About Smartwatches

Smartwatches have a huge range with endless variations. It can be a portable timepiece or a portable mini-computer based on your choice of purchase. Clearly, there are many kinds of smartwatches available in the marketplace and choosing one need you to be well aware of them all. Spend some time to explore the products online and see what interests you the most.

Smartwatches are wrist smartphones, you can say. They have all the capabilities your smartphone has but with a smaller screen and slightly different console. If we go back to history and try to find where the idea got rooted, then it was after digital watches created a storm in the market in 1972. Soon after, watch industries that were seeing a deep blow down due to smart technologies started adding more and feature to the watches to lure their customers back. And thus, we have smartwatches today on our hands that you can buy contemplating some basic to advanced versions.

Typical features of any smartwatch

It isn’t boastful to say that smartwatches can beat any other wearable technology invented till today. It can easily replace your technical gadgets like fitness bands, viper pod, Viber band, and many others. Therefore, you can call it a fitness smartwatch as well. Other than that, your smartwatch connected with your smartphone can push all the notifications thereby cutting off your time wasted on your phone because you reach your phone to check notification to see if it is important or not. What more you can ask for? The battery of the watch can go up to 14 days or more. If you have a budget constraint, you can check some cheap smartwatches in Dubai, UAE.

Ladies smartwatch

Thinking of features men and women desire in their smartwatch, we can say that these watches are unisex. Other than fancy bands if you want to replace or modify the looks, there are no other features that differentiate with gender. Everyone wants fitness tracker, phone tracker, sleep monitor, pedometer, and social media embedded in their watch. Despite the features that are same, something that you should consider while shopping for a lady is the size, length, dial shape, and overall looks of the watch if it complements your wrist. Some of the products that you can see are Apple watch series 5, Fitbit versa smartwatch, Fossil gen 4 venture, and some newest smartwatch Samsung that are worth looking for.

Smartwatch for kids with GPS

Smartwatches for kids need safety integration, and one of which is being GPS-enabled. These gadgets inherit multiple safety features out of which one is to make emergency calls or texts in case of any mishap. You have to save emergency contacts and make sure the gadget has enough charging all the time. Other features include air sensitivity tracker, GPS tracker, sleep monitor, and many more. All of these features can be easily monitored by parents through their smartphones once synchronised with their kid’s smartwatch. Although the watch is full of features, the looks also are up to children’s’ fulfilment. Other than that, you can also find built-in games applications, sound effects, and other features so that kids can interact.

Luxury smartwatch

What makes a smartwatch luxurious? The old-age brand, its craftsmanship, customer base, and consistency is what makes a brand luxurious. These kinds of watches may have less in features, but the craftsmanship is way beyond others. Overall, the build and aesthetics of these products need no introduction, which is why they expensive too. You will find expensive raw materials used in manufacturing, such as titanium casing and strap from organic rubber. And their aesthetics are such that you never get the urge to compare one watch with the other because every luxury product stands complete.  Some of the products we can list include de Grisogono Samsung gear S2, custom-made luxury Apple watch, Tag Heuer connected modular full diamond smartwatch, and more.

Tips on how to buy Smartwatches online

If you have explored the products yet, you might already know the huge number of features these watches come with. These are neither one size fits all, so scrutinising every bit of them is well needed. If you want the latest technology on your wrist, let it stand up to your expectations in terms of specifications and looks. Here, we have gathered some tips to narrow down your purchase and let you buy the best smartwatch for men or women.

  • Compatibility – Any smartwatch can be of no use to you if it is not compatible with your smartphone. Not every product fits in the role. For example, Samsung gear sport can work well with android but not that smooth with iPhone headsets. And Fitbit versa is good to go with both android and iPhone. So, you would be in a better place if you check the compatibility beforehand.
  • Display – LCD and OLED are two kinds of displays available in the smartwatches and both of them trade-off with the battery life. The only difference is that LCD is thicker than OLED. If you crave for what’s in trend and in demand, then go for the OLED as it is the latest invention.
  • Interface – Button and touch interface are two types that all the smart gadgets have. As smartwatches have a small screen, it becomes difficult to select the options via touch option. Therefore, products come with added button options to zoom in and out. This is must check for smooth navigation.
  • Design – Most brands give you the option to choose the colour and size of the watch band before buying. Apart from that, you can also choose a watch with a strap that is replaceable in case you want to change them later.
  • Battery – You cannot keep charging a wearable device just like you charge your phone. Therefore, the battery life of a smartwatch is usually 15 days or more. After these said days, your smartwatch can run but only as a time-telling device without the smart integration.
  • Brands – You cannot trust any other brand when it comes to buying gadgets. To simplify, we are listing a few brands for you and for more you may hop on to Brands you will see include Huawei, Fossil, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, MI, Michael kors, Ticwatch, Fitbit, and Casio.

It is important to review the products and their elements before you finally decide the investment. Other customers’ feedbacks can help validate your already made decision. It can also enhance in a way that you find real facts written there. At our shopping search engine, you can expect to have only genuine reviews, so you never end up with a dissatisfying product.

Question & Answer

Are smartwatches waterproof?

Not all smartwatches are waterproof unless it is mentioned under the specifications list. Even if you find the mention of the product being waterproof, that may be not enough. You also need to check the depth. Let’s say if the product says it is water-resistant to 50m beyond the said depth, your watch will get exposed to water. There are other parameters, such as pressure and time adds to the waterproof abilities. Thus, if you are particularly looking for fitness smartwatches for swimming purpose, investigate the waterproof feature the most.

What’s the latest Samsung smartwatch?

Galaxy watch active2 is the latest Samsung smartwatch and is the best you could ask for. With this watch on your wrist, you can stay connected with your apps and music even without your phone. Aesthetically, you can just click a photo of your attire, and the watch face will get customised accordingly. You can track your fitness activities including running, cycling, rowing, and swimming with the waterproof depth of 50m. Tracking stress and heart rate are possible too. With magnetic wireless charging, military-grade durability, third-party apps, LTE function compatibility, this smartwatch is worth the purchase.

Who buys smartwatches?

In 2016, the annual sale of wearable gadgets was around 102 million out of which smartwatches played a significant role. According to NPD’s data of the same year, 71% of smartwatch buyers are men while 29% are female. But then, we saw brands like Michael kors, Pebble time round, and Moto with their smartwatches due to which they got immense requests from women buyers. Mostly, smartwatch owners are between the age of 18-34 years, and beyond 34, customers are more interested in buying fitness tracker only.

Where to buy smartwatches in Dubai?

At our shopping platform, you can buy fossil smartwatch online or any other big brand without thinking of counterfeit products. By any chance, if you get a second thought, you can always read genuine reviews available at the platform for all the buyers. Also, you can compare products with each other and come to an informed decision due to the availability of multiple brands. All this under one roof can literally save a lot of your time.

Now that you know everything about smartwatches starting from their features to buying needs, it’s time to start looking for the perfect watch for you. With their growing popularity, smartwatches are becoming age and gender-neutral. Old people are purchasing them because of fitness tracking, parents are buying them for their kids, and men and women have all the purposes of buying one. Without any ado, you can now start scrolling them here at