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It is a common notion but not entirely correct to relate walking sticks only with the elderly. In various walks of life and for different unforeseeable emergencies, you can end up needing one. There are many different ones today that you can easily buy. 

The best part about using a walking stick is not having to depend on anybody. For example, if you can comfortably walk on your own, however, you need a stick due to an injury, it’s easy to handle. Almost anybody can use it, and you also have products with different aids to help with a better grip. There are both robust and sturdy as well as lightweight sticks, which moreover do an excellent job in that case. You can easily choose something that works well for your requirements. With so many different kinds of sticks, selecting the right one gets more comfortable. It is a good idea to connect with your doctor and check what does he suggest, and they go ahead with it.

Different types of walking sticks that you can pick today 

The right walking stick should be doing more for you than just helping you walk without falling. From supporting your seating to aiding in reducing the stress on your back, it’s so important to choose the right one. A lot of people require walking sticks only when they face troubles due to old age. Those who meet with an accident or for a permanent condition that affects them might require one earlier to that. However, it’s widespread when you buy one that you start realising that it is not the very best choice for you. Some might not be very comfortable, some lack in the grip factor, while a few don’t work out while walking for long. Explore all to make your purchase the best buy.

Wood walking sticks

The concept of using a wooden walking stick is a classic and traditional one. This one is easy to find anywhere; however, don’t expect them to be reasonable. A lot of them are crafted with one single piece of wood, making it a work of art. For the others too, it can be of an expensive type of wood, with details and design crafted into it. Some stores might also engrave a message or your name into the wooden body. A lot of older adults find them very comfortable and sometimes it’s an antique in many homes. The only thing is the wood might get weaker in a few years, after which it’s only useful for decorative purposes. The more expensive ones are quite an investment and very popular with folks all over the world.

Foldable walking sticks

The concept of foldable walking sticks is relatively new but very practical. In this one, you don’t have to worry about this consuming space and it’s easier to travel with it too. There are many variants of this one, and most of them fold carefully enough to fit in your purse. They generally have a metal body, which is also better compared to wood. Make sure you buy one that is rust-resistant, or just keep it away from moisture. However, this can be a difficult task, primarily since the individual uses it in the washroom, in the bathing area, kitchen and more. However, choose a reliable foldable stick that will last you for years. Whether it is for temporary or a more permanent requirement, this is one of the best in the market today.

Medical walking sticks

The therapeutic walking stick is particularly well-designed and suited for those who have had an injury. It comes in various types; however, the most common is the walker type. They have the perfect features that resonate well with the needs of people with medical concerns. For example, the product will provide great support to disabled individuals when wanting to move from one place to another. It is also excellent for use in the bathroom as the grip is tough and durable. They also have a space to hold without slipping and are great for travelling. Make sure you check the other added features and go with one that works well for the purpose. For the more expensive variants and if the requirement is temporary, look for rentals.

Stick with four legs

The newest concept, a walking stick with four legs is much better suited for the elderly. However, even for those who have met with an accident and need something sturdy, this can be a perfect choice indeed. This one is designed on the concept of a cane; however, the lower part is separated into four different tables. This gives the stick or device better comfort, and the user feels more secure while using it. You can use it more quickly than a stick with one leg. The difference is remarkable. You can also find an option to fold and carry these types of sticks, depending on the make. To make it easy, always have one extra stick in your car, so the individual does not have to carry and take theirs back each time. 

