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Babies are very particular about their choice of toys. They want to be bright, colourful, and easier to handle. However, choosing an ideal toy for your newborn is a tough nut to crack as a parent. And if you’re a first-time parent, then things can be even worse for you. So, what’s an excellent way to keep your infants happy? Well, get them the rattles of course!

Believe it or not, baby rattles have been around for thousands of years. That’s because, time and again, they’ve proven to be effective, beneficial and entertaining for the little ones. Besides, we all know that kids love to shake, bang, and teeth on those rattles for hours. The captivating sounds they make that help teach your wee ones cause and effect are far from their only benefit. Rattle toys also strengthen your child’s motor skills as they reach for and grab the item. But, in the market saturated with numerous baby rattles, which ones do you think are the best? We love toys that stand out from the crowd, which means products with enhanced designs and benefits. So, where do you get that? Well, let’s talk about all that in our coming up section. Keep reading!

The various types of baby rattle toys from popular brands

Unlike the traditional rattle toys of ancient times, today, you can find baby rattles in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Most of them also include age-appropriate features, designs, and development activities that help your babies play with and learn. Besides, the majority of them are inexpensive. So children can start exploring them at a very early age – some even from day one. While there’s a wide variety of options available in the market, we’ve compiled a few popular models and their reviews. All the information here will make you understand the product better and guide you in finding the best one for your infant.

The Mud Pie silver baby rattle

How about a keepsake that you can cherish for a long time, even after your baby grows up? Well, if you’re looking for something like that, then you can never go wrong with the Mud Pie silver baby rattle. The product comes with an embossed, beaded border design that makes it an attractive choice for your little ones. The rattle also has a shiny silver surface that’s sure to capture your little one’s attention. Besides, the soft sounds make it easy on your baby’s ears. And its stem sized size makes it easier for your kids to grab them. Not only does the product have a stunning design, but the baby rattle comes wrapped beautifully in a grey and white gift box.

The wearable baby wrist rattles

A variation to the regular rattles is always a boon, and the wrist rattles prove it! For instance, the two wrist rattles from Infantico feature two adorable designs, one with a panda head and one with a monkey head. Both are soft, and you can attach them to your baby’s wrist with a Velcro strap. By the way, you could also attach them to your baby’s ankles. They’re great for enhancing visual and auditory skills. Besides, they’re best if you want to introduce the concept of cause and effect on your baby. That is, every time they wriggle, something happens. Most of the time, your baby will enjoy having them on their wrist. But, quite often, they might not. Therefore, be careful while choosing them.

The sensory teething rattle

Teething is an overwhelming phase for both you and your kid. Therefore, you need something that’ll soothe their gums. And if you’re looking out for something to help your baby’s sore gums, then do not miss the Winkel rattle from Manhattan. This lightweight product keeps your little one captivated with its maze of soft, continuous loops. Moreover, each loop comes in vibrant colours, which helps to keep your baby’s attention. The pliable loops are also BPA and PVC free, perfect for teething or gumming babies. Apart from that, the product also comes with a centre cube that has a pleasing rattle. They’re pretty enough for your little one’s ears.

The organic soft baby rattle

Materials of any baby toy play a pivotal role. Therefore, you must see that the products you buy should be soft on your baby’s skin. Well, the same goes for the rattles too. That’s why soft rattles are best for infants. If you’re on a hunt for one, then check out the GOTS certified Estella baby rattles. They come in organic cotton materials and are thus safe for babies and the environment. You can find these unique toys in 27 different vibrant colours and shapes to choose from. Besides, the product is interactive and offers the required fun to your babies while they squeeze, shake and manipulate the rattles. Well, either way, they’re sure to become your babies’ favourite in no time.

