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About Watch Parts

Each and every part that assembles a single watch is counted as watch parts. For example, watch batteries, movement, hands, crown, stems, crystals, bands, are some of the parts. Buying even the tiniest one is a daunting task as you have to match the compatibility with a brand and scrutinise product’s value to its core. The bought one thereby has to be consistent as per the watch model itself; it would degrade the overall products’ quality otherwise. So, dig-in as much information as you can before adding a product into your shopping cart.

The type of watch you hold in your hands says a lot of the approach you should take while repairing it. You may be little concerned about shopping online when you have a luxury watch, and the concern is considerable. Sometimes, you don’t even get these parts online, and you have to approach the manufacturers in that case. Keeping that aside, you can get all other watches’ parts online and that too authentic. If you are a watch professional, you may want to buy these watch parts in wholesale – you can get that too.

Wristwatch parts inside out

Let’s classify the watch parts as inside parts and outside parts. Outside one are those visible, such as a crown, dial, lug, case, crystal, strap, bezel, hands, and buckle. If you are going to change any of these, you can either grab the same piece or a changed one to make yours a new watch. Coming to the inside parts, you can say the technical name is watch movement inside which there are many tiny parts. For example, watch battery, spring, wheel, barrel, gasket, and many others. Most of the times, you got to buy watch batteries online as they run out after a few years. Or you may have dropped your not-so-waterproof watch in the water, but in this case, an expert needs to take a look inside the movement to get all the water out. Likewise, other repairs are done.

Seiko quartz movement

Seiko’s grand quartz movement is very much hyped up, but there is a reason behind. While all other movements in the world are usually assembled automatically, the Seiko’s one is entirely a hands’ job. It is not an easy job as the mechanism of any movement is quite complex. It depends on a battery as a power source, which then sends electricity to an oscillator that vibrates. Some integrated circuit detects the vibrations and sends accurate signals to the step motor. Finally, this motor activates according to the time signals and rotates the watch hands and other gears as needed. So, if you are looking to buy watch movement online in UAE, make sure you grab the best craftsmanship job.

Watch strap replacement

Strap replacements are very common. Some of you get bored with your watch and make up your mind to change the strap because that changes the overall. You can either change the material or the strap or get it in bold patterns. The choice is completely yours and even getting them both changed is also an option. All you need to take care is the product must be compatible with the dial. So, make sure you get the right colour, either matching or contrasting – your choice. You can explore and buy watch straps online at our shopping platform, We have a plethora of products that will definitely match your needs.

G Shock replacement parts

Watch companies previously used to sell their parts to individuals whoever contacts them. But now their customer base is expanded and looking for individuals’ query is not possible. There may be other reasons for this step whatsoever. However, they now have distributors to cater to the customers’ needs. In that case, you can hop on to our shopping platform for any kind of G Shock replacement parts. Also, many of you might feel stuck at the G Shock’s limited band availability and even consider looking for other brands to get it fulfilled. Well, that is an option you can explore. G Shock Nato strap kit is something you can check out or find more at our shopping search engine.

Tips on how to buy Watch parts online

You can consider every part of the watch as a product itself. These parts altogether make or break the reputation of any watch out there. So, if you are trying to replace them, you need to be very careful as it will influence the whole product. Here, we can help you with some considerations to note before hitting the buy button. You can also consult a watch expert if you still can’t figure out the purchase.

  • Check the expiry date – A product value is very much related to its durability. So, whenever you buy any new part, make sure to check the expiry date. This will lessen your repair visits and thus helps in keeping your product intact.
  • Overall product value – Thoroughly read the specifications, and you may get the idea of the overall quality. Brands are the next thing to focus as a few watches need their original parts. If you see many types online, comparing the products with each other can lead you to the best one.
  • About product’s consistency – The product is of no use with three years of expiry date if it lowers its performance within months or a year. For example, choosing a watch battery with silver oxide offers voltage persistence for years.
  • Visible parts buying – Watch crown, hands, pockets watch chains – these are some of the visible watch parts that you feel the need to change. The purpose may be to change the look, or repair the broken parts. In any case, you can still change the aesthetics if you like.

These tips maybe not all but enough to give you a broader perspective of buying watch parts that these products are tiny but able to make or break the product’s value. Our retail search engine can give you an excellent start as we have got multiple brands some of which we would love to mention – Rolex, Omega, Fossil, Tissot, Nixon, and Jacob & Co. You will all of them or even more upon your visit to our shopping platform,

Question & Answer

What is the cost of a watch battery?

A pack of two batteries can merely cost you AED6, or AED8, or max AED10. However, this does not include replacement services. Sometimes, the watch repair shop can give you the product in a few minutes or at other times, you have to leave the product for days. You can check out the individual price of watch batteries from different brands at our shopping search engine. You can also check out our discount section of watch parts for sale.

What is the most common watch battery to buy?

Lithium watch batteries are the most common in watches. They are handy with a lifespan of up to a decade under certain conditions. Then, there are other watches like alkaline, mercury, solar, and silver oxide. Many times, you will find the batteries interchangeable, but you should not do so if the manufacturer specifies a kind. You can consult the brand or even any local repair shop with the best batteries to use.

How to lubricate watch movement?

Here, the products and process equally contribute to positive results. So, make sure you have the best-quality chief essentials like oil applicator, oil cup, and the oil itself. Now, the ways can be different, depending on the watches’ brand and your convenience. Dip oilers, automatic oilers, and oil cups are three applicators to use. The most common one that is dip oilers is the applicators in which you have to dip their tip into the oil and place it into the area to be oiled. The method is more or less the same in other applications.

Where can I buy watch parts?

Buying watch parts can be a tricky task as one wrong part can drag down any product’s durability. Thus, choosing an authentic shopping platform is must here. We totally recommend you explore our product search engine, showcasing the best of all brands. You can also read genuine customer reviews, compare the products through our advance filters, and make an informed decision.

It is not just watches, but every other gadget is an amalgamation of one or more quality parts inside. If at any given moment, you will feel that there is a need for replacement of these watch parts, you got to make it as perfect as it was before. For that, you can trust our shopping platform Plus, we are fast, affordable, and capable of catering to all other watch requirements and speaking of which, we have a dedicated watch section you can explore.