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Bathing accidents are common, and the chances increase if you are dealing with an infant or toddler. But everyone knows that we cannot avoid giving baths to the little ones, and thus came the need to find a secure way to handle these delicate beings and provide them with a bath without issue. This need led to the introduction of baby bath pillows, also known as baby bath cushions.

These soft pillows have a construction like a baby bathtub with a non-skid design that is safer for babies to bathe soon after birth. You can place these baby bath pillows in any adult tub or even in a suitably sized sink. These pillows’ design creates a cradle and support for your baby to bathe safely while you wash them. Most of these baby bath cushions are designed to keep soapy water out of the baby’s eyes and nose. Almost all options are machine washable to ensure improved hygiene because, let’s face it, as cute as they are, babies can also be pretty messy at times.

Top baby bathtub pillow pads to choose for your baby

Everyone waits for the day they can hold their offspring and spend the rest of their lives loving a growing them. Considering the importance of such times, the baby accessories manufacturers keep coming with innovative products to help the new parents deal with their responsibilities efficiently. Besides feeding and sleeping patterns, bathing the newborns also demands some serious attention. This is a tricky process, and parents need to be very careful to ensure their babies’ safety while keeping them clean. Therefore, today we have gathered some of the hot-selling types of baby bathtubs to help you make baby bathing more fun and comfortable for you and secure for your angle.

Aurelius Safer Bather non-slip baby bath pad

These tubs are made of soft, stretchable fabric. Hence offer a gentle cuddling action from soft sides and hold your baby in place without causing any stress. These bathers feature a raised wedge to keep water and soap out of the eyes of your little ones. Besides, they are easily washable and handle the oops moments well while bathing those naughty littlies. These bathers are mostly appreciated for better cradling, a foamy wedge that keeps waterway and easy washing features. However, they tend to succumb to mildew after some time.

Leachco softer baby bath pillow pad

These pads are adorable with a fun frog pong design. Such designs offer sufficient cradling support, so the mum’s hands are free to attend and sponging the baby. Plus, they have contoured sides that bring warm water to the baby during bathing. These pads are made of special material; thus do not absorb a lot of water and takes considerable time to dry. If you are bathing the baby daily, they are not a good idea to go for. However, they are loved by new mums for the carding actions and freedom with the baby’s security. Hence, if you will be a mother for the first time in your life, these pads can be a reliable and helpful option.

The Cuddles baby bathtub pillow pad

These are a dual-purpose bathing pillows that can turn into changing mats when needed. These mats are best suitable for slightly older babies because they cannot offer head support to newborns. You can use these pads in any adult bathtub. These bathtubs feature a sturdy and robust storage loop that allows the mother to easily hang it on the back of the bathroom or a nursery door. These pillows offer cradling support, and the design helps avoid soapy water from getting into the baby’s eyes. Besides strong storage loops, these baby bathtubs are easier to clean.

The Flippers

Once again, these bathing pillows are available in cute shapes and prints. The flippers are designed to grow with your baby flipping over to become a cushioned baby-sized bathtub one’s. Those little angles can sit unaided. However, in no way you can leave the babies unattended in the bathtub. These tubs are not suitable for newborns or babies who cannot hold up the head on their own. However, these tubs are also not suitable and comfortable for much older infants due to their smaller size. These tubs also don’t stand up to regular machine wash, so you need to do a handjob and drip-dry on a line or aired.

Tips on how to buy Baby Bath Pillow online in the UAE 

Everyone once has the amazing experience of becoming a parent. Such times are both fun and frustrating, likewise. And the excitements and challenges do not end with the birth; instead, they take you to another level of the game of parenthood. Once the newborn is in your hands, you need to deal with a lot to keep them alive, healthy and secure. And to do so, you need to choose the right equipment, clothing and everything they need during the growing age. But with hundreds of brands and dozens of options online, buying the best baby bath pillow and other accessories is a real challenge for every parent. Today, we will share tips on how you can pick the best baby bath cushion for tub online.

  • Consider the age – The age of your baby is the very first thing you need to consider. A newborn cannot hold his head, but it will be challenged to keep them in a place while bathing once they do. And baby bathtubs are designed to meet the needs of growing infants. So, choose an item as per your kid’s growth and age.
  • Consider your expertise – For first-time parents, bathing an infant is a tough job. Therefore, they should opt for pads that can hold the baby while the mum can bathe them with both hands. Otherwise, you can go for a bathtub that can hold your baby well and drain soap and water while you bathe them.
  • Look for brands – Branded options are important because they come with high-quality material that remains gentle on your baby’s mild skin and gives a better bathing experience for a long time. Besides, the shape of these tubs is made with care to deliver the intended grip and care that your baby needs while bathing.
  • Find a budget-friendly option – It is a myth that branded products are expensive. You can find a wide range of branded options for an economical price. All you need to do is take the help of a price comparison tool on and find reliable branded options within your price limit. Now compare different available options and pick one that you like the most.
  • Find what other parents have to say Many parents like sharing their experience with specific products. You can read the customer review section to know what these parents have to say about the performance, lacking and hidden benefits of the bathtub you just decided to buy for your little one.
  • Read your purchase carefully – Besides reading customer reviews, you must also go through the product description section to find material, size, and other specifications, including cleaning instructions and care for the baby bathtub you are planning to buy. It will help you make a practical decision.

Buying online is fun and convenient in many ways. But above everything else, this is where you can find all the possible options available in the global market. You must take some time out of your daily life and search a bit deeper to find your possibilities. Review more than one product from different brands and compare them to find which one is better and why. Remember, a bathtub may seem a small item, but a wrong choice can risk your kid’s life while bathing. Hence be really very careful while buying any item for the first time.

Question & Answer

How to use a baby bath pillow?

Always start by cleaning the pillow before putting your baby in it. Before giving a bath to the baby, make sure you have all the toiletries ready and handy in the bathing areas. Never leave the baby unattended in the bath. Now add water to the baby bathtub and put a mat on the water. Adjust the pillow according to the height of the baby and put the baby in the tub. Start by washing the baby from the front and then move to the back. You can use the video tutorial for bathing an infant in a baby bathtub for more assistance.

Which is the best baby bathtub pillow cushion?

Luckily there are many reliable options available in the market today. The suitability of these options may vary according to the height, weight and age of the baby. However, some options can do wonders in every case. Some of these are Summer Infant Baby Bath Cushion; Doomoo Basics; Comfy Bath New Cushion; Blooming Baby Bath, Sponge Mats Infants; and Blooming Bath Lotus. Other options that you can consider are Pixie Portable Bathtub or Banggood Baby Bathtub Pillow Pad Air Cushion.

Where to buy a baby bath cushion online in the UAE?

The best idea is to explore any product search engine . This is where you can find dozens of global brands with their best selling and latest products for babies & toddlers . Here you can easily compare products for price and features on different brands and make a sensible decision for your loved ones. You can find some of the brands at are Summer Infant, Baby Works, Skip Hop, and Doomoo. You can also use the price comparison tool to find products that are set within your budget limitations.

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