About Wristwatches

A wristwatch is a broad term, including all kinds of movements, cases, straps, and other craftsmanship. This term was evolved after pocket watches and created a storm in the watch business. Now that we see so many different variations, we can create our whole collection of watches for every occasion. If you are looking for a specific-purpose watch or a regular one, you would be in a better place if you research a little and then pick the perfect one out of these diverse choices.

Wristwatches are an engineered product, not like every other accessory that you adore with your outfit. So, when buying one, you should be proactive about the features, quality, purpose, aesthetics, and likewise, other parameters associated with making an informed decision. You can divide these parameters as primary and secondary. For example, you may want to put a budget as a primary factor and can compromise with the looks a bit. If budget is not an issue, you should still have your preferences and personal choices in mind. Overall, do not fall for the flashy advertisements, which is why research is a mandated step.

Functional and aesthetical requirements of wristwatches

You can be a golfer, cyclist, pilot, diver, or in most of the technical profession – there is a watch specifically made for you. These watches do more than time-telling, depending on the purpose they serve. Apart from that, these products are also adorned as jewellery pieces in which functional features are minimal but looks are phenomenal. Then, there are also regular watches for everyday business, which is must for you watch collection. You can further enhance your collection by selecting a specific watch for an occasion. Once you separate them with purpose, we don’t think it is difficult to buy wristwatches online in UAE.

Titan wrist watch for men

From wedding, workwear, athleisure, to essentials, you will find endless products at Titan brand. Primary filters that you can apply are strap material, dial colour, strap colour, and budget. You can either go for a similar colour throughout like a black dial and black stainless-steel strap. Some of these are available in their workwear collection and are the most popular. You can also go for a different case and strap styles – the choice is yours. You can explore these men’s wrist watches online at our shopping search engine or even more from other brands.  

SevenFriday wristwatches

SevenFriday is not a dedicated watches’ manufacturer as they have also introduced apparels, glasses, and many other accessories. The motto of their products is to think every day as Friday. So, you can head to their products straight if you also believe in being the life of the party. Also, when you are exploring their products, do not forget to check out spaceship M3/01 inspired product, which has become a favourite of many.

Ladies wristwatches

What is the difference between men and women wristwatches apart from technical specifications like case and strap size? Instead of saying ladies’ wristwatch, we would like to name these products feminine. They are fine pieces of jewellery with a functional feature of time-telling. However, there are other sports watches or digital watches that are same as men’s watches out there. So, it is only these feminine ones that are quite different and extraordinary. Titan raga collection is one such popular collection if you would like to explore.

Tips on how to buy Wristwatches online

From the time watches have been accessorised, many of you wait for the new collection to grab as soon as it hits the store. While we understand the obsession for products, and the joy followed after buying it. We certainly want you to acknowledge the fact that understanding your purchase is equally important, so you know the worth of your collection. Even if you are buying a watch for the first time or not an enthusiast as such, scrutinising the features is a must. Let’s see what all you can consider before hitting the buy button.

  • Contemplate your purpose – Do you want to flaunt it or keep it as a time-teller? There are variations available for both purposes. But do mind that it will influence the price, features, brands, and everything else associated with the product. Then, you can come up to a middle-point also where a product is both aesthetically constructed with top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Type of wristwatch to consider – You can either make it a specific-watch or a regular watch. For example, driver watch, diving watch, pilot watch, and dress watches are some specific kinds with relevant features. Apart from that, a regular good-looking with the convenient time-telling facility is the one you can buy for your regular days.
  • If you are going by the looks – Previously, the case thickness used to tell the quality of a product. Thinner watches used to stand out in quality, but now we have large dial fashion that has acquired the whole marketplace. So, the looks of the watches are subjective and totally depends on your personal choice.
  • Patterns and styles to observe – This is where most of us get stuck as you see online shops are full of beautiful patterns and designs. At one time, you like to keep 3D-style, but stitched leather looks pretty as well. Whatever you choose, make sure that you look at the case and strap styles differently and do not go over-the-top with it.
  • Do not overlook size requirements – Although larger size watches are in fashion, you should still read dimensions written in the specifications list. The case can be large and thick and still look great on you. However, if strap length outsizes your wrist, it is going to look awful. Almost all of the brands mention strap length and case size separately – do check all of it and compare it with your already owned watches.

We hope the tips are well-versed for you to make an informed decision. Now that you have a clear picture of what you want, you can further explore some brands to look for. A few that we would like to mention are Rolex, Apple, Suunto, Fastrack, G Shock, and Omega. You can expect to find them all or even more at our shopping platform, So, hop on to it and see the interesting products worthy of your shopping cart.

Question & Answer

Are wristwatches obsolete?

No, wristwatches are not obsolete, it seems like though. In earlier times, these watches were an essential part of an outfit because how else you get to know the time. Now that you have your phones always in your pocket, you don’t have to worry about time-watching. But still, wristwatches have not gone out of the market. They are not an accessory or an embellishment if not essential. From students to business owners, all love to adorn a watch that elevates their personality. We guess you have got your answer about watches running out of business or not.

Where to buy wristwatches?

If you love watches and keep an eye on a new collection, you might know that this market has the most counterfeit products. So, it becomes imperative that you buy from an authentic source. Our product search engine is Dubai’s one of the most authentic source wherein seamless shopping experience is guaranteed. You can expect fast and affordable drive with a quality product list and genuine reviews to further validate your decision. Hop on to it now and check by yourself.

How to measure wristwatches?

There are these five things to notice when you measure watches for perfect wrist size. These include case size, lugs, case thickness, wrist circumference, and strap length. The first size, the case does not include lugs. So, measure your wrist and leave the space for lugs and buckle fastener. It is your personal choice whether you want to carry a large and thick case that covers your whole wrist or want a small subtle product. Next, wrist circumference depends on strap length and varies for men and women products. Your product is of larger size if the strap is left even after rounding it once. You can make more holes or add loops to make the watch fit properly.

Which brand is best for ladies’ watch?

We think accessories like watches are not gender-specific, especially formal and sports watches. But yes, if you want to adore feminine kinds, you can go for brands like Casio, Titan, and Fossil. Their feminine collection is elegant and diverse. You will find materials like glass, metal, leather, fabric, and lots more. A few titan ones have must-explore 3D styles inside the case and patterned strap. They have a perfect amalgamation of being subtle yet head-turning.

We hope you now have a broader perspective of a wristwatch purchase. We know that we often overlook tiny details of products and go by the looks only. Looks are important, no doubt in that, but durability, quality, and standing up to the price are equally noticeable. So, rather than impulsive shopping, make an informed decision by exploring products at our shopping platform, Not just wristwatches, but you can expect to see more collection under our watches section. Do not miss to check that out too.