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About Watch Straps

One mind-blowing tip that can upgrade the aesthetics of any watch you want to buy is you should take the dial and watch strap as two different products. These both parts have their unique style and specifications, so it is imperative you look at them as individual products’. Coming to watch straps only, they have the huge possibility of taking your watch to the next level. So, dig-in more before you buy any.

Watch strap modification is nothing new in the market. It has been occurring every now and then with new and upgraded variations. If you remember, there has been a product with dial and multiple fabric straps along with that. So, you can literally change the strap every day and match it with your outfits. Those were kids’ stuff back then, but we have now the same modification available for high-end watches too. Different materials, patterns, and hook styles – everything is well within reach. All you got to do is spend an ample amount of time to explore, compare, and shop.

Materials to look for when buying watch straps

Leather, metal, and fabric are the three most common watch strap materials. Each material delivers enormous designs to choose from. For example, a classic leather has variations like stitched leather, grained leather, double ridged, rally strap, and bund strap. But leather is an expensive purchase to make, so you can go for omega Nato straps if looking for something affordable. You can also check out Perlon nylon straps, which has nylon threads weaved into each other and can fit into any wrist. Now, we have metal products like oyster bracelet styles, president bracelet, jubilee bracelet, engineer bracelet, mesh bracelet, and many more. If you are unknown of these terms, you can check all of them at our shopping platform,

Leather watch strap

Leather straps can complement vintage, stylish, or literally any look possible. And this diversity is logical with the fact that leather is one of the oldest materials available for watch straps. From many generations, customers have believed genuine leather made of animals’ skin as the only authentic leather. However, with the rise of vegan followers, faux leather or synthetic leather has gained momentum and is in demand, much like genuine leather. Plus, the latter one is pocket friendly as well, but the downside is that they are less durable. We hope these facts would help you in buying handmade leather watch straps, so keep them in mind while shopping.   

Omega nato straps

Nato straps are gender and age-neutral because kids, adults, men, and women love these straps equally. Mostly of nylon material, these straps are easy to wear, lightweight, and lets you pull a classy look without much effort. About the technicalities, Omega bands have good tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. Their buckles and keepers are of stainless steel, and strap size goes from 18mm to 22m. They do not limit themselves with a nylon material but also have leather polyester, velcro, denim, and other synthetic fibres that you can explore at our shopping platform, You can also check out and buy nato straps on Seiko available in varied combinations and patterns.

Luxury apple watch bands

Apple watch bands do not need an introduction to tell you about their presence in the market. But do you know that you can customise your apple watches with a different brand’s watch straps? Yes, some of the top brands’ like Hermes, Coach, and Shinola have come up with such products. One of the favourite styles of customers is Hermes’ swift leather double tour band that wraps twice around your wrist and undoubtedly looks the best. If you want a feminine elegance, you can definitely go for a silicone strap with a scalloped edge. One more must-to-see watch band is Aubergine modern buckle that has a magnetic closure with a two-piece buckle. If you too are longing to grab the best apple watch straps, do explore our product search engine.

Tips on how to buy Watch straps online

There are many things the best watch strap should be, but it should never be the same. Simply, it won’t make any sense if you have a collection of watches, but all of them have straps with a similar colour and style. We have discussed various types of watch straps on this page, which would be helpful in your purchase. It would be great if you try to come out of your comfort zone and try a material or colour or even a design that you have never worn before. But before picking one, do give some tips a read.

  • Accurate size – This tip would be helpful if you are buying a strap for your old watch. You can measure the size between the lugs of your dial, and this is exactly the size you need to buy. Typically, you can see the size from 18mm to 24mm, and it can even reach up to 38mm as well. However, if you want to modify your watch with having wide straps, you need to take your watch to a watch repair shop and get those lugs placed accordingly.
  • Right length – If you have a small or big wrist, you have to be extra cautious while shopping. For smaller wrists, there is still an option to punch more holes on the strap, but that would also lead you to compromise with the looks. Therefore, it is better to choose the right one that fits your wrist the best.
  • Customised option – You need to check if the dial you have already is good to go with the strap change. Some old watch bands do not let you replace the strap already mounted, which means you have to buy a whole new watch if you are craving for a change of colour on your wrist. You still have an option to modify the dial if possible.
  • Buy tools – If you like to replace the watch strap by yourself, you need the tools for it. Spring bar tool, small screwdriver, and spring bar are three necessary tools. Spring bars are required if you need a new one or if your watch is missing on these. You can even buy the whole kit online and do it yourself.
  • Check hardware – Suppose you are buying a watch strap and once it arrives, the product is missing loops and buckles. Maybe it is not actually missing, but the manufacturer is only selling the band without loops and buckles. You need to check the specifications list thoroughly to not end up dissatisfied.

We hope the tips would help you in purchasing the product you are eyeing on without any doubts. Now what you need is a good platform to shop. Our platform that contains trustworthy brands and authentic online shops is one of Dubai’s best product finder, that is You will find brands such as Apple, Samsung, G Shock, Panerai, Hermes, Rolex, Hublot, Tag Heuer, Fossil, and many more. You will even get to compare different brands, read customer reviews, and grab the best deals, all under one roof.

Question & Answer

How to measure watch strap size?

Take a ruler, handle it from the centimetre side, put it in between the lugs of the dial, and measure it. Let’s suppose the measurement says 2 cm but the specifications online are usually in mm. You just have to suffix a zero to convert cm into mm. In this case, 2 cm would be 20mm, and that’s what you need – a watch strap with size 20mm. If you are wondering what lugs are, the four extensions on both the sides of the dial that secures the strap are known as lugs.

Can you wash a watch strap?

Dust, dirt, and sweat can cause your watch strap to stain, and worse is that the strap can get prone to wear and tear if not protected well. Therefore, it is important to wash them frequently. However, washing them needs you to follow different methods for different strap materials. For example, you can wash your leather strap with soap and water after which you can apply leather oil. On the other hand, you can put your nylon strap inside your sock and wash it in a washing machine. You can also use soap and water, though.

Which apple watch strap is best for swimming?

Now watch out the difference here that we are talking about watch straps. Your apple watch can be waterproof, but your band might not. Apple’s fluoroelastomer sport band and sport loop are best for swimmers. However, the latter one is made of woven nylon, which takes longer to dry out as compared to fluoroelastomer. If you see your bands’ material as steel or leather, do not even consider thinking to swim wearing it.

Which watch strap is best?

If you have a budget constraint, the best strap for you could be silicone or rubber as compared to genuine leather. Also, leather straps have less shelf life as they get wrinkles and demands replacement more often. But if affluent is what in your mind, leather and metal straps could be the one for you.  Metal is a good option if their heavyweight doesn’t bother you. Also, if your location has a sweaty climate, wearing nylon for longer durations could become a daunting task for you. Thus, the best strap is what gives your wrist the comfort it needs.

That’s all! Another important advice we have for you is to keep other spare parts at hand like springs if you like replacing the straps often. You can buy these watch parts at our shopping search engine. But focussing on watch straps right now, hop on to and see all the interesting products worthy of your shopping cart.