Tips on how to buy Walking Sticks online in Dubai  

When the time comes for you to buy a walking stick, you will face so many questions and options. However, thankfully there are brands that have analysed every aspect of the equation now and have designed some stellar choices. It all comes down to how much you research and how close you get to the perfect walking stick. If it’s for your parent or someone else, considering their challenges it’s essential before you buy one. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Determine the core purpose – Is the stick for an older adult or someone who has met with an accident? Or for someone blind? Or yet something else? It is imperative to make sure you pick for the right reasons.
  • Compare the pricing online – Shopping online is a great way to save some bucks. You can also make comparisons between the features, pricing and brands very quickly. Just get it home delivered and they have friendly return and exchange policies too!
  • Consider renting one – If your requirement isn’t for the long term, then why not rent a walking stick? Yes, a lot of clinics and hospitals provide this option, with a deposit for safekeeping. It is easy, practical and inexpensive.
  • Ask someone you know – Make sure you connect with someone who has had a similar experience in the past. It is a good thing to know a thing or two before you move ahead with your purchase. If you don’t know anybody, read online reviews.
  • Don’t be hasty – While buying a stick can be an urgent requirement, don’t hurry too much. You might end up purchasing a poor one, and then have to shop again, wasting time and money. Make sure you do some excellent research and buy.
  • Ask for your doctor’s advice – Your doctor would be the best judge as to which stick is the best choice for you. Make sure you reach out to him and check for reliable decisions. If not, simply ask for the features in sticks that he feels are essential to aid walking with the said condition.

It’s always a good thing to check out the additional features that come with walking sticks these days. From having pouches for storing essentials to anti-slip feet, there is so much that you can check for. Make sure; however, you don’t focus your decision entirely on it, but there are influential side factors to keep in mind. For this purpose, you can also check for blind walking sticks is you need to. Make sure they work well for yourself or the individual you’re buying them for.

Question & Answer

Which are the best walking sticks?

Walking sticks are essential from so many different points of view. They help you to be mobile, even with a condition. They are especially critical for those who have to go to work and have faced an accident or even a long-term situation. If you are looking for the right stick, then these choices should help you out – Life & Fit Nordic Walking Sticks, American Nordic Walking System Walking Sticks, BAFX Products Walking Sticks, York Nordic Folding Walking Poles, TrailBuddy Walking Sticks, Montem Ultra Strong Walking Sticks, Brown Mountain Walking Sticks, Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro Walking Sticks, My Cane Standard walking Stick, Medline Offset Handle Cane, Carex Soft Grip Cane, Harvy Derby Scorched Cherry Hardwood Cane, Travelon Walking Seat and Cane, Duro Med Wooden Walking Canes, Self Defense Plain Jane, Nova Design Offset Cane and HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane are some of the very best!

Can you use a walking stick in the bathroom?

Of course, you can use a walking stick in the bathroom. However, doing this when you are relatively new to the product can be dangerous. Especially if you are an older adult, then make sure you don’t wander in the bathroom alone. Even if it isn’t for bathing, but the urinate, making sure someone is along with you is essential. At times like this, along with the right stick, it is necessary to make some changes to your bathroom. Keep safety handles on all sides and invest in a mat for the floor that won’t slip. With a stick, some rugs are not very compatible, so you would have to check with this factor as well. Make sure you guide the person the first couple of times, or until they are comfortable. Keep the light switch within handy reach and avoid keeping the bathroom floor wet.

Why should you use a cheap walking stick if you have leg plaster?

In a lot of cases, if a person has a fractured leg, they use crutches. However, some don’t find it very comfortable. In this case, a right walking stick is the next best thing that you can opt for. If your injury is fresh, then check for the 4-legged sticks which are an even better buy. Renting out is an excellent option to save money during this time. With a walking stick, you don’t have to rely on two crutches, as one stick does the job quickly. It is very handy in the kitchen and bath areas too. Of course, it’s essential to make sure you get someone’s assistance while using the stick in the first few days. Once you are more confident and used to it, you will realise how easy it is to do it.

Where can you buy walking sticks online in Dubai?

It is easy to buy walking sticks today, especially when there are so many medical online stores and brands that specialise in them. Another terrific option is to use a product search engine such as This amazing one has more than 500+ online stores under it, making it the best one in Dubai. There are some fantastic choices of the best products, listed out in easy to browse categories for its customers. With this one in place, you won’t look forward to shopping anywhere else!

You can explore walking sticks online at our platform, under the category health & beauty. There are even other potential tools or health accessories you might want to check out. Upon your visit, you will find brands such as Hiyougen, Zhengdnag, Srui, Aohmg and Benzara for some stellar choices!

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