Water Balloons

About Water Balloons

When your kids don’t want to compromise on playing even when it’s heating the sun outside, what’s better than water balloons to cheer them up! Whether it is a summer camp, games period or just a lazy summer day, there is a massive list of water games you can plan for your kids. Read on to explore more!

Water-filled balloons are excellent toys to beat the high temperatures of summer. When filled up with water, they acquire a size relatively smaller than air or gas balloons. You can plan a wide array of water activities with them. They may range from balloon toss, squat relay to volleyball and hot potato. It is easy to fill them with an indoor faucet, outdoor tap or even garden hose pipe. These cheap water balloons are quite interesting. But, due to the non-biodegradable nature of some balloon materials, they have been in a bad light for decades. However, the good news is that the non-biodegradable alternatives have brought the kids back into the game. Continue reading to explore other improved varieties to make your game total fun.

All about popular versions of small water balloons

They come in a wide variety depending on their size, shape, and material. Like air balloons, most water-filled balloons are of latex, whereas some can be of mylar. Some people are seen using gas or helium balloons as water-filled balloons, but you should not prefer them. They have a thick wall and can attain a huge shape like a basketball when you fill water inside them. It is not appropriate for games. Wet balloons, by contrast, take a pear shape and approximate size of a baseball. When filled with water, you must tie a knot over its neck. They are total fun, but a few things like hard tying up and slow decomposing make them a bit tough. So, read on, explore some improved versions to up your game and find fantastic varieties of water balloons for sale.

Self-sealing water balloons

A balloon fight cannot be huge fun if you spend so much time filling water and tying balloons. So, here enter the balloons that come with a unique mechanism of self-sealing. It means that you do not have to tie a knot over the balloon after filling the water inside it. To use a self-sealing balloon, you have to open the ring under a tap to fill the water. When it attains the required size, hold it upright, pull up the neck and snap. It gets sealed in no time. So, buy the best water balloons with self-sealing properties to make the game convenient and fun. The automatic sealing facility helps your children work on their balloons themselves rather than running to you every time for tying work.

Biodegradable water balloons

Just like air balloons, water-filled balloons are also of latex generally. People consider them biodegradable but might take a period of 6 months to 4 years to decompose. In the meantime, if animals ingest them, then it may bring them serious health threats. However, natural latex is a relatively safer material. Manufacturers of balloons generally add chemicals, artificial dyes and plasticizers that make latex too hard to decompose. So, choose brands that make balloons through 100% natural latex extracted from trees to make your game fun and nature friendly.

Instant water balloons

Filling up a balloon is a time-consuming and stressful task, so here enter the instant balloons. They came in bunches of 100 or more and arranged in a way that you can fill them all in a matter of a few seconds. Not just instant, but these balloons are also self-sealable so that you can have 100 to 500 balloons in your hands within a few seconds. So now, say goodbye to the mess of filling balloons individually. Just connect all at once with a tap and let the balloon game begin!

Tips on how to buy Water Balloons in Dubai

Water-filled balloons are a great way to beat the sun during summer camps or a normal day out for your kids. Due to their immense popularity for decades, a big list of popular brands brings them out in various sizes, shapes and colours. You can see toy stores crammed with various water-filled balloons ranging from simplistic styles to self-sealable, instant and even reusable balloons. If you are having a hard time selecting the best, here are some guiding tips to help you buy the best water balloons online in Dubai.

  • Regular or instant – Water balloon games are fun but can be equally tiring if you work on each balloon individually. You might have to spend hours filling them. So, look for instant balloons. They come in a pack of 50, 100 or more, and the best part is that you can fill them up all at once. It saves your time and adds fun to the game as your kids do not have to take breaks in between to arrange new balloons.
  • Regular or self-sealable – Kids are generally not so expert with tying knots on water-filled balloons. So, self-sealable balloons are the saviour here. They seal by themselves! You have to fill up water, hold the balloon in the upright position, pull up the neck and snap to seal it.
  • Biodegradable -Balloons are great but have always been in a bad light for the environmental issues they bring. Latex is the material used for the construction of balloons which takes months or years to decompose. Manufacturers of balloons add chemicals and plasticizers that make latex hard to decompose. But, choosing balloons with 100% natural latex can be safer for the environment.
  • Brands – Go for good brands when selecting water-filled balloons for kids as their products are tested for quality and safety. Bunch o balloons, Hibery, Tiney balier, Azboys, and Ryans world are some of the popular brands selling balloons you can choose from.

Now that you have gathered much information about water-filled balloons, you must be eager to get some for your kid’s next game. The best part is that you are at the right place. Our product search engine boasts a huge collection of water-filled balloons offered by well-known brands of the industry. If you feel overwhelmed by choices, you can narrow down them based on advanced filters, direct searching, and price comparison. So, go ahead and grab the best ones while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

How does a water balloon work?

A water balloon is a rubber balloon that generally acquires a pear shape when water is filled inside them. It can be filled at an indoor faucet or an outside tap. You have stretched it from the top and fit its neck on a water pipe. Now turn the water tap on and fill in the water. When it reaches the required size, take it out and tie a knot over it. You can also go for a self-sealing balloon that seals on its own once you pull up its neck and snap. So, it makes things easier for you.

Are water balloons different from regular balloons?

A balloon is designed to reach a relatively smaller size than regular balloons. They are made up of thinner material than a regular balloon. However, you will see people using air or helium balloons as water balloons. Still, they might take a bigger size equal to basketball which would not be appropriate for the play. Self-sealing balloons are also popular these days. To use a self-sealing balloon, you have to open the ring under a tap to fill the water. When it attains the required size, hold it upright, pull up the neck and snap.

How long can a water balloon last?

A balloon can last for about a week if kept away from sunlight and in a climate-controlled environment. So, filling them some days before the play can be absolutely fine. Keep them on a flat surface and make sure the knot is tight enough not to leak water. The life of a water balloon also depends on its quality. A cheap quality water balloon can leak and may not persist even for a day.

How do you fill a water balloon without a nozzle?

There are many other ways to fill up a water balloon if you do not have a nozzle. You can directly put it on the mouth of the faucet. If it does not fit well, look for a medium-sized plastic funnel in your house or get it from any department or grocery store. Now, stretch the balloon’s mouth and slide it over the lower opening of the funnel. Pour the water into the funnel, and the balloon gets filled.

Where to buy water balloons online in UAE?

You can find balloons in any local toy shop or online store. However, you will not get as much variety in a local shop as you get over an online store. Moreover, you have an opportunity to switch between different stores with few clicks if you do not find a particular collection interesting. You have to order them online and can enjoy an early delivery right at your doorsteps. If you are unsure where to find the best one, come to us in is a Dubai product finder with a wide range of balloons offered by more than 500 trusted online stores.

Balloons are total fun, so why not consider them as the next purchase for your kids. can be a one-stop store for you for all kinds of balloon requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best ones home for your kid’s next water play.