Chronograph Watches

About Chronograph Watches

A watch is a need, but it’s the aesthetical factor that makes you choose between different kinds of watches. You may even have a collection, and a chronograph watch is an addition you will definitely love. A unique look is this watch’s charm, but there is more to know before buying. Hence, do not just click on the buy button because of looks alone. And the answer to ‘what else to check out’ needs you to explore, compare, and buy in the same order. Even before you start to explore, read a bit about the product you want to buy. It will make your purchase an informed decision.

Before grabbing a chronograph watch, you should first read a bit about the product starting from its history. However, you may feel like there is no need or logic behind reading the historical developments of a product you want to purchase. Truly, it doesn’t matter! But being a smart shopper, you would agree that it indeed adds validation to your purchase. First, you will clearly not buy a random watch out of impulse. Second, it gives a sense of pride knowing the product’s progress so far and that you own one of the best versions of it. A mere understanding of the product can make it all possible, and that is why you should spend some time exploring some itsy bitsy details.

Chronograph watches from 1816s

It is fascinating that these watches are that old, like from the 1816s. It has been used in astrology and horse riding and wherever there is a need to record time down to the last second. By the looks of these watches, they seem complex with different dials. Initially, these dials serve two purposes – time telling and stopwatch ability. The second feature is for recording horse races accurately. The word chronograph actually means time writer. But that was the initial purpose. Now that the watch has more buyers other than ones on the horse racing field, the makers have added more features to make the product adaptable and fancy looking. You should perhaps add these new features to your knowledge to grab the best chronograph watch in Dubai, UAE.

The modern innovation of chronograph watches

From looks to features, many things have changed, and seasoning on the top is – this watch is not gender biased at all. At least, we think so, but we leave the decision to you, depending on your personal choices. First, let’s talk about some specifications other than time-telling. From recording horse races, as the purpose of original watches, it can now be used in aviation, automobiles, naval navigation, and even deep-sea diving. The modern outlook also makes it different by having three sub-dials of hours, minutes, and seconds. Many modern products even incorporate moveable bezels for rapid calculations. As we said, the features are unlimited in these chronograph watches. Due to this, you will find many brands with varying models to choose from. You need to scrutinise the products enough to grab the best buy.

Premium watch brands versus fashion brands

You should understand the difference between buying a watch from one out of many fashion brands or from a premium watch brand. Premium watch brands put more emphasis on craftsmanship, and they also try to maintain the originality of the product. In contrast, fashion brands can be more flexible with their features, looks, and even budget. Maybe you will go for a premium brand like Tag Heuer if this is your first purchase. If this is another addition to your collection, then fashion brands can be your choice. For that, Armani chronograph watches are one of the brands to explore. Another advantage of buying with fashion brands is you get to buy the best yet on a budget. So, decide and buy!

Tissot chronograph watches

The Tissot brand has a collection of chronograph watches, such as vintage, heritage, automatic, and Powermatic. Based on the collection, they have been given the appeal and mechanisms. For example, the vintage watch has an antique design of a gold case with Arabic numerals. Also, the heritage collection inspires the racing times and is built in a manner that alludes to pilots’ steering wheels of the time. Likewise, you will find styles matching the collection title in some shape or form. Either it will be dials, straps, or any other special effects that make the vintage collection product look vintage. You should explore every collection to see what pleases your eyes. For that, you must visit Tissot chronograph online shops on our shopping platform that is

Chronograph watches with one button

These watches usually have got pushers or buttons on the side to deliver the function of the stopwatch. With one button, you can start the stopwatch, and with another button, you can hit it back to the start. There are very rare products in the market that gives you only one button for the stopwatch to function. Two of them are Frank Muller’s 18k white gold single button and Patek Philippe’s single-button chronograph with vertical registers, sector-dial, and pulsometer-scale. You may feel fascinated more with these kinds of features if you are a watch collector. If yes, then you will be more than happy to see other such products available under one roof on our platform that is

Women’s chronograph watches

Since the time we started wearing watches, we have always marked a line between men’s and women’s watches. To many of you, chronograph watches are manly, but we don’t think so. Of course, styling a bigger watch may feel like a style breaker at times when you don’t suit up well. Thinking of that, many brands have proposed their women’s collection of chronograph watches. You can check Tissot’s chronograph watch with an anti-reflective sapphire dial, fold over push button clasp, and water resistance feature up to 100m. These features do not make your life exciting any day, but they sure make your attire complete and pump up your confidence. You can also check out our diverse range to buy chronograph watches for ladies.

