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About Telescopes

Do you know that the actual inventor of the telescopes is still unknown? However, what we are sure about is that the word of it spread through Europe. Around 1609, Galileo heard about it and built his version of the telescope. This modified version was used for observations of celestial objects.

The telescope is an optical instrument that makes distant object magnified. This is done by using an arrangement of curved mirrors and lenses or different devices. Since its beginning, humans are using this device to observe distant objects by their emission: absorption, or reflection of electromagnetic radiations. 

Different types of telescope available in the market now

Astronomy is an exciting science that benefits from advancement in technology. It is true even as a hobby, but the starting point is always to keep things simple. However, things again get complicated when one head to buy his or her first telescope. At first, it seems like there are so many types and factors of telescopes to consider, but in the base, they are all divided into three main categories. Hence as a beginner, you need to decide between three basic types of telescopes. These basic categories are; reflecting, refracting and compound telescopes. Lets’ first know the characteristic features of a modern telescope. In the later discussion, we will present an insight into the construction and common use of these three types of telescopes.

Characteristic features of a modern telescope

A telescope that collects visible radiation uses a mirror or lens to gather light. Whereas there are other types of telescopes that come with mirrors and lenses that we usually know. However, these unique mirrors and lenses serve the same way. All kinds of telescopes use light-gathering abilities to determine the area of device acts like a light-collecting bucket.  As the lenses and mirrors are a common feature of almost all telescopes, they are used for comparing the powers. This is done by comparing the diameter, apertures, and the opening of telescopes through which light travel. Hence, the aperture, the amount of light and diameter of the telescope is what you need to consider while buying.

Type 1 - Reflecting telescopes

Also known as Newtonian telescopes these are best for novice enthusiasts. This simple design features mirrors to collect and focus light.  These mirrors in these telescopes work similarly to the idea of the prism. Due to these features reflecting telescopes deliver better images because they reflect all wavelengths of light equally. This simple design is the reason why these telescopes are cheaper and best for basic zooming needs. Hence if you need a telescope to keep your passion for observation alive, here is your most straightforward and economical solution. However, what you need to be careful about is that these telescopes demand a high level of maintenance to stay with you for long.

Type 2 – Refractors

This type of telescopes uses lenses instead of mirrors.  They are great for novices because they demand little attention as compared to the previously mentioned type. The lenses of refractor telescope are fixed, this won’t become misaligned like reflector’s mirrors can.  The design of refractor is hardier and will not get any damage due to shocks and bumps while transporting or handling the device. However, they do not have a secondary optic (mirror/reflector) obscuring the way of light to an eyepiece. Hence, they produce an image with the far better contract as compare to reflecting telescope. However, here you can enjoy sharpening the image with no interference of outside air currents and temperature.  

Type 3 – Catadioptric or handheld telescopes

They are termed as a hybrid of both refracting and reflecting telescopes that combine the best of both worlds. They have a shorter length and are easily portable. Moreover, they do well in correcting the aberration that separate telescopes suffer from. In the meantime, these telescopes are much expensive as compare to reflecting telescopes. Moreover, they often experience issues like obstruction from secondary mirrors or having to collimate the telescope. For first time users, small to medium size reflectors are suitable. However, the selection also depends on the level of experience, preferences, needs and budget of the user.

Tips on how to buy an astronomical Telescope online in Dubai

One of the best ways to start exploring the night sky doesn’t demand any special equipment. Grab a friend on a clear night and head for hills. Find a spot far from city lights, trees and tall building, and just lookup. You will enjoy seeing all the stars that are not visible in the glare of cities.  If you need to find constellations, bring a current start chart alone. But if you wish to see more, you must bring a high-quality telescope. However, buying an accurate telescope depends all on your personal preferences and needs. No matter what reasons you need a telescope, finding one is equally overwhelming. This is why we are here to make the process of searching for the best telescopes to buy easier for you. These tips can help you what to consider while looking for a telescope.

  • The purpose – as mentioned earlier, not all telescopes are the same. Thus, the basic question to answer is for what reason you need a telescope. Do you need a simple handheld telescope to see random distant things or you want an advanced Celestron telescope for study? Find the answer and look for the product accordingly.
  • Portability and other features – Agree or not, you will need to move your telescope from your home, into the car, and to an open space where you can enjoy the sight in peace. This is the reason why additional features like mounting stands, packing, and portability are of great importance. So, visit the product description section to know what the product add-on is.
  • The budget – Normally, a general-purpose telescopes cost from $60 to $2000 or more. The formula of pricing is simple. More advanced, the features more will be the price. Hence, if you are an occasional explorer or have a limited budget, look for a quality yet cheap telescope.
  • The brand – Just like any other products available in retail search engines, both price and features of a telescope vary from one brand to another. you can either consider buying form your favourite brand or take advantage of price comparison tool to find the best price options from top global brands.
  • Buying policies – Not all brands offer easy return and exchange services for their products. Thus, to secure your money you are investing to buy telescopes online in Dubai, make sure you have easy policies. Easy terms and conditions can make it easier for you to secure your money until you get to hold on a reliable and suitable product for you.

Remember, magnifying is not everything. In the meanwhile, believing that a bigger telescope can give you a better view is also a false belief. What matters is the construction, aperture, and diameter of the telescope. And to know these capabilities of a telescope, you need to read the product details with attention. The best option is only the one that serves your needs without disturbing your budget. This is the reason why we at offers one-click access to top quality products in an individual’s budget limitations.

Question & Answer

Why are space telescopes better?

These telescopes offer the advantage of being above the blurring or fading effect of earth’ atmosphere. Moreover, they can also absorb the wavelengths from the electromagnetic spectrum that cannot enter the earth’s atmosphere. These telescopes are also ideal to see a small portion of infrared, ultraviolet, gamma and x-rays outside the earth’s atmosphere. Hence, if you wish to see the most minute of the particles in and beyond the earth’s atmosphere, an advanced space telescope is the only solution.

What telescopes do astronomers use?

Astronomers are the one who uses telescopes the most. A deep space astronomical telescope is their core tool. However, they use different types of tools for a different purpose. For instance, an optical telescope like “Hubble Space Telescope” or a radio telescope is used on both piles of earth and in space. However, if they need to study something within earth’s atmosphere, the infrared telescope is a suitable option. But to study higher altitudes, an ultraviolet telescope is needed.

Are telescopes expensive?

Today telescopes come with many advanced features. The construction of this telescope increases the cost. A good quality telescope ranges from $150 to $400. If you are looking for starter telescope to get your kids interested, then you can get options under $100. Some other economical options are; Celestron Powerseeker 60 AZ Telescope, Celestron Inspire 70AZ Refractor, Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ Telescope and Celestron CPC 800 GPS (XLT) Computerized Telescope.

Where to buy telescopes?

Here at you can find more than 500 brands selling beginner and advances level telescopes. Some to name here are; Celestron, Spitzer, Kepler Telescope, Dobsonian, Bresser, and Gskyer.  Here you can compare the price of products from brands and make a sensible choice.