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About Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a think big stick of chalk. These sticks are made of gypsum (calcium sulfate) rather than rock chalk (calcium carbonate). These chalks come in different colours and are commonly used for drawing on concrete sidewalks and pavements etc. At other times they are used for drawing a four-square court of a hopscotch board. 

Today we can find many different types of sidewalks chalks, typically coming in solid colours. In the meantime, there are 3D sidewalk chalks sets. In these sets, each stick chalk is created with two different colours that appear 3 dimensional when viewed through 3D glasses. Beside such advanced versions, the side chalks can also be simpler and homemade. In some universities, these side chalks are also used for advisement of events etc. However, in such cases, limitations are applied and laws are in action. Despite these active law enforcement agencies, the sidewalk chalks are helping adult as well as kids in early ages to enhance their creativity and support in development. 

Benefits of sidewalk chalk art for kids in early ages 

Kids love art, whether they are getting messing with finger paints or drawing with sidewalk chalks. Or even if they are making a collage or colouring their books, there is nothing that will make kids happier than creating their own art. Moreover, science also supports and encourage the use of art and its profound benefits for kids in early ages. Claims are that art serves kids with benefits more than fun. The process of creating art of their own actually helps support young children in almost all areas of their development from the early years. Today we will highlight some benefits of sidewalk chalks for kids in their early years. 

Kids sidewalk chalks and academic growth 

A major benefit of the sidewalk chalks is that it aids in better learning and academic growth of kids. While playing with these chalks, kids develop sorting and matching and colour recognition skills. These sidewalk chalks can also be used for teaching shapes, letter and numbers to kids. You can write the alphabets on the driveways and let the kids copy, pronounce or identify the letters. Meanwhile, they will get to know different colours the letters are written in. you can also trace their bodies and label the parts like foot, hands, arms and head. This way to that chalks can be a fun way learning for kids. 

Improved fine motor skills  

Sidewalk chalks can be one of the best first experience of the kids. It adds a touch of colouring and writing with so much fun in a kid’s life. It helps the kids to learn appropriate pencil grip as well as developing fine motor control and manipulation skills. Skills in such areas are extremely important for academic success. Whereas for little kids, sidewalk chalks can be used to draw their very first pictures. Or they can use it to learn to write their names. Meanwhile, the older kids can have fun with side chalks and boosting their creativity by making elaborated designs like treasure maps or race track in the porch. 

Encouraging Love of Art with neon sidewalk chalks 

Art is the fastest way a kid can learn anything. The amazingly colorful neon and 3D sidewalk chalks help to make learning fun and entertaining. Besides the world of art has a lot to offer for the kids as well as the adults. It allows them to color and create their own designs with sidewalk chalks. With time they begin to love art as well as appreciate its importance in life. Using washable chalks can help you to offer more space hence opportunities to kids. Plus, chalk drawing is an amazing art form that can have the complete attention of kids. And who knows this littler artist of today will be a Pablo Picasso of this era. 

Boosting confidence and self-esteem 

Deciding what kind of art to make and what materials they will use are some of the first opportunities for young children to exercise autonomy and make decisions for them. By making their own independent choices to express what they are thinking/feeling children build confidence in themselves and their abilities, and learn to feel more comfortable expressing their feelings. According to studies, it is important to develop such skills in students from early ages. Hence, sports and toys are of great importance in promoting and developing such skills in kids during their growth years.

Tips on how to buy Sidewalk Chalk for sale in online stores 

When you take your kids to stores, they will prefer to get cheap glitter chalks to buy. These cheap products mostly contain dangerous and low-quality materials. It is thus important to look for branded items when it comes to buying anything for kids. At such times, online shopping comes of great help.  Retail search engines like plays an important role in developing such skills in students since early ages. Today we will share some tips on how you can make a sensible buying decision for kids online. 

  • Age of kids – Chalks are not recommended for kids at early ages, let’s say, toddlers. Hence, before you head to buy chalks for kids make sure they are of proper age. You can use the age of your child as a keyword to search the product. 
  • Colour selections – Chalks comes in small pairs or boxes. Each box contains a set of specific flavours or shades. You can start by buying basic shades for the child. Once he is used to the products, you can move on to buying them random shades to enhance their creativity. 
  • The price – The price of chalk boxes varies according to the number of chalks, the quality, material used and the brand you are willing to buy. The sidewalk chalks for kids are not much expensive as compared to options available for adults. However, still better is to stick to your budget? 
  • Read the products – Always read the product description section to know what is the material, age-appropriate and other specifications. It will also give you an idea if the product is suitable for your kid’s age and level of creativity or not. 

For kids at early ages, the best idea is to buy musical soft toys for babies. These toys are lightweight, colourful and can help the babies to develop a relationship easily. For assistance, you can explore the internet for best musical toys for six-month-old or according to the age of your toddler. Finding an appropriate age option is of core importance. It can help is developing the mind and body of the kid without stressing them. 

Question & Answer

Is sidewalk chalk for kids illegal to use? 

Yes, many states and jurisdictions around the globe are strictly against the free use of sidewalk chalks. Such rules are equally applied to children and adults. This is because authorities believe that free use of sidewalks chalks can lead to serious issues like defacing property with graffiti, defacing property with inscribed material, damaging property, and destroying property. As at times these issues can lead to a serious conflict between two parties, the use of sidewalk chalks is prohibited in the first place. 

Where to buy sidewalk chalks for kids? 

We at offer you access to more than 500 global brands online in the UAE. Some to name here are Crayola, Melissa & Doug, POOF, Darcie, Regal Games, Toy smith. Besides, there are many other brands that you can find and buy with We have a unique price comparison tool to show you an economical option in few clicks. With you can get access to all these brands with just a few clicks. Hence, making your reliable shopping easier and successful than it was ever before.  

Is sidewalk chalk washable? 

Yes, certain types of sidewalk chalks are washable. Today the market contains a massive variety of sidewalk chalks. Each of these types comes with amazing features. Some a permanent while others are temporary. Hence if you need to buy temporary or washable sidewalk chalk, you must look for the product by that name.  Washable sidewalk chalk is easier to remove and leave the surface clean from the colours with lesser efforts. 

What is the best sidewalk chalk for kids? 

Sidewalks chalks are age-specific playing products. Allowing unattended use of these chalks for toddlers is strictly prohibited. However, for kids in older ages, the choices may vary according to the demand, and creativity level of the kids. But, if the kid is at the beginner level, better it to buys affordable options to help them polish their skill before they move ahead in their artistic play. Some of the best items you can consider buying for your kids are Crayola Outdoor, the Joyin Toy Giant, the Creative Premium and the Walkie Chalk. Or else you can consider buying products like Fat Zebra Designs, Alex Art Mandala, the Renegade Tagging Set or Spiral Art Kit. 

Toys and accessories are an important part of your kid’s entertainment and growth. Therefore make sure you are buying the best options for your growing kids.