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From the moment your child learns to walk, he tries to embark on his little adventures. Trying to climb on top of a table, emptying the contents of a wardrobe, and all that stuff. A tricycle for kids is a safe way to develop their motor skills while being adventurous in their own rights.

There are dozens of reasons to get a tricycle for your toddler. While the older kids have fun on their bikes, the younger ones will feel excluded because they are not old enough to get on a bike. Having a tricycle enable them to join the fun by zooming around in the first ride of their lives. Also, learning to ride a tricycle at a young age prepares them to move on to riding a regular bike. Before you start shopping for tricycles, knowing more about them will help you make the right purchase decisions. This article will tell you about the best tricycles out there and also how to choose the right one for your kid.

A list of the best tricycles for your kids

If you want to give your child the best tricycle, then you should know about all the available choices that you have. Well, the list of tricycles is endless. If you go to market to exploring different styles, you will find plenty of options. However, it is important to go for the right one. But if you know about the basic types among them, then finding their variations is easy. Here is a list of the four best tricycles for kids that you can find. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can use while shopping for tricycles and other similar toys online.  

4 in 2 toddler tricycle

If you want a really versatile tricycle for kids, this is a perfect choice. This trike takes into account the different stages of a child’s development, when the kid is just learning to hold the handles, riding with parental support, reducing the degree of parental dependence, and finally the fully independent stage. 4 in 1 tricycle for kids can fully accommodate all of these stages. It has a beautiful canopy to protect your child from the sun when he or she is riding outside. Also make them wear the five-point seat belt in the trike, especially when they are just learning to ride. When you are assisting them in their ride, keep your belongings in the large compartment at the rear end of the trike.

Stroll tricycle for kids

If your kid is too young to ride a trike, this is the right one. The best part is that you can use this trike in their infancy as well as when they are young toddlers. That means you can save the money and hassle of buying new ones for each of those stages. You can use this tricycle as a stroller when the kid is too young. When he is old enough, and his legs and arms are strong enough, he will find a new way to move around by riding it himself. Make sure that it has a sturdy frame and safety harness before you buy one. Trikes like this are suitable for nine months old kids up to five-year-old.

Tricycle bike for toddler with push handle

A pocket-friendly yet very useful type of tricycle. Design-wise this one is pretty minimalistic yet good looking. The handlebars are reminiscent of vintage chopper bikes rather than a bike. And for that reason, the frame is stronger than any other trike that you will come across. The spoked wheels of this model add to the overall vintage look of it. If you are a fan of chopper motorcycles, find the ones with raked-out front wheels. The advantages of the barebones design are the durable rubber front tyres, spoked wheels that provide a smoother ride, and good turning radius that is essential for a tumble free ride.

Foldable tricycle for kids

Carrying a full-sized tricycle in your car’s trunk can be a challenge. That’s when a foldable tricycle can come in handy. Every part of this, including the handlebars, the front wheels and the two rear wheels, can fold up. You can easily store this trike inside a normal-sized closet without any difficulty. The price range of these trikes is towards the lower end as well. But the one downside is that the frame won’t be as sturdy as a regular trike because of all the foldable joints. Also, they are not for kids that are older than three years because of the shorter front wheel. But the main selling point for it is always the compactness.

Tips on how to buy Tricycles for Kids

Choosing a tricycle for your kid is harder than choosing a full-sized bike for them. That’s because kid’s tricycles come in more varieties, more designs, and more colours. In short, this means that you are going to find it very confusing when you are on the market for this particular toy. That being said, it can be made easier if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for tricycles for kids.

  • Safety – the most important thing to consider when you buy tricycles for your kids is always its overall safety. The frame should be sturdy to hold the weight of the kid and also should be solid enough to take some abuse from toddlers. How well the strike balances are also a factor to consider.
  • Choose the right model – Tricycles are not bikes with extra wheels. Therefore, the thinking you use to buy bikes will not work for tricycles. As compared to the variety of kid’s bikes, there are virtually unlimited options when it comes to tricycles. The colour, design, stickers, there are more things to look for.
  • Consider your child’s age – Not all trikes are made for the same age range. You will find tricycles for infants to older toddlers. Therefore, it is imperative to check if the one you are buying is age-appropriate for your kid. Usually, the age range of the product will be there on the packaging.
  • Pedal power – This refers to how much power can the kid exert on the pedals. For maximum pedal power, the kid should be tall enough to reach the pedals and hold the handlebars comfortably. No toddler would like to wait for six months to ride a tricycle that you give them now.

Remember to keep an eye on your kid when they are riding outside in the park or a pavement. If they ride too fast and take a sharp corner, they might topple over and fall down. While small falls from tricycles are not dangerous, it is necessary to supervise them when they are outside to avoid the chance of any injuries. You can find all kinds of tricycles using our shopping search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them.

Question & Answer

What age is appropriate for a tricycle?

Because every child is different, it is hard to pinpoint the exact age when a child is ready to ride a trike. The better way is to look at the physical attributes of your children to decide if they are ready for a tricycle. The primary factor that qualifies a kid to ride is his or her height. See if the child can reach the pedals and touch his feet on the ground while he is seated on a tricycle. You should also consider if the child is strong enough to pedal. For a child, pedalling requires a lot of effort. It will also require hand-eye coordination to steer around the obstacles.

How to help a toddler ride a tricycle?

The first thing a child should learn before actually riding the tricycle is pedalling. The best way to teach them how to pedal is to demonstrate them. Show them how to put their feet on the pedal and how the wheels move when they pedal. You child will probably get the idea after a few demonstrations. This is a better strategy than just giving instructions about how they should ride. Then let them practice it on their own. If they find it difficult to reach the pedal, adjust the height of the handlebar and seat. And it is also important to teach them to wear protective gear whenever they ride.

Is a balance bike better than a tricycle for smaller kids?

If you think that a bike with balancing wheels and tricycles doesn’t have much difference, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are more obvious differences than the fact that bikes are ideal for kids older than five years of age. The seating position of a child on a tricycle is lower than that on a bike. This means that if they are to fall, tricycles are safer than bikes. Also, the wheels of a bike are larger. Therefore, it will be more difficult for a small child to make a turn with a bike as compared to a tricycle. So, the answer is no, in fact, tricycles are better for small kids than balance bikes.

If you are looking to buy kids tricycles online, look no further as you are in the right place. Shopping is always better if you have access to a wider range of products. You will find anything from the best trike for one-year-old to the electric tricycle to buy in Dubai on Just use our shopping search engine to look for the products and compare their prices and features against each other. There are more than 500 shops and brands on These include popular brands like Schwinn, Fisher-Price, Radio Flyer, Little Buck, Chillafish, Upten, and Little Tikes.

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