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About Digital Watches

Digital watches are tech-savvy, aesthetical, and loaded with exciting other features. Even if you have a whole watch collection, that can’t be complete without a digital one in it. If you are looking for one, do not fall for some random advertisement. The best approach is to invest some time, research the products and compare them before you hit the buy button. Honestly, we can’t think of any other way to grab the best of all.

Digital watches are not just another collection of sports watches, which is what many of you think. Look at Skmei and Casio brands, and you can explore some subtle digital products too. That’s something we really want to convey. Until you don’t research, you don’t know what all you have in your reach. Moreover, digital watches are the only products in the watch industry that equally appeal to adults and kids. So, if you are looking to buy digital watches online in UAE, spare some of your time to dig-in products, brands, shops, and offers.

It all started with kids’ digital watches

Going back to history, we saw that kids were the biggest target audience of digital watchmakers. These watches of the ’70s were the fantasy world of kids and teenagers. Almost all products used to have lighted dials, stopwatches, calendars, and alarms with musical tunes. Soon after, watches started losing out on fashion appeal and thus faded in the market only to regain their position back with the rise of smart technology. And now, not only kids but we can see digital watches with a wide spectrum of buyers. And so, the features have been adjusted accordingly, adding GPS, music formats, social media, and other digital wonders to a small screen. If you are curious to see price tags before reading more, check out digital watch prices in the UAE on our platform

Unconventional features of electronic watches

Time-telling, calendar, and stopwatch were the features we had in watches until digital watches came to the market. Well, these products are smartphones in the shape of watches. You can even call them wrist phones. You can use them in your workout to track the number of steps, run, heart rate, temperature, and lots more. Other than that, you can also grab a specific watch for sports like diving and others like a field watch and a dress watch. The collection is endless, and so are the features embedded in them. You can check out the top ten digital watches, get to know more, tick all the features you want, and make an informed decision in the end.

Analog combo digital watches for men

It may sound weird that you want one watch to tell the time in two different ways. But then, many of you find these products amazing due to their looks. Also, the concept is kind of unique and unconventional perfect for those always craving new products. A small case has been designed well to fit in watchbands and digital screens. Some of them even have sub-dials. Usually, it is a simple analog watch with a digital screen in place of one of the sub-dials. From subtle to flashing ones, you will find many such products on our shopping search engine.

Michael kors digital watch

Something about the brand, Michael Kors is not a dedicated watch brand like Casio, Tissot, Timex, and others. Watches is one of the products on their list, and they have it damn well. You must check out their smartwatch collection, and you will be amazed to look at some of the best ana-digi watches. These are elegant yet so full of the oomph factor. The pink tone with black dials, the gold tone, and the tri-tone gives us the vibe of watches you won’t find elsewhere. Check all of them at our shopping platform,

Casio illuminator watch

The illuminator is a feature that brightens up the dial to improve visibility at night or in shades. A very basic Casio illuminator watch has plastic band material, quartz movement, and an EL backlight. Other features are water resistance, a daily alarm, and a stopwatch, which usually comes in everyone’s favourite black colour. This may be the cheap and best digital watch to adore on your wrist. But do look at some advanced versions also with more technologies and more features. You might also find our tips section relevant to narrow down your purchase further.

Tips on how to buy Digital watches

Buying digital watches or any watch seems simple, and it indeed is unless you don’t know what to look for. Everything you buy has a purpose, and likewise, a watch is an accessory that makes your outfit complete. Digital watches, on the other hand, give a modern and energetic vibe. You can match them with many outfits and elevate your overall look. Here, we have compiled a few tips to consider before you hit the buy button on a product you have been eyeing on.

  • Features – Digital watches carry smart features in them, so more than features, it is a purpose that you want to buy. For example, a watch with a heart rate monitor, GPS, stopwatch, timer, weather predictions ability and internal memory is a watch worth paying for. You can either find all of these features in one watch or a few in one.
  • Material – Stainless steel, plastic chassis, and mixed rubber are a few materials you will find in straps. The dial is again either glass or plastic. Besides material, you also need to check on the quality of the strap as a weak strap can become wearing a watch impossible.
  • Size – No one can tell you the correct size of the product than you. It is completely your call to measure your wrist and look for the size that will match the most. Some of you like the large dial fashion, while some go with the smaller ones. You may better be with the average size when the product is for office use.
  • Strap type – You can choose between hook type and buckle type based on your personal choice. Some of you like wearing hook types because they are easy to wear and remove. Also, if you already have a buckle type watch, you can go for the other type or vice versa.
  • Durability – Apart from the brand that indeed influences the durability of the material, you should look at some other features. For example, water resistance, shock resistance, and water compatibility are some specifications to include.
  • Mechanism – Quartz, mechanical, or automatic are three mechanisms of any watch, not just digital. Quartz watches are pocket friendly as compared to mechanical and automatic ones. Therefore, if you want to cut down on your budget, you can choose a quartz one.
  • Specifications – Chronograph, altimeter, barometer, and compass, are some extra features you might want to demand depending on your usage. For instance, if you need minimal accessories for your trekking trip, then a barometer-integrated watch can be the best purchase.

We hope these tips will be helpful in your purchase. Besides this, you should also be cautious about the platform you choose to shop on because there are many counterfeit copies in the market when it comes to brands. For that, you can think of considering one of Dubai’s authentic and trustworthy platforms – We would like to mention some brands that you will find here. These include Tissot, Adidas, Bulova, Gucci, Garmin, and Braun, among others. You will find more upon your visit.

Question & Answer

Are digital watches good?

Many of you, when looking for gadgets, want an all-in-one product, and the same goes for watches as well. And that’s what digital watches bring in when purchased. They can accentuate your outfit, plus they can watch your health by telling you your heart monitor. You can check the weather, store your files, put an alarm, fix a meeting, and whatnot. The integrated smart technologies are endless, but most importantly, digital watches have been more accurate than analog ones in terms of time-telling. Considering these reasons, we can say that digital watches are good to buy.

Can digital watches be repaired?

Yes! You can make digital watches get repaired from any possible damage by the manufacturer or local watch repair shop. Despite the display differences, the mechanism underneath is the same, which is well understood by watch experts. Therefore, you can easily repair the damages like dying battery, waterproof issues, fading LCD, strap break, accuracy problems, or any other problem related to mechanism or display.

Where to buy a digital watch?

Buying a watch of your choice can be a daunting task because there is a lot to do. You got to explore the collection of all reputed brands, compare them with each other, read reviews, and even fix your budget in the end. But what if you get to do all these steps under one roof. Our retail search engine is the one you can trust as we promise a seamless shopping experience for all our visitors and buyers. It is a one-stop solution with dedicated corners made to fulfil all your requirements. Check it out and find it by yourself.

How much does a digital watch cost?

You can buy a unisex Casio digital watch worth AED64, or you can buy a Tissot’s ana-digi watch worth AED 3,633. There are expensive products in the Casio brand as well, but the difference in price concludes the multi-functional features of the watch you are eyeing on. So, the more the features, the more the price. Other factors influencing the price tag include strap and dial material, mechanism, brand, and the platform on which you opt to shop. I hope that clears some clouds of budget worries.

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