Tips on how to buy Rattles

So now you’ve had a fair idea of the best baby rattles to buy in the market. The next big thing is to choose the most suitable one out of the list. The experts can quickly get their hands on the ones they like, but it will be a challenging task for the first time parent. You’ll be confused by the sheer number of options and similarities between products. However, you can turn around the situation if you know a few essential points that play a vital role to choose an ideal and most reliable rattle for newborns. To make things easier for you, we’ve enlisted those points below that’ll help you shop rattle toys online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Consider the materials – Materials play a crucial role while you head out to purchase the baby rattles. Therefore, you must ensure that the toy materials are perfectly safe for your kids to gnaw on. Besides, it shouldn’t harm the kids in any way. You could try buying a BPA free toy. Also, ensure that the toy doesn’t have smaller parts to choke your infants.
  • Look out for the size – Another important thing that you should look for while buying a new toy for the kids is the size and weight of the toy. Make sure that your kids can easily carry the rattles you buy for them. Even though purchasing a bigger toy may look like a feasible choice for you as a parent, kids can often completely deny the toy if they’re unattractive and too heavy for them to carry.
  • Consider the age – You must always consider your baby’s age when you want to buy a rattle toy for six months baby or of any other age. For instance, soft and lightweight rattles are better for babies younger than three months. However, older babies with better interactive skills will appreciate an interactive rattle like the ones that come with buttons that they can press.
  • Assess the safety – As with any other toy, the rattles too will find their way into your baby’s mouth. Therefore, as a responsible parent, you must ensure that you buy baby rattles playsets online that come in safe and toxin-free materials. Besides, get them the right size, as anything too big can easily hurt your baby. Similarly, your babies can choke on small pieces.
  • Consider the brand – Like any other product for kids, the brand plays a vital role in choosing the best-in-class toys for kids. By choosing a reliable and renowned brand while buying the baby rattle, you can be assured of getting high quality and dedicated toy for your kids that is safe and entirely made for the kids. Clementoni, Infantino, Hape, Vtech, Playgro, and Fisher Price are a few popular brands that you can consider.

If this purchase is your little one’s first toy, you should carefully examine the packaging, features, functions and attachments before use. We hope the tips will help you choose the best ones among the lot.

Question & Answer

Are rattles suitable for babies?

Rattles do not only soothe babies when you are not around. There is definitely more to this product. For example, grabbing and shaking the toy helps enhance your baby’s gross motor skills. Also, your baby discovers cause and effects through the unique designs of the rattle. They’ll understand that it makes a sound whenever they shake that colourful object. Above all, the toy helps the babies develop hand-eye coordination when shaking and moving it across their visual field.

How do rattles help babies develop?

Baby rattles might not look like fun to adults. But, these simple infant playthings spark an array of sensory experiences for a baby. An ordinary rattle can amuse and engage your baby and aid in his development. You can advance your child’s motor abilities. Besides, you could also help them reach cognitive milestones, which involve his ability to think and reason. Enhancing hand-eye coordination, perception, sensorimotor skills and cause and effect, and object permanence are other benefits.

When should the baby hold rattle?

Sleeping newborn babies usually focus on nursing and napping. But once they realise their hands and feet exist, they’ll quickly begin to use them to explore, play and learn. So this happens around the same time that the baby learns to reach for an object. And that’s by month four or so. He’ll learn to grasp an object, such as a rattle that he can hold with his fingers. Many a time for many babies, this happens around six months. While quite often, some babies may hold objects as early as when they’re two months old.

How many rattles does a baby need?

This depends on the kind of rattles you want. For example, if you want teethers, it’s best to get a pack containing 3-4 of them. This makes it easy for you, as you do not have to change the toy frequently. However, if you just want a regular rattle for your infant. Then you could buy a couple of them. In short, it all really depends on you the way your baby handles it.

Where to buy rattles online?

Finding an apt platform to purchase the best products for kids is challenging. But, not anymore with You can now encourage interactive play, get a grip on the playtime, and buy baby hand rattles and many more toys on Our product search engine brings to you the best of the bests and allows you to compare features and prices of various products from over 500 online stores.

Play is no fun if it doesn’t help your kid grow in one way or the other. Remember, the best rattles always come in quality materials; they entertain and aid cognitive development. Therefore, make sure to keep all this in mind and start exploring your options here!

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