel height and width. This features enables the Mei Tai to grow with your child. Also, it comes with padded waistbands for your comfort. Moreover, the spreadable shoulder support allows even weight distribution. Also, the Mei Tai is simple and straightforward when you compare them to their other counterparts in the market. However, bear in mind that simple does not mean that they’re less useful. 

The Palm and Pond Mei Tai carriers

If you are in search of fun and stylish Mei Tai baby sling, then this will surely suit your little one from day one. The popular baby carrier model from Palm and Pond, comes with a printed design on a whimsical fabric. It is usually accented with solid black to make the colours really pop. What’s more, you can reverse and wear the fabric if you feel the colour isn’t appropriate for the occasion. Well, the colour apart, the fabric used in the Mei Tai is robust, sturdy and soft too. Apart from that, you can wash them easily with your regular laundry. Above all, you can adjust the carrier and use it in different positions for all sorts of sizes, ages and purposes. 

Tips on how to buy Mei Tai'S online

Now that you’re already familiar with how this tool works, and also know their various types, it’s time to add the best Mei Tai carrier to your shopping cart. But wait! How do you know which one is the best one? Well, that’s where a few significant factors come into play. We’ve listed out these fundamental elements that you need to keep in mind when you set out to buy Mei Tai carrier in Dubai. Understanding these key elements will make your buying process easy.

  • Explore their types – Though the primary structure of Mei Tai’s is a prehistoric one, these days you’ll find various kinds of them in the market. This is why it is essential to know and understand their models and understand their distinct characteristics. This way, you’ll be able to pick the one that best suits you and your baby.
  • Look out for the material – Well, this is one of the essential features, when it comes to your babies. That’s because, typically, you will place your baby in this pouch. Thus, it is necessary to go for materials that are soft and offer maximum comfort and safety for your babies. Some even have padded and cushioned interiors. This gives you and your infant an ideal environment.
  • Check out the longevity – Durability or longevity is a crucial element to consider. Surely, you want something worth the money you pay. Moreover, you want it to be long-lasting. Also, it is always better to buy the ones that can grow with your babies. As this will allow you to use them even when your babies turn into toddlers.
  • Assess the quality – This is that one factor that you must never compromise one, regardless of the model you choose. That’s because the quality usually decides the longevity of the product. It is better to go for branded ones. The branded ones typically come in high-quality materials and top-end designs. Moreover, they ensure maximum comfort for you and your baby at any given time.
  • Check out the price – You’ll find Mei Tai’s from prices as low as AED 60 up to rates as high as AED 500. Therefore, it is best to set a budget for yourself. This way, it will be easier for you to narrow down to the best one that suits your style and budget. You can find many Mei Tai with highly-curated designs at budget-friendly options from popular brands and online stores.

Well, all the tips above are essentials. But ultimately, the Mei Tai you choose is down to your personal preference. Do you want to wear it indoors? Or do you want to use them outdoors? Each of these conditions requires a different style of Mei Tai. However, we suggest you just do whatever is best for you and your kid. Well, it is all about your baby’s happiness and comfort. Make sure you keep that in mind when you shop for the best Mei Tai online.

Question & Answer

What is Mei Tai carrier?

Mei Tai’s are a type of baby wrap carrier. It works in the same way as a soft structured baby carrier would, but without taking up as much space. Indeed, they are one of the many different options available for the parents and caregivers who are interested in babywearing. Although, you’ll not find one set type of baby carriers better than the others, Mei Tai’s remain very popular among the parents. Moreover, they have withstood the test of time.

How to tie a Mei Tai carrier?

Wearing a Mei Tai is quite easy. You need to first place the Mei Tai’s to your waist. You then tie a double knot behind you. Once, you set the Mei Tai’s in position, get your baby now. Make sure to lift your baby while supporting the bay’s back and gently place the baby on your chest. Then carefully spread your baby’s legs. Once you do this, pull up the body part of the Mei Tai on your baby’s back. Then lead the shoulder straps up to your shoulder. Cross these straps behind you, while you still support your baby. Bring the straps in from under your baby’s bum and pull the straps starting with the one underneath. But make sure that they aren’t twisted. Well, you can then finish by either bringing the straps to the back or bring the straps to the front and tie a knot.

Where to buy Mei Tai carrier online?

If you are on a lookout for the best Mei Tai’s online, then do miss to check out our comprehensive collection of contemporary Mei Tai’s on At our product search engine, you can shop Infantino sash carrier online in Dubai and also the Baby Hawk Mei Tai carrier online in UAE. Apart from that you can browse through a selection of other baby carriers & accessories from popular online stores ! Moreover, you get to explore the best collection of Mei Tai from popular brands like Infantino, Sigzagor, Didymos, Palm And Pond, Lenny Lamb, Enviro, and Liliputi.

Is Mei Tai carrier safe for newborns?

Mei Tai is one of the safest and best ways to carry your baby or young toddler. They come in unique design. It has a large panel with four straps. This makes it easy to put on and comfortable for your baby and yourself. Many researchers say that using the sling Mei Tai’s provide many benefits. This includes a lower risk of the flat head syndrome, better development both physically and mentally, and also creating a close bond between parent and child.

If you’re searching for a baby carrier in the UAE, a baby carrier in Babyshop, or an Ergo baby carrier that will make your life easier when exploring the great outdoors with your munchkin, the Mei Tai will never let you down. Check out more than 500 online stores here to start exploring an array of baby carrier & accessories!