Tips on how to buy Chronograph Watches

Whether you are going for the looks of the chronograph watches or the functions of it, you should know a few things before buying. Besides, you should also understand your purpose of buying. Answer yourself whether you want a watch as a fashion accessory or an essential addition to your attire. At first, it may seem unnecessary thinking. But if you want to give your watch its share of public attention, you should not take it as any other accessory. So, all you need to do is carry out well-formed research. And to begin with, we have compiled some fine points to consider.

  • Legibility – A chronograph watch looks complex, but it should not be complex to read. Colour combinations and the size of the watch matters a lot here. Do not let your product’s design and style overpower the usability of a watch. Choose something that you can use to track time with convenience.
  • Fortification – Looks and sturdiness equally contribute to the quality of the product. You should make sure that your watch can withstand scratches and scrapes. These features become crucial if your work involves being out exposed to external elements.
  • Weight – It is usually 1 to 1.7 pounds, which is pretty accommodating to carry around all day. Bulova, Citizen, and Tissot have got some products way less than the general weight capacity. This feature is a parameter to distinguish the quality of the product. The technology used inside in the making may have cheap standards, which will influence the weight. Hence, consider this feature for convenience as well as a quality measure.
  • Features – You should know some key features, which brands provide. These include a 44-48mm stainless steel case, mineral dial window, Japanese quartz movement, and water resistance. Some will have stainless steel bracelet style while some will have polyurethane band with buckle push-button closure. Your personal choices may influence the features to add or remove from the product.
  • Origin – The product can be an in-house or third-party range. In-house designs are exclusive because they exhibit handwork and fine functional finishing. They come under the luxury category. However, third-party timepieces are produced in bulk and available readily. Their replacement parts are in ready supply and service is relatively inexpensive.

We hope the tips would be helpful in your shopping drive. But apart from that, you need another useful information to narrow down your purchase – a brands’ list. So, a few of the brands that are worth mentioning include Casio, Seiko, Cartier, Panerai, Fossil, and Omega. Upon your visit to our shopping search engine, you will find all these brands or even more such names under one roof. You can then filter, compare, read reviews, and shop at ease.

Question & Answer

Do chronograph watches use batteries?

The chronograph watches are either digital or automatic. Both have different mechanisms related to the power source. The non-digital one does not require a battery because it works solely on kinetic energy. This energy is produced by your wrist movements, which provides the total energy source needed for the watch to work. However, a digital chronograph uses a battery to gain power. There are further classifications of these watches that exist, but battery usage is more or less the same as we mentioned.

How long do chronograph watches last?

Usually, watches are designed to last a lifetime. They just need servicing from time to time. And if any mishap happens, you can replace any part of the watch. Typically, the servicing should be done in three to four years, but that depends on your upkeep as well. You should take care of the watch storage and excessive utilisation. Also, the way you wind your watch on your wrist should be with warmth and care. At last, if you feel bored with the current watch, you can try replacing the strap rather than completely replacing the whole product. Believe us! A strap change creates a whole lot of difference to the product.

What are the best chronograph watches?

Well, the best product is all about your preferences. However, we would like to name a few models with the best features you might like. The first one is Tag Heuer Aquaracer with thousand feet of diving capability. It has a stainless-steel band and a case with quartz movement. The second one is the more subtle looking watch of the Seiko brand, and the model is in the collection of classic steel. You will find this watch with a 38mm case and a classic leather band. It also has water resistance capability, but only up to 330 feet. There are more such unique products that are to offer in the marketplace. We suggest looking on our retail search engine to explore.

Where to buy a chronograph watch in Dubai?

An authentic platform can solve half of your shopping troubles. All other queries related to shopping the best can be resolved by just being at the right place. In that case, you can commence your shopping drive on our product search engine. It is a shopping platform with dedicated sections for different categories and consists of multiple brands and shops to explore. A chronograph watch from different brands, gender-based or gender-neutral, and products with a flexible budget range – you will find it all on Check out now!