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Most babies love water! Bathing is, thus, something that they look forward to eagerly. As for parents, it is a time when utmost caution and care is needed. This is because water can pose a threat to infants and slip, getting injured etc. are definite possibilities. Thus, bath time for babies and toddlers require a lot of attention on the parent’s part. What makes it easier is to have everything one needs at hands reach – this includes baby soaps, shampoo, wash, lotion, etc. Thus, baby bowls are a necessity, especially when your child is young.

Remember, along with making things easy for the parent, the baby bowls also makes it a fun and enjoyable experience for the child. Baby bowls are for keeping toiletries at reach when you’re in the bathroom with your child. The better ones are usually a part of a baby’s bathing tub. These will fit comfortably at the headspace, allowing easy access to toiletries throughout the bathing process. Depending on the setup of your baby bath area or washroom, you can pick the right one. But, like any other baby product, they too have several varieties that might confuse you novice parents. Well, read on, to gain a little knowledge on their types before you buy top and tail baby bowls online.

Different ways to make bathing an enjoyable experience

Bathing your child is one of the times when you need to pay undivided devotion to him/her. It will also be some of the times both of you will cherish for long. It, of course, goes without a say that the parent needs to have complete focus during the entire process and pay close attention to any emergency signs that the baby may show. It is an excellent bonding time when the parent can entirely focus on the child. It is better to schedule this task for the afternoon or early morning when your baby wakes up. This way, you have fewer distractions. If you don’t have help or have two babies, it is better to wait until your partner comes home. This way, you don’t need to always worry about having to take the baby out of the baby bowl if someone comes.

Go with the baby bath washing up bowl

To start with, go for a bathing sink and baby bath washing up bowl that is comfortable for your baby, depending on their age. The sink should allow their neck to rest comfortably on a surface. However, for tiny babies, the parent may have to hold their head high during the process. Next, check the water and ensure its moderate and comfortable for the child. At times, a small amount of soap wash can be dissolved in clean water. Or else, you could pour a few drops on the baby’s body and start cleaning him/her gently. Shampooing if needed, should be done cautiously or with the help of another individual. Next, kindly take the infant out of the water and place him/her on a clean towel. Cover the child in a wrapping cloth and carry them. 

Use the suction baby bowl or the baby top and tail bowl

The suction baby bowl will undoubtedly make things easier for the parent. It is also essential to keep the child engaged during bathing if he/she does not particularly enjoy it. For those babies that do, hand them toys to ensure they play, so they avoid falling asleep. This is one thing that can prove to be extremely dangerous. The tops and tail bowl also avoid having to reach out to items kept at different heights or in various places in the bathroom. Make sure you have everything in the baby top and tail bowl. It should be at hands reach before you get your baby to the bathroom. Another important thing is the tower and diaper. Parents often forget them in the room and then have to go back. 

Use a small baby bath

A lot of good brands now have a baby bath on sale. This one is like a mini bathtub. The tub is large enough to fit your baby. However, it is also compact and not dangerous like the big one. A lot of parents like keeping it in the regular bathtub to avoid spillage. This also helps to save water. Alternatively, a safer way is to keep it on the sink platform, inside the basin. This way, it’s easier for you to attend to the child while standing up. However, ensure your platform is wide enough to suffice the tub. Here again, since the quantity of water is less, you can dissolve the soap solution in the water itself. After cleansing your baby with it, let the water drain out and fill it with fresh water. You can use the small baby washbowl here as well. 

Use the open bath space

This way is much better if you have your husband or help to assist you during the bath. You can fill a bucket or another container with water and seat the baby on your legs. Use the open bathroom space for this. While you hold your baby and help scrub him, someone else can pour water. You can do it yourself too; however, it can be a little tricky. This method gives you better control over your baby’s actions as you’re holding him yourself. It’s one of the safest ways but can be a little time-consuming. If you prefer this way, it is better to do it at a time when someone is around to help you. Again, use a baby bowl to keep everything at hand.

Tips on how to buy Baby Bowls online

Bathing your baby and spending time when he/she can be one of the fond memories you remember later. This is a time that the baby and parent cherish and after a while they’ll be old enough to bathe themselves. However, a lot of mishaps are common during this time. Which is why its important to be right and better prepared with your baby bowls. Here are a few tips that’ll help you get the best among the lot.

  • Pay attention to the quality – NEVER buy something isn’t of the right quality. Remember, your babies skin is quick in reacting when it comes to new and unexplored baby products. With water and soap everywhere and quick access to toiletries, a tub must of the best quality that can withstand such chemicals. So, always ensure you pick the best among the lot.
  • Read the labels – Always ensure the baby products you use are gentle with no chemicals. Baby’s skin and eyes are most delicate. It is vital to ensure you do your best to take care of them. Always wash and clean with extra caution. Baby proof your bathtub to suit the baby’s needs. Make sure you read the product labels before purchasing to get an idea if it suits him/her.
  • Get a doctor’s opinion – Always ensure you consult a paediatrician if you see your child isn’t comfortable with a bath product. For young babies, i.e., those between 0-6 months, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. Do this before introducing any new bath product to their routine. It is also highly advisable if your baby has sensitive skin.
  • Be equipped with the right budget – Make sure you have a set budget before you begin your search. This helps you narrow down your choices within minutes. Indeed, it also makes your buying process much easier. Also, setting a budget helps you refrain from making unnecessary expenditure.

Refrain from keeping your baby covered in soap or shampoo while you’re fetching things even if in the bathroom. Teach them the best way to do certain things like shampooing, scrubbing their body, using water in the right way etc. The small things can turn out to be the foundation of how they continue doing these things after they grow up. It is effortless for them to put the solution in their eyes or mouth.

Question & Answer

How to keep your baby engaged during bath time routines?

Make sure your toddler has plenty of bath toys to keep him distracted. Distraction often means that the child is not restless or trying to do other things in the middle of his bath. Usually, this can be very dangerous. Bath time is possibly the best times to connect, sing, talk, and keep your child engaged. Ensure you also focus on spending some quality time with them. You can show them how to bathe themselves. Babies a year older and up familiarise with bathing. So, it is an excellent time to take them through the process so they can start doing it themselves.

Which are the best baby top and tail bowls?

Go for something like a small baby washbowl or baby bath washing up bowl. These make the bathing process enjoyable and straightforward. A good option is to buy Argos baby wash bowl. This does not take up too much space and can hold all your toiletries with ease. Make sure that it should have slightly high edges to avoid water from getting in. It should also be sturdy and allow one to include other essentials like a baby towel, one change of diaper, etc. Pick a top and tail bowl that is made of good quality material that will not wear off due to constant contact with water.

What are some other ways of using a baby bath bowl?

If you have a feeding bowl for the baby that may not be in use, don’t throw it away, use it in place of the bath bowl. You can use a baby food bowl or bamboo baby bowl to hold diapers or toiletries in your bathroom or bedroom. You can also keep the suction baby bowl in your car with a small comb, change of clothes and few diapers for emergency use – stock it up now and then. A silicone baby bowl is suitable for holding your perfumes, accessories, or jewellery.

Where can you buy a top and tail bowl online in the UAE?

In Dubai, you can find some of the best baby brands, so there is always a lot to choose from. Some of the best brands are Skip Hop, Munchkin, Plan Toys, Walker Books, Mothercare, Angel Care and Fisher-Price. Ensure your weight out all the pros and cons before making a choice. Shopping online is perhaps the best and easiest way to do that. It is so much better than visiting every baby store in the mall. Plus, in the end, you don’t end up remembering all the options either. If you’re still unsure, check out some great options here. This fantastic shopping search engine is one-of-a-kind, and it helps you compare and make the best choice. With it, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price at the best online store.

It is important to remember to accompany your baby during their bath time, especially if in a tub at least until they’re five years old. This is also a favourite time, so don’t forget to have fun with your